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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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...and the answer is there is no answer!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Before PM Turnbull crawled into bed on Monday night he had already decided on another Royal Commission. He and many Australians had just witnessed on Four Corners the hideous way in which Aboriginal youths are treated in NT detention centres.

Regular Q&A guest Gillian Triggs had later tried in vain to link this mistreatment to off-shore facilities. Utter nonsense of course, but Ms Triggs is used to telling outright lies.

In 60,000 years Aborigines have never experienced four-walled enclosures. They have awoken each morning to 360 degrees of openness no matter what misdeed they may have committed.

A European has slept each night within four walls and has grown up using things like school rooms, offices, shops and elevators. Incarceration, albeit a nasty punishment, does not affect the white bloke in the same way... 60,000 years of genetic evolution cannot be altered in 200 years.

Therefore the awful figures on Aboriginal deaths in custody will continue until we stop locking them up. How many wonderful Albert Namatjiras do we have to kill before we realise it?

Here’s the problem: Aborigines should never, ever be locked up! The solution: Actually there isn’t one because allowing Aboriginal elders to deal with the problems won’t work as any criminal claiming Aboriginality can’t be discriminated against.

If you identify yourself with, or even feel like you have some connection to, the Aboriginal race, you are already legally an Aborigine and it is unlawful under 18C for any person to contest it.

I know this connection to a borderless land exists. I have felt it after many long periods in the bush alone. After three and four month periods I found it impossible to sleep in a bedroom. I felt awful, enclosed, claustrophobic, trapped in a module I was not used to, and that’s after only three or four months, let lone 60,000 years.

These poor little buggers are also suffering from cold turkey drug withdrawal (how bad would that be?). There is a direct transition from sniffing petrol to ice as soon as they qualify for the dole or they are able to nick something. 

If they go home they will likely be bashed or sexually assaulted by drunken family members, so when they are found guilty of stealing something in a European Court they are sentenced to an endless life of penal recidivism and torture that changes them from reasonable people to raving savages.

Is that a “correction” system? After three years of incarceration an inmate is already institutionalised, it's too late, he is without the ability to embrace a normal life.

Turnbull’s Royal Commission will arrive at similar conclusions as previous Commissions where thousands of pages of recommendations gather dust for future generations to ponder.

The sickening footage we saw on Four Corners on Monday evening has been around for years and it’s more than a coincidence that the ABC decided to release the story on the eve of the NT elections where the current Country Liberal Party under Adam Giles is already in deep shit. Well done ABC, your political slip is still showing.

Turnbull would do better to heed the growing pressure for a Royal Commission into Islam and the thousands of mutilated female children suffering genital damage that Australian doctors are busy trying to repair. But again, we already know the problem, it’s the Courts that allow these butchers to walk.

                     FGM practitioner Auburn Sheikh Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri walks free

Much like the NT problem, we already know the system, we already know the guilty parties, we already know the abused kids so what’s the point of a Royal Commission?

Unless it’s to buckpass the insoluble solution to another incoming government, like most other Royal Commissions into an Aboriginal disaster.


Lobotomise the little buggers and have done with it, problem solved, they can then go back home to be looked after by their loving family and be good lads the rest of their lives.

PP..yeah it is a fkn criminal disgrace...

Who gives a fuck how long these subhumans have had a culture, a culture that is vile and disgusting, but hey, it is culture, and according to the luffies, culture trumps our laws, which is why child rape in that vile and disgusting culture is allowed, yet the ABC televises anything about pell, no matter how truthful or not. But real rapes, by subhumans against very young children (one 2yo girl had a venereal disease), is never mentioned. Just like the raghead culture, another vile and disgusting culture that is never mentioned. 600-700 genital mutilations are either fixed up or performed at the Royal Women's Hospital annually, not reported to the police.

Oh fucking spare me that blackfellas should never be locked up. The vast majority of these subhumans have as much connection to the land as I do. They are as white as I am, in the way that they embrace the lifestyle of whites, with all that the white lifestyle brings, endless monies flowing in, being stolen by these so-called elders, those stinking fat coots with long beards and wearing a white man's akubra, booze, drugs, raping children (oh wait on, that is mostly a blackfella and raghead thing), bashing the women. If these coots commit a crime they should be gaoled, end of story, unless you want to them to just keep on committing their crimes and just like those ragheads who slice and dice their girls they can just keep on keeping on doing their subhuman depravities. Fuck me.

Give these fucking subhumans a choice. Do they want to be blackfellas, living the life as their forebears did before the evil white man civilised them, or do they want to be a part of Australia, and accept our laws? If it is the former, by all means, let them be blackfellas, give them a parcel of land in the outback, so they can live the lifestyle. But none will, because they do not want to give up all the goodies that living in a white world brings them. Let them hunt traditionally, let them hunt dugongs, but without the tinnie and high powered rifle and speargun. They'd last a month, maybe two. Yet we still have to tolerate them having a good old whine in between plagons, about how evil we are, how the white man took them from neanderthal subhuman times, with a life span of 30 years.

For an Aboriginal child to be incarcerated in Australia they Must have an extensive criminal record. Our whole Legal system is geared to give them EVERY Legal break and exemption possible. They have Automatic sentence reductions built in to Aboriginal matters.Legal assistance/support person is mandatory for interviews and appearances. After getting EVERY break in our Legal system they still outnumber all other prisoners per capita with our Penal system. THE FAULT lies in the Cotton Wool handling of Aboriginal youth by the Politically Nice. The young soon learn they are immune from incarceration and continue to offend until they rack up a long string of offenses and by that time they have become habitual criminals and have burnt their future prospects in the process.Hit them from the start.

Some of Soros' current projects

Black lives matter, the White House (POTUS), Ukraine, Deutsche Bank, ISIS.....was he behind the IMF, Erdogan, Venezuela, Merkel, Hollande ad Turnbull as well?

Money not that important to don't really get the stock thingy....but seems from this (and may other articles) that this Soros creature is fomenting all this Islamic/marxist stuff for money? Crikey moses.....does he know he can't take it with him and what he doing is pure evil

on his way to the new Caliphate.....via Rio?...hopefully not

Don't let us forget the desalination plants one here in Sydney, one in Perth - any more? They continue to cost millions to operate and they're not necessary? All thanks to Tom Foolery!

Yepper.. and guess who's paying? Actually BK.. you forgot that large water establishment... just in case we don't receive rain??? Costs megabucks to keep the damn thing running and we don't need it....

Great stuff... now the investigation must continue and result made known to the Australian public... it's past time!

Just received my census form which tells me that I can do it all online on 9 August. Have a 12 digit number to put in. (That identifies me for a start but not too worried about that)). This online census will all turn to shit when about 7 million computers log into the same site over a period of some hours.. It will collapse. I understand that the Bureau has stress tested it with about 1000 simultaneous log-ins. Are they serious. A million will kill it let alone 7 million.

The Northern Territory government is in contravention of its own statute definition of being an entity fit to provide care and protection of children.
In Loco Parentis
[Latin, in the place of a parent.] The legal doctrine under which an individual assumes parental rights, duties, and obligations without going through the formalities of legal Adoption
. loco parentis
Northern Territory
According to Section 20 of the Care and Protection of Children Act 2007 (NT), a child is in need of care and protection if:
(a) the child has suffered or is likely to suffer harm or exploitation because of an act or omission of a parent of the child; or
(b) the child is abandoned and no family member of the child is willing and able to care for the child; or
(c) the parents of the child are dead or unwilling to care for the child and no other family member of the child is able and willing to do so; or
(d) the child is not under the control of any person and is engaged in conduct that causes or is likely to cause harm to the child or other persons.
Threshold employed
In the Northern Territory, a child is in need of care and protection if he or she has suffered or is likely to suffer harm or exploitation. Harm is defined in Section 15 of the Act as:
(1) ... any significant detrimental effect caused by any act, omission or circumstance on:
(a) the physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing of the child; or
(b) the physical, psychological or emotional development of the child.
(2) Without limiting subsection (1), harm can be caused by the following:
(a) physical, psychological or emotional abuse or neglect of the child;
(b) sexual abuse or other exploitation of the child;
(c) exposure of the child to physical violence.
Exploitation of a child as determined by Section 16 of the Act:
(1) ... includes sexual and any other forms of exploitation of the child.
(2) Without limiting subsection (1), sexual exploitation of a child includes:
(a) sexual abuse of the child; and
(b) involving the child as a participant or spectator in any of the following:
(i) an act of a sexual nature;
(ii) prostitution;
(iii) a pornographic performance.

taq..hmm yeah..sort of..funnyish

q. what did jesus say to the abo's from up on the cross? a. don't do ANYTHING until i get back.

Tosir..its a moot thing is for sure, current aborigines had no idea..neither did those from say 300 years fact most abos didnt even know the other existed...if nothing else they can consider themsleves lucky to have been wondeing around this continent for a few thousand years anyways, only killing each other...there is no indigenous ownership claims thats for for whitemans govt inventing abo history.well there is plenty of that..and like most religious cults, a disgrace....

60,000 years, and they invented a stick.

calm down everybody. tosir is not trying to decapitate anybody.

Geez I am angry. Bloody angry. I live in a unit complex and a fence is being built. The traddies are using my electricity. I rang the on site managers and they said that they would stop using my power but would start using someone elses power. I said that this was theft. They hung up. I rang the Government. Am waiting to hear what they say. What would you guys do?