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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


 A predictably sycophantic Sydney Morning Herald asked: “Is this Australia’s ‘Martin Luther King moment’?” when Stan the Tanned Man gave a speech earlier this year to highlight the divide between Australia’s Aborigines and undeserving, genocidal White invaders.

                       Stan the Untanned Man flummed a white man's job at CNN

Perhaps not surprisingly so, the Turnbull Government asked Grant the Tanned Man to stand as a Liberal candidate, even though his message is against Liberal philosophy. Grant the Tanned Man confirmed he is "in conversations”.

And the Libs wonder why they are losing their base quicker than Stan the Tanned Man’s tan.

His argument breaks down when in his own words he cites that, “Aboriginal women are 30 times more likely to be hospitalised by domestic violence and Aboriginal children are nearly 10 times more likely to need removing from dangerous homes”. 

Despite that we cruel “Whitie bastards” are providing $30 billion a year to help solve the self-induced problems they appear to have no intention to solve themselves.

Karla Grant (above, the Tanned man’s first wife). At least she hasn’t tried to bestride both culture camps as she continues as the anchorwoman of SBS’s “Living Black” program. 

Stan the Tanned Man straddles both camps and partakes of the white culture that provided him with overpaid media positions only to use those positions to slam his white culture’s treatment of his black culture.

Perhaps it’s just me, but maybe others too have noted whenever a male person with a portion of Aboriginality reaches notoriety he goes searching for a thoroughly white partner as a token prize for his newfound notoriety, which is now more worthy than that of a lowly Lubra.

Adam Goodes after being named an ill-deserved Australian of the year, deserted Aboriginality and hooked up with and all-white Natalie Croker.

After AFL fame with the SA Crows, Eddie Betts deserted his Aboriginality and scored another all-white bird in Anna Scullie.

Stan the Tanned Man dumped his “boring” Aboriginal wife for current ABC radio girl Tracey Holmes. Karla Grant didn’t seem too disappointed and allowed their children to move into Tracey’s joint.

Ernie Dingo, after finding world fame in “Crocodile Dundee II” scored another all-white sheila in Sally Butler… the list is long and consistent and, risking racism, begs the question of Aboriginal commitment to culture.

Those unfortunate Aborigines who didn't reach notoriety are still at home belting the shit out of their Aboriginal wives and kids. Well, that is according to Stan the Tanned Man.

So, Stan the Tanned Man now calls Cook’s discovery of Australia a myth, demanding the inscription on his statue be changed from “discoverer” to something more akin to “invader”.

Cook was ten times the man that Stan the Tanned man can even aspire to be.

All I can say is that if Stan the Tanned Man is the best his Wiradjuri tribe can come up with, then Stan the Tanned Man should get down on his knees in front of Cook’s statue and thank him for his role in establishing European development in a brown wasteland that is now an industrial and agricultural garden of Eden where even a bloke like Stan the Tanned Man can find employment.

Stan the Tanned Man’s alternative would be that he still digs up yams for a feed and doesn’t dine with white sheilas at the Hilton with a few bottles of Grange.


Funny how money and fame is always a magnet for white trash women.

Dutch, Spaniards, or Portuguese....if any of them had colonized Australia, there would be NO black fellas left, not one!!

Thanks yet again Larry for highlighting the gross hypocrisy of the black argument.

Stan the Tanned Man wouldn't even have been born without the contribution of at least one 'whitie' man!

Ha! the Portugese should have happend to them.....

Have a look at the video in this link & more from Jacinta Price

Mentioning Martin Luther King & Stan the fake tan Grant in the same sentence should be a chargeable offence. What an insult to Martin Luther King and his family. Stan Grant has always presented to me as insincere ..... even more so now that he has blackened himself up & jumped on the aboriginal victimhood bandwagon. He ought to listen to some real aboriginals like Alice Springs Councilor Jacinta Price.

Less Martin Luther, more Al Jolson I'd say.

I'm sick of F...k..g jews hacking my computer ,hacking my email ,harassing phone calls everyday FUCKOFF KIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!

The Australian Aborigine.....We have had to Skull drag it, kicking and screaming into the modern world for the last 200 or so years, and it has whinged and Bitched the entire way. When is it going to walk by itself?? It doesn’t take 200 years to work out how to flip a burger at McDonalds and EARN a wage, like all those whom currently support you to the tune of $37 Billion a year…..…..

Every day to me is Australia Day...January the 26th is the day we All come together to Celebrate being Australian.......To interfere and sully that day with Agenda's is obscene...But that is just my humble opinion...

Sadly, so true - and we have many enemies as you have mentioned - will all those you mentioned band together to fight us conservatives? That is what a Civil War would amount to

Just another attention seeker - and yes, all the black men have white partners?????

If he is so concerned about Australia and Aboriginal culture etc, why does he want Australias population @ 50Million ? evidently doesnt possess a brain or any common sense, and cant make up his mind whether hes white or black .


One of the glaringly obvious yet seemingly forgotten logic of those with dual lineages from varying cultures should be made to discover or at least explain their abilities to some how ignore , is this . If and let's assume for the sake of this arguement white settlers in Australia committed inhuman atrocities against the then proud indigenous and for all intention an purposes harmless local natives . Then a man or woman who fall in the category such as The Tanned Man here in question TV presenter and all round saviour of black Australia Stan Grant ,of mixed coloured heritage . Must ask themselves this why is it that they grasp so desperately onto the victim part of there family background yet not accept guilt nor hold their heads in shame for what the perpatrators in their families did ?

When I lived in the Top End I was invited to marry an aboriginal lady because she said white men have more respect for women and they want to work .

Reconciliation. When being Australian isn't enough!

Fifty Shades of Stan.

Stan Grant makes me sick.