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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


"This is a win for the unions", said Premier-elect Daniel Andrews. It wasn’t a phrase he used during the election, but it was immediately after, and it could spell disaster for the Garden State. It also means a severe migraine for Abbott and don’t expect Andrews to offer him any Panadol or assist with his proposal for GST reform now that Vic seems determined to join SA and Tas on a disability pension. 

Obviously the Vics hadn’t bothered tuning in to the Royal Commission on Unions.

The Labor campaign was brilliant, innovative, creative, ruthless and dirty, it utilised social media in ways the Coalition hasn’t yet discovered, and it worked exactly as planned.

Alarm bells should have tolled in Canberra long before this election result was known because Labor has consistently run better campaigns and it has consistently kept the Coalition on the back foot. 

Labor governs in orgies of self indulgence and ideological sex games, but each time the Libs are appointed to clean up the empties, the vomit, used condoms and broken strap-ons, they lose electoral skin... until it’s time for another Labor orgy.

And that’s the way it has always been.

What epitomised the Libs’ weakness and lack of attack this week was the, “I wouldn’t trust them to build a canoe” comment from Defence Minister, Senator Johnston, in relation to the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC). 

Of course Labor spun this comment to suggest it was a treasonous outrage against our Defence Forces. It wasn’t any such thing! It was a justified comment about a lazy, incompetent, unionised Adelaide workforce that has set our naval defence capacity back 20 years, forcing us to look to Japan to replace the inoperable Collins Class subs. 

Abbott, instead of blubbering an apology on Johnston’s behalf, should have doubled down on the “canoe” comment and thrown the lot back in Shorten’s face with, “The bloated, incompetent and highly unionised ASC is a subsidiary of Labor... it prefers things that go down, not up!"

As one of 60 submariners said of an ASC built Collins Class sub when it lost both engines off Perth, " 'I'm gone, I'm dead',' I recalled thinking as the powerless submarine began to slide towards the ocean floor”. 

When back-up power was also lost another said, "When we started going down, I just tried to accept it and make peace with myself."

It’s not until the enormity of the Collins Class multi-billion dollar disaster is understood that the Japanese option and Johnston’s justified comment come into focus.

It seems every time Abbott rises to his feet he is voluntarily on the defence! How can that possibly be after six years of a destructive orgy conducted by the rabble opposite?

Changes need to be made in the Coalition’s approach to governance or Abbott will quickly find himself exchanged for Morrison.

Over half Australia feels let down.


Good one Unc

Talking about Catholics .........

Two priests were in the Vatican bathroom using the urinals. One of them looked down at the other one’s penis and noticed a NICOBATE patch on it. He looked at the other priest and quietly said, “I believe you’re supposed to put that patch on your arm or shoulder, not on your penis.” The other one replied brightly “It’s working just fine thank you, I’m down to two butts a day.”

Me too, G.

Do you think we could get the MSM news departments to give us a Lambie-free day at least one day a week? That bogan accent is nowhere near as bad on the ear as Julia Gillard's unique, FAKE woikin' class drone, but with Joolia now largely off the scene, (thank you, God), it goes awfully close.

The depth of Bill Shorten's character is that of morning dew on the front lawn. That pissant makes me puke, especially when watching the daily sound bites that the meeja thinks are important.

Too much is made of the relevance of the 2% swing to labor, it is not real endorsement. Labor now must solve the problem of blue collar unemployment, some 300,000 out priced in manufacturing and some 7000 to be dumped from the tunnel project. The over riding issue is for politicians to reduce government expenditure from the incomes of those who pay taxes compared to those whose incomes are funded by other peoples taxes.

Please don't apolgise Jug I was actually trying to be funny how ever I can see it could be read the other way . My children are always telling me don't mske jokes as most of hue time they are not funny

Abbott must go! The Libs will be toast at the next election with him as leader.

How come 5 posters below here have the Christmas burqa avatar.? When I logged on now onto this story I had it as well, but not at the top of the page, only at the comment rectangle. I thought the site had been got at again (still?), and I logged off and on to another story and I had my flowers in the comment spot. whew!!

Sorry, G. I'm a little humourless of late. Should start drinking again......and turn off the bloody ABC. All that propaganda is doing my head in. And, DJ, the Christians including Catholics built this country. Just picture Aus if it had been settled by Muslims. But apologies if you were just being funny. I wouldn't know.

"Of course Labor spun this comment to suggest it was a treasonous outrage against our Defence Forces. " And that comment from a Laborite!! Obviously hasn't read "Australia's Secret War".

TomG, I think today he has made his first stand. He is listening as he should to the people who voted him in to serve them and their interests. I admire someone who takes the responsibility for any mishaps in a party and that he did today with his statement that the buck stops here. Better days ahead I am sure.

I like Tony Abbott however, I think it time for Scott Morrison to replace Abbott - the country needs someone with a bit of mongrel in him and the opposition are afraid of Morrison - you can see it in their faces during question time..

My guess is that Victoria's swing back to the Left is much more to do with Federal than State politics. Voters were not endorsing Unions or unmindful of the corruption revelations. No doubt many felt strongly about these mstters, but of much more immediate significance would have been how strongly they felt about the unfairness of the Hockey Budget and the inability of the Government - or its unwillingness - to understand the much greater proportional impact of the intended budgetary measures on low income families than on the more affluent. Each time parliament in Canberra has given expression to these concerns and blocked passage, the Government, instead of heeding these legitimate concerns, has declared that it remains determined that they will come into effect, by some means that bypasses parliamentary scrutiny and approval if necessary, and shown no willingness to compromise. At the same time, it is perceived as pampering to its homebase by protecting the investment industry and banks rather than investors through the overthrow of legislation, already passed, designed to curb excesses and abuses. Then there's Uni fees, unequal and un-means-tested maternity benefits, etc etc.

So if Canberra politicians consistently display outright pigheadedness in the face of genuine anxiety, where are those affected to turn?

I hate the prospect of Labor regaining control federally, but the Canberra Liberals seem destined to follow Victoria's Liberals as a one-term government, self-destructing, unless Abbott, Hockey and Cormann change tack. The Party they lead is now Liberal in name only.

Ingams plant in S.A is pulling the pin, the reason, it is cheaper to do business in Nsw. State labor gov thinks its ok to rip off all businesses with the highest cost of doing business in Aust. Typical arrogant retarded labor government,

Hermes, they basically blackmailed the state government into bankrolling their upgrades with the threat of closure.

I think we may have to disagree on the arguement K, but not the facts you set out (except the 46% if down under is correct). I don't think he is the "silent majority" kind of feller. I think the referendum is an example of it. He is hand balling the aboriginal issue off to the people, so it is their concern. Who will vote for it in the big R? He is socially quite progressive, but unlike the lefties, he has a high regard for the parliamentary democratic system. The labor lot are animals, jackals and hyenas and the system is there for them to Cannibalise and get rich.

. I don't want a change of Prime Minister. I want the Prime Minister to change the way he is behaving.

Represent the people who elected you instead of trying to please those who'll never vote for you.

That's a lot of pigs to fit in one trough

They sem to have a lot of managers and executives for doing very little, talk about an inverted pyramid. On the top row are the most useless and on down to the bottom single unit of the mail room girl. The only one probably to earn her keep. Disgrace !!