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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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...and all are motivated by Islam

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Is it a renaissance of China and Russia, or the death of America? Libya, Gaza, Iraq, and Syria are ablaze with little hope of resolution. Afghanistan is a ticking time bomb of Islamic extremism and like Iraq, it awaits US departure before returning to its violent barbaric Sharia roots.

When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, for pretty much the same reasons, America banned all exports of grain to Russia, ended the SALT talks and boycotted Moscow’s Olympic Games. It then donated to the Afghan and Pakistani Mujahideen surface-to-air missiles to repel the Russian invaders.

Such was America’s hatred and fear of Russia it may well have joined the Mujahideen had it not been for a severe and humiliating arse-whipping by the Commos in Vietnam.

Those Mujahideen fighters were the very same fighters who by 1984, were at war with themselves (as is usual with Islam) and eventually lost to the even more extreme Sharia-driven Taliban. 

How times and wars change... but never the rhetoric or the hypocrisy.

The World is in a state of flux and running amok, its policeman has gone AWOL and no-one is in charge, no-one listens to America any more. Obama, if not a Muslim himself, is unashamedly sympathetic to the Islamic cause. 

ISIS is using American military equipment to establish the new terrorist State of Syria and Iraq. Syrian Al Queda rebels are armed by America’s CIA in a forlorn attempt to take out President Bashar Assad who is armed by Russia. A reported 200,000 are dead.

Obama aligns himself with, and bows to, the Saudis who export terrorist cells to the West and who proudly fathered Osama Bin Laden. 

The Saudis are the godfathers of the World’s halal certification protection racket used to finance the proliferation of mosques whose clerics preach the West’s destruction. 

Obama releases six high-value terrorist operatives to live a life of luxury in Qatar in exchange for one US deserter who, with his father, converted to Islam. Yet Qatar along with Iran is militarily backing Hamas to wipe Israel off the map. 

Obama reluctantly arms Israel and the loony Left is dismayed that Israel dares to defend itself, 

How many wars, how many suicide bombers, how many murders, how many refugees, how much paedophilia and female sexual mutilation and how many Imams promoting beheadings does it take before Islam is identified as the most serious threat to World peace?

Is there any doubt that Islam has already declared war on the West? None at all! When the fighting starts is it advisable to have an enemy next door and another opposite? 

What will the mosques preach then? Will they join us to slay their brothers or will they join their brothers to slay us? No prizes for guessing which.

The 9/11 bombers were next door and opposite. They were friendly, affable and borrowed the odd cup of sugar. They followed the suicide terrorist’s handbook to the letter while we trusted our judgment of character.

How much longer will the West import a vile culture that promotes our demise? It can’t assimilate, it can’t be gainfully employed. Who the hell will employ someone who hates women, insists on praying five times a day and is apt to walk into the factory sporting a suicide vest?

Why is Australia their country of preference? Because Australia has the best unemployment benefits, the best of free legal advice, you don’t go to jail for “culturally” molesting other people’s children, and you can “culturally” gang-rape Aussie girls who wear short skirts. 

You can take over the streets in protest at foreign wars, you can marry a six year-old, you can have three of your four wives on single-parent and foster-carer benefits at $200 per child per week, you can sexually mutilate your daughters and you can take your choice of any of hundreds of mushrooming mosques, financed by Aussie shoppers, from which to recommend the beheading of your hosts! 

You can even holiday back in your homeland from which you "escaped", all on the Aussie taxpayer, without losing a cent in benefits.

And how can you afford these holidays? Well, when three Islamic families live close to each other in government subsidised housing, as they do, and you get the right free legal advice, the many wives can successfully apply to foster-parent each others’ many children. 

It’s the Islamic component of our horrific welfare bill which equates to up to $3,000 per week for each family at the expense of our pensioners and poor. 

And of course there’s the ABC, the Greens, Labor law firms and Fairfax to publicly support and embolden you at every turn while ruling political parties turn a blind eye. 

No wonder others call us the lucky country. 

It’s easily ignored that exactly 8,159 of our 61,332 young boys (out of a meagre population of 5 million) who died in WWI, died horrible deaths at the hands of yet another ruthless Muslim... Mustafa Ataturk, of the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

We lost that little skirmish badly but who is celebrating and who is remembering?


Bruce good luck, I hope you find justice. Your situation reminds me of the words JFK used something along the lines of, " Victory has a thousand fathers defeat is an orphaned child." Bruce when victory is yours watch everyone come out of the woodwork and want to be your best friend. Bruce it will just like winning lotto, but you know what to say to all the doubters and knockers, who were" misunderstood and their comments were taken out of context" or they were" just joking" that is, Get Stuffed. Also it is not about winning of losing it is about possessing one of the greatest Australian traits and that is, having a go. Bruce, you have embarked on a journey very few of us would understand for that you have my respect take care.

Thanks Bruce, your input is always welcomed and your opinions always sought. It would not be easy fighting the fight with your wife's condition always in the back of your mind. Also Bruce. I appreciate your observation of PM Menzies it was you honest appraisal of Menzies a few posts ago, that motivated me to challenge Rossco. Bruce, you are a True Believer and I mean a True Believer in Australia and it's people. Bruce I'm sure you will cop more abuse and ridicule but you have the broad shoulders in which you are more than able to carry the load, Keep up the good work.

I'm not on here to make a name for myself, i'm home, you are not. curtin and gillard, both communist PM's

Rossco insult you, never you are doing that all on your own. You say PM Curtin died of shame, that smacks of Alan Jones when he referred to Gillard's father it is bad enough that you parrot that rubbish by Colebatch, but barrowing lines of Gloria well any port in a storm hey Rossco. It is disappointing that you are unable to see what a great man Curtin was yes he died in office and never got to enjoy a long and prosperous life. Yes he was an alcoholic, and to his credit he gave away the drink. The strain of leading Australia through WW2 is what killed him to say anything else shows your ignorance, your lack of maturity and I dare say it, your ability to comprehend. Rossco you have an awful lot of catching up to do good luck.

I agree about your pig iron Bob statement, however not only was curtin PM from 1941 til 1945 when he died in office of shame he WAS a member of the Victorian socialist party, and a drunk to boot. Do your homework before insulting me

Honestly Rossco, your latest rants show how ignorant you are of the facts and how little you know of the man Curtin or the subject of WW2. Rossco, you should be grabbing the ladder instead your reaching for the shovel good luck. Rossco, I would like to humour you but with your last statements I can see that I would be wasting my time. Finally, why did Menzies get the name," Pig Iron Bob." Yes the bombs that were dropped on Darwin can Menzies can take claim for that.

curtin was an active member of the Victorian solialist party...he was a fucking commo like the rest of the labor party

Haven't you noticed i never give leftist scum the respect of capital letters, and yes it was treason towards helping the japanese kill our troops, curtin was PM so the blame is layed at his feet alone

Starving them into submission and cutting off the supply of ammunition and firearms including rockets. Then the world can start to calm the situation by strict policing of the populations (both lawful and rebels). Heavy penalties should be applied to all unlawful activity.

Islam is all we are hearing - cold blooded murderers and citing hatred all around the world. Don't they have jobs to go to? And quite right, why would they bother to be employed in Australia when they get all the handouts - revolting people - go back to where you came from.

Rossco no prizes for second, you are the one who is confused, Rossco I doubt you know what you are talking about. You ask, "if curtin brought in laws to make treason illegal, how come none were charged?" Rossco you obviously have not heard about the separation of powers. Also Rossco, show some respect and type Curtin with a capital letter as he was our Prime Minister and a great one at that.

Make your mind up stevo, either curtin was PM or Menzies was, Menzies was earleir and curtin after however if curtin brought in laws to make treason illegal, how come none were charged? we already had treason laws, so what laws are you refering to?

Rossco, do you know what you are talking about? First you say Menzies was not even PM yet you state, "anyway i thought Menzies was in England trying to get our troops back to defend the japanese threat." Explain how can Menzies achieve this when you state he was not the PM. As for explaining why Curtin did nothing while the wharfie's were committing treason, again do you know what you are talking about? Firstly, the docks were run by the military. Secondly, Curtin introduced legislation to make it illegal for these wharfie's to commit these acts as you say of Treason , your words.

So Menzies was taking orders from Churchill, how is that revelant when he wasn't PM? Explain why curtin as PM did nothing while the wharfies were committing TREASON

Vitaly Churkin has called for international aid to deal with the humanitarian crisis developing in Eastern Ukraine as a consequence of the bloody attacks being made on the area by the Kiev government. Russia is to send humanitarian aid under the auspices of the Red Cross to the besieged towns.

Chruchill did say, "Let the Japanese take Australia, we will get it back later."

Hunter, I know what I mean. If you mean Politician's start wars than we can thank Menzies for that. Fact is Curtin got as through WW2 by telling England we want our troops back so they could defend Australia.

No Rossco, Menzies was over in England taking orders from Churchill that is why we lost so many in Singapore. Menzies was more for Mother England. It was Curtin who started the alliance with the US.

Menzies wasn't the PM so how is that relevant, anyway i thought Menzies was in England trying to get our troops back to defend the japanese threat

stevo: I think you meant, "if it wasn't for our fighting men we would be speaking Japanese".

Politicians start wars...they don't fight them.