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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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said Turnbull on boats success

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Who the hell is “them” Malcolm? A Freudian slip that went unnoticed but there is little doubt the man with the shocking record as Lib leader wants another crack and the ABC is determined to see he gets it. But first it must hunt down and kill a wounded Abbott. 

If you think Fairfax and the ABC are anti-Abbott now, just wait until the next Federal election. And there lies the conservative dilemma... keep him and lose 30 seats to Shorten or discard him and have a fighting chance.

So why the Left’s incandescent hatred of Abbott? Well, there are two reasons and the first is they have never forgiven him for killing off their Gillard, they never will, and it approaches the level of hatred the Left media had for Kerr when he killed off their other hero, Gough Whitlam.

Of course the electorate on both occasions felt otherwise, but why should media’s Left ever need to cater for, or even acknowledge, public sentiment?

The second reason has to do with “global warming”. Turnbull thinks Armageddon is nigh and Abbott thinks it’s all bullshit. Unless the Left can assist to shoehorn Turnbull into the Lib leadership Australia will not sign the UN’s IPCC last hurrah agreement on climate change in Paris later this year. But first they must get rid of Abbott.

The Left media, as usual, has got it all wrong, Turnbull may have the pollsters on side but not the Party. His philosophy is anathema to all that the Libs stand for and he has a better chance of replacing Shorten than Abbott. 

The backbench revolt was from the Right, not the Left and, despite the media wet-dreaming in their red and Green jocks, there wasn’t a Turnbull supporter to be seen as he wandered lonely to the Party Room.

Erstwhile conservatives like Turnbull and Fraser need to make atonement for their real-world sins and they will eventually shuffle across to the globally warm bosoms of Sarah and Christine where reality has no meaning. 

And as for Abbott? Sure he has made a series of ill-advised moves but it’s tragic that that a man who rescued Australia from Gillard and Rudd be discarded so soon as a liability. 

If he can’t escape the Left media’s enfilade of biased missiles now, what chance would he have in any election?

Those who know nothing of politics will repeat the slick sound bites of the ALP to indicate to their peers that they’re abreast of current affairs. Unfortunately it is they who will decide the next election and there are no slick sound bites coming from the Right. 

Abbott will certainly go down as a great fighter, but the Liberal Party may well go down with him?


Turnbull had his go at leadership and he blew it. He proved during that time that he was not a competent leader and his views were too far to the left to suit conservative government. Voters should remember those days. Turnbull is not the shining light some people seem to think.

Billions of $ was earmarked for the UN from the proceeds of Carbon Tax. This money was to be passed on to third world countries - wealth re-distribution. Our government knew the tax would eventually cripple Capitalism and we would be well on the way to the Left's favoured one-world government. Shorten says he will bring back the Carbon Tax. Shout it from the rooftops.

Graham Richardson is Turnbull's 'Political and Leadership Spill' Coach.

As a supporter of Abbott, it pains me to say this guy is an idiot! After all the gaffs he has made and today to try and blackmail the Indos of these drug heads that should have been shot already. His catch call about Gillard (correctly) was "errors of judgement", his own words condemn him.

he should have been the leader he seemed to be, Put the GST up to 12.5% and had one issue to fight till the next election.

Don't be fooled. Andrew Bolt has been destroying Tony Abbott for over six months. He said Abbott could not last as PM and now he has to make his prediction come true. Bolt sticks the book in then pretends to take the moral high ground claiming the ABC, Fairfax and Labor are the ones being mean to Abbott. In fact it is Bolt who, as a ex - Labor, now conservative journalist, who is doing the most damage. If /when Abbott stands down it will be Bolt who has the most blood on his hands.

Once again the so-called conservative media, this time Andrew Bolt, has put the boot into Tony Abbott, on 2GB tonight and no doubt in his blog tomorrow he got stuck into TA for saying that Australia helped out Indonesia in the Tsunami to the tune of 1 billion dollars, Everybody has been saying that he should bring that to the attention of the indons, but not Bolt, he ragged TA and then callers got on line and started bagging TA, his mate Steve Price didn't help much either. TA has shown a lot of Ticker and he is getting bagged by the commentators, so called conservative commentators. Again what have I been banging on about for the last 6 months or so.

The left simply hate Abbott because after they mocked him, saying he was unelectable, and they treated him like a joke ... the joke then turned on them. What annoys them the most is that Abbott carries himself with dignity and and a humbleness the left just cannot handle.

Two birds, one stone, you gotta be happy with that!

Yeah I have no problem with that either MC. Let's face it, Britain is full of Muzzies now anyway. Good way to solve part of the problem.

yep, no problem from here!

Their choice, their death, simple really

Their choice, their responsibility.

Someone mentioned Capt Emad's family and Chris Bowen. I heard that, even though it's been proven they lied to be granted asylum (saying their husband/father was dead), they cannot be deported because one of the children is disabled. So the Australian taxpayer - that's us - is stuck with his family for life, and on disability benefits and public housing, because we could not possibly deport a disabled child.
My question is: WHY NOT? They lied to get here, the husband/father ran an ILLEGAL people smuggling business while he was here, but we can't send his family back to live with him wherever he is because one of the children is DISABLED? is it any wonder we're seen by the Third World as First Class mugs?

TA is not a visceral Australian, he was weaned on Pommy charter myths and has only a confected connection with the Aussies who came here in the 19th century. Does anyone know if he has Dual citizenship? Dual Citizen ship is wrong. But it does give an out with some ME filth, cancel their Australian citizenship and entitlements forceable sell their gear and buy their fare back to the places they slithered out of.

when you start with a bucket of shit call the labor party, you are only going to recycle more shit. When o when is the public of Australia going to wakeup to the lefty social agenda to destroy our way of life. The soon the likes of Laurie Oakes and the old social left report die off the better. TA and this team Please, please don't give up the country cannot afford to go back the labor scum

I am ever hopeful of the sensible nature of the average Australian who has a pretty good built in bull dust radar. When it comes to the crunch will they really vote for Short-shift or for the real deal?

No, they alone are responsible for their own deaths WTF!

Mate how I agree with you - oh how I do. I have been saying it since TA became PM - there is not one Conservative journalist/commentator that hasn't put the boot in - there is not one that has come out in support of him, if they have they have always stuck in the "BUT" factor in their commentary. It is no use them saying Shorten will get in because of Abbott, it will be the Journalists/commentators who are supposed to be on our side who will do the damage. Conservative journalism/commentary haven't got a patch on the left media, the left media shit all over conservative media.

regarding Chris Bowens pathetic and appalling interview with Alan Jones reminds me of John Kerin in the Hawke gov't. During a speech he stumbled on a few words about some figures or percentages and Hawke straight away had him replaced, right there and then. Modern Labour do no such thing now..they are clueless and have no integrity. Now take comparison with the dill called Chris Bowen who was a total failure with Immigration and should have been sent to the back benches long ago. Also look at the clip of Treasurer Wayne Swan on late night TV where he attacked the Liberals on the platform of class warfare that he regarded existed because of them. He got so tongue tied and ran out of lies and ideas that he ended up going round and round in circles and contradicted himself.