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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Truffles (Bill Leak’s title for him) yesterday spoke grandly of our wonderful security agencies that were intent on “keeping us safe”. Oh, the warm feelings of safeness and security he imparted to his nervous subjects. The trouble is, as with all things Truffles, it was a load of bullshit. It took US and UK security agencies to warn us of the active terrorists in our midst we were ignoring.

                                        Our leaders are soft on Islam's worst

Muslims we only suspect of being terrorists are kept on Manus while those we know are terrorists are afforded the best of Labor lawyers who can get them huge monetary settlements here. It's madness!  

We already knew who they were and where they were, but we had to be prompted by more astute foreign agencies to act on information that these vermin were plotting to kill hundreds of us. It seems we were the last to know, while our security agency heads were busy playing with their dongers.

                                                   ASIO chief Duncan Lewis

Why are we spending tens of billions on our security agencies when they refuse to act to rid us of Islamic activists they already know are plotting terrorist acts? Why must we wait until an airliner wipes out a leafy Liberal electorate with a death toll in the thousands before these grubs are rounded up and sent to where they can’t kill us?

Why is Hizb ut-Tahrir still operating as a recruiter for ISIS, why are they openly advising recruits how to get to Syria's al Raqqa via the Maldives? Why are they teaching their children that we have no right to life. Why are mosques still being approved?

Police said it was an Islamist-inspired plot,(oops, are they allowed to say the Islam word now?) but they did not link the plan to a specific terrorist group. 

For Christ’s sake, they had relatives already within ISIS in Syria as terrorist operatives …do they really need to know the specific terrorist group and their relative blood types before weeding these vermin out from our suburbs and shipping them offshore?

Mr Truffles said, "The number one priority of my Government, and my commitment to the Australian people, is to keep them safe". Really, Mr Truffles, it seems every move you make is designed to keep you safe as our future President. We are in a PC-restricted war on terrorism aided by the judiciary. 

             Mr Truffles should be more worried about his own safety at the moment

Must they be caught in the act, or after the event, before someone is able to arrest them without being apprehended by our Human Rights Commission? Perhaps the abrasive criticisms I have made of our useless security agencies on PP can now be justified.

“We can’t say any more at the moment” said Mr Truffles. He was clearly awaiting more information from foreign agencies to tell us about who was hiding in plain sight over at Lakemba and Punchbowl.

Mr Truffles, in usual mode following a thwarted Islamic attack, said extra security measures (above) would be put in place at all major Australian airports. That’s after the plotted event has been thwarted when extra measures are likely superfluous, or even an overreaction. Never mind, it’s okay that Mr Truffles is seen to be proactively overreacting. It's better than nothing.

Late on Sunday this week, a magistrate granted the Australian Federal Police an additional period of detention in accordance with the new Crimes Act, meaning that the suspects may be held for up to seven days without charge. Ooooh, poor little petals, I hope they have their electric blankies with them and are afforded Middle Eastern menu choices. After all, we are required to take account of this precious Islamic culture in our judicial system.

These Islamic grubs were already known to police, as is usual in most raids, so why were they still walking free and not on Manus Island where the Fuzzy Wuzzies, who refuse to remove their penis sheaths, can humanely supply them with pillows to bite on?

Tony Abbott restricted immigration from Syria and Iraq to persecuted Christians.... Mr Truffles changed that back to a UNHCR choice which invariably favours Muslims. We have a death wish.

Declare war on Islam and we can get down to really keeping Australians safe, and not the sort of “safe” as suggested by Mr Truffles, who today should be feeling quite unsafe himself from the over-represented gay lobby that wants the Marriage Act trashed and replaced with gender neutral oaths,

…ha, but that’s another great lie and another rotten story.


Pity Australians, ( is there still such a thing as an Australian? ) don't have enough patriotism or pride in the country any more. Seems anyone, and anything , can become a politician now, and with that comesa whole heap of self indulgent bullshit that will eventually turn the country into just another shithole where the extractors of wealth will destroy whatever they need to get what they want, and the rest will be just left to fight like animals to survive. Marvelous creatures humans, all the brains in the world, but still just an animal at heart. Just have a look at Canberra.

In a box, or make the bastards swim.

The man would be very happy and content if the goat could also cook!!

EXCLUSIVE: Major Russian TV Film, 'SODOM', Blasts LGBT (HD Video - Eng Dub)

"........After a somewhat dull intro section recalling the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the film gets interesting.
It leads with a comical interview with an unsuspecting German Lutheran priest in Berlin with a taste for sodomy who explains how Christianity does not actually proscribe this peculiar predilection.
It then profiles Scott Lively - an anti-LGBT activist who takes the Russian journos on a guided tour of lavishly funded Washington DC lobbying organizations pushing LGBT issues deep into the bowels of the the US government (no pun intended).
Next comes a spooky parade of homosexual weirdos - gays being married in Germany, an artificial insemination clinic in LA, grotesque sex freaks at a parade in San Francisco, at which a skeptical mailman tells an Adam and Steve joke, a truly disturbing video of a gay man fake-suckling newborn infants, taken from their surrogate mother minutes earlier, and a painfully awkward scene of a sodomite male couple showing how they raise their children................"

The Christian leb will tell you he is Phoenician, not an arab, they say they despise the muslim leb and blame the invasion of Lebanon on the Syrians.

I remember the frazer invasion of lebs into Australia, they were settled into the same shit hole areas of Auburn, Lakemba, Merrylands and the surrounding areas.

The only thing that has changed is that the so called Christian leb has moved to castle hill and the likes, and the muslims have taken over the western suburbs shit holes that they left.

Must be the arab STINK that attracts them to these areas.

Thank Christ, I'm bloody freezing here in the Warby Ranges.

For the information of those who seem not to know: Manus Island Detention Centre is closing under orders from the PNG High Court. The judges ruled closure and that taking illegal immigrants from the Australian government was also illegal. So this is why the rush to swap with the US and continue to deny settlement in Australia for illegal immigrants ... a deterrent Labor dropped when they abandoned the Coalition's Pacific Solution deterrents.

Meritocracy is what made the west great forcing us to slowly improve with every generation, thanks to Obama the racist and his team of left wing nut jobs whites are being treated like second class citizens in the country's their forebears built, we're not asking for special treatment just equal consideration, just disgusting

Dow Jones Industrial Average
INDEXDJX: .DJI - 1 Aug., 4:46 pm GMT-4
21,963.92Price increase72.80 (0.33%)

As long as they don't feel the need to tell us all about it.

Onya OLIVER - you keep on keeping the bastards honest. He has done this on more than this occasion and it has been pointed out to him previously - without acknowledgement from him. At least on this ONE occasion he has had to respond - probably because you put it right out here on the main.

As a matter of historical interest, I have located in Hansard when the matter of Lebanese immigration to Australia was raised in the Australian Parliament which was during the Frazer Government in November 1976. It was raised by the Labor Member for Sydney Les McMahon. Forty one years on it shows plainly how good intentioned acts come back to bite you. Of course it was doomed to failure from the beginning because of the arch dickhead Frazer's policy of multi-culturalism aka treason. Our politicians have learnt nothing and persist in this folly which is rapidly destroying our civilised way of life, and we have probably passed the point of no return with a Frazer clone at the helm.



Mr LES McMAHON—In view of the continuing conflict occurring in Lebanon, can the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs say what action is being taken to process more rapidly the thousands of apphcations his Department is holding on behalf of prospective immigrants from Lebanon? Has any consideration been given to enlarging our present staff in Beirut and to relaxing our immigration requirements to allow a larger number of Lebanese citizens to migrate to Australia on compassionate grounds?

Mr MacKELLAR-The Government in fact has made an announcement about its attitude towards potential migrants from the Lebanon. As the honourable member would be aware, the situation in that country is extremely difficult. The Australian Embassy has had to be moved and I believe it is operating out of a hotel at this stage. A senior migration oflicer has remained in the Lebanon despite the difficulties associated with his continued presence there and the dangers to his hfe. There are a great number of applications for people to come from the Lebanon and in assessing those apphcations obviously we must give preference and priority to close family reunions. The number of applications means that we cannot deal with all of them, particularly as we have only one officer in Beirut. We are giving preference to cases involving close family reunions. I l that our officer deserves the greatest credit for the manner in which he is carrying out his duties in that position. We also are assisting Lebanese visitors in Australia by allowing them to apply for an extension to their visitor visas so that they may stay here until the situation becomes clarified. The individual cases of people who have escaped from the Lebanon and who have apphed to come here are being looked at also.

Just sent to Hinch and Xenophon

All Senators that have decreed the public will not have a say in the SSM debate, are arrogant and selfish.

This is not a run of the mill, business as usual, event, that the Parliament would routinely vote on.

It is an issue that is at the heart and foundation of our society, and has been for centuries. It is something that all those with a vested interest therein should, indeed must, be given the opportunity to make their individual position known.

You are not better than the rest of us; you are not smarter than the rest of us; you are no better placed to make this decision than the rest of us. That you obviously think you are, is a conceit of extraordinary proportion.

Our democracy does not just operate every three years when we vote you into Parliament. It is a continuous and seamless event. Issues such as this must be taken back directly to the people from time to time, and this is one of those times.

You are there to serve the will of the people, and vote the conscience of the people, not your own conscience. Without a plebiscite you cannot possibly know, with any certainty, the will of the majority on this issue.

The conventional wisdom is that power corrupts, and, by not supporting the plebiscite on SSM, your power is corrupting our democracy.

Islamic Solicitor jumps on the Bandwagon, enter the Government Capitulation and Huge Compo cheque to the local Mosque on the way, to fund more Terrorism it would appear....

We on PP did comment on this a few months back..seems the Gods have heard us.. lol.. 'TV personality Andrew Denton has been diagnosed with advanced heart disease and will be required to undergo multiple bypass surgery shortly.
The diagnosis forces Mr Denton, 57, to withdraw from the campaign to legalise euthanasia to which he has been devoting his energy in recent years.'....why stop now..he's so close...

This is sad and a bit weird. Who was this poor woman, what was she doing there, why in the company of more than one dog? Many questions, very few answers, yet.

Regardless of the circumstances, the dogs should be put down as there will be no trusting them after this.

BOMBSHELL STUDY : Voter Fraud May Have Resulted in Hillary Winning New Hampshire
A new bombshell study released by the Government Accountability Institute shows why President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has such an important job ahead of it.

The institute concluded in its report that thousands of votes in the 2016 election were illegal duplicate votes from people who registered and voted in more than one state.
The Government Accountability Institute, founded by Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” seeks to “investigate and expose crony capitalism, misuse of taxpayer monies, and other governmental corruption or malfeasance.”

Over the last few months, the institute sought to obtain “public voter information” from every state in order to search for duplicate votes. This is the same type of information the president’s election integrity commission has requested.

With this report, we may have a clue as to why some states are resisting providing this data.

The second picture of the three amigos is vomitous. Charf bag the lot.

Hometown of Daimler, Porsche and Bosch moves closer to banning diesel engines A fanciful green motion to ban diesel passenger cars in the hometown of some of the world’s most prestigious car-makers could soon become a reality.

Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and Porsche are facing the ignominy of having their diesel engines banned in their own hometown of Stuttgart, in the Baden-Wurttembergstate of Germany.

O.T. How to Catch A Mud Crab. We were a little more refined than this lad - made crab traps you could handle on your own without a lookout for crocks. Bloody nice crab but.......