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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


So the Libs are frightened to change leaders for fear they will be labelled as another Rudd, Gillard, Rudd fiasco. Yet the truth is that voters will have no trouble selecting who they believe is better. NZ PM Ardern was an unknown a few weeks back but was able to present a palatable face to the electorate. 

                                                WTF did you come from?

In 1983 Malcolm Fraser drove to the Governor General’s residence to signal the start of an election campaign he was certain to win against Labor's hapless Bill Hayden.

Unfortunately when Fraser returned to Parliament House that afternoon he was surprised to see he would be fighting the election against Bob Hawke. Of course, Fraser lost in tears. In the time that it took Fraser to notify the GG of an election, Labor had replaced Hayden with Hawke.

So it’s simply not true to say a change of leader is detrimental to a party, even when it’s a change to a womanising drunk who cannot keep his clothes on. Alcohol will play no role in a challenge to Turnbull and it seems that a challenge is certain to come, but only after the High Court’s decisions on suspected dual residencies.

There are strong signs that the Liberal natives are getting restless and about to break out of their stalls. Turnbull is determined to destroy the once great Party of Bob Menzies (with whom I had a close association, written about here on the Post)  so, yes, I am looking through rose-coloured glasses, but many sitting Libs are feeling the stress of watching Turnbull drift further and further Left to where there is no distinction between Liberal and Labor.

The Libs have had their fair share of Hewsons, Frasers and Turnbulls, now they are due for another Menzies.

Even Turnbull’s latest energy policy is being tentatively embraced by Labor and the Greens, so what does that say about Liberal policy? Turnbull is desperately trying to hold the Party together with frayed floss, and it's all coming apart.

If a challenge is not forthcoming the Liberal Party is finished and Turnbull can return to his Point Piper mansion satisfied he has moved Australia closer to a one world UN government of socialism, swamped with Islamic immigration pouring across non-existent borders. 

Turnbull’s dream of every State, Territory and a Federal Government being run by far Left Labor is close to coming true. 

He and Julie Bishop only moved against Abbott because he was about to dump the Paris Global Warming Accord and was almost certain to win a Canning by-election the following weekend. A win in Canning would have given Abbott the confidence and credibility to can Paris as the “utter crap” it is.

Julie Bishop’s Caesarean execution instead gave her mate Turnbull the Canning win and put the Libs back on the path to UN global warming compliance and a quasi carbon-taxed energy policy.

So, is the Liberal Party caucus going to allow Turnbull his destructive wont? Will it simply stand by and watch the Party drown in Left swill? 

Certain dead meat is what Abbott is fighting against, he knows he can never again be leader, but he cares about the Party, he knows there are plenty of good Liberal Leaders out there, and not necessarily in the Party room.

Only NSW and Tasmania are holding off Labor’s insane policies of economic and social ruin. The final blow would be a win to Labor Federally. 

The numbers needed to be rid of Turnbull are now closer than ever and a challenge must be made in the new year. 

When he is dumped he will resign, as he did last time, but this time only Julie Bishop, and maybe Greg Hunt or Christopher Pyne, will beg him to return.

What we can look forward to with Shorten is the same as Victorians are experiencing with Daniel Andrews’ assisted deaths (the same as Gillard’s late-term abortions) they go hand in hand with a disrespect for human life, unless it’s theirs, and they symbolise what Labor is all about.

What’s left of the Liberals needs to stand up and be counted before they are counted out and laid to rest,

…without the assistance of Andrews. 


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Vivienne Sigley in 2 sworn statements denies being Hooray Harry,
Sigley’s co- conspirator Whiteside writes on his web page acknowledging his ‘mate’ Hooray Harry.
In Oct 2015, ‘coalface’ was immediately identified by 2 male PP posters as a Sigley account due to the parallel posting manner to Hooray Harry well before Sigley confessed to ‘coalface’ and her multiple personalities/accounts were known or exposed. A lot of people are aware that ‘Hooray Harry’ is Sigley.
Oz you are a fair dinkum, upfront, honest and good, Bloke, and that is why I have taken the time to lay out evidence that you should not ignore. Sigley has been under intense scrutiny for some time by many factors. While I respect your right to hold your own opinion, let that opinion be based on the truth, not the words of a known Internet troll.

Hooray Harry Wed 11 Oct 2017 07:26:44 am
MarkM won't the Judiciary live to have a crack at you a true lunatic of the first order ? The stuff you come up with could see you locked up for life pal. Listen for the knock at the door.

MarkM Wed 11 Oct 2017 08:06:57 am
I can see the "victim" is out provoking fights and claiming victim hood again. What's that old Polish saying again? "A Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." 

I hear the NSW Police are already onto your game. Seems you have quite a reputation of crying wolf that they stopped listening to you a long time ago.

Your game is up Sigley. I've seen it happen to a lot of old swindlers who get sloppy as they start losing their faculties.

Hooray Harry Wed 11 Oct 2017 08:15:53 am
That's how stupid you are Mark and I mean stupid. I am not the quoted Sigley you swear I am, never met them or talked to them. In fact there must be a law that you have broken by constantly calling me something I am not. Hold onto your seatbelt moron a surprise awaits.

MarkM Wed 11 Oct 2017 10:53:09 am
Yes there is a law. It's called the butthurt law.

10 Oct 2017 - Sigley as Hooray Harry posts this reply to Tyrone, in the full belief that Tyrone is Donna;

Hooray Harry Tue 10 Oct 2017 10:23:18 am
Hi Doona. How's the case going? Heard along the grapevine that somebody has been plying themselves with lots of illicit substances. The above statement certainly evidences that. Cuckoo.

The ‘Doona’ reference is obviously a reference to Donna
With ‘How's the case going?’, Sigley acknowledges knowing of Donna’s court appearance, as related above - “ look up recent Court room dramas” - “Wink wink”.

‘illicit substances’ is a referral to an Expiation Notice that was listed in PA District Criminal Court under Donna’s name on 2 Oct 2017 for the first time. An Expiation Notice is the equivalent to an on the spot fine, it does not appear before the court unless it is being contested.
The court matter listing for the Expiation Notice is;
Possess Cannabis
Possess Equipment
The Expiation Notice while founded entirely from the sworn statements of Sigley and Whiteside on the 2 Dec 2016 and the raid and assault on Donna by incompetent, corrupt and terrorist cops on the 5 April 2017 it is now an entirely separate issue under law. It is therefore not related to the 2 other matters listed before the courts in Donna’s name on 2 Oct 2017. The other 2 court matters listed on 2 Oct 2017 were the
1/ pretrial conference for the charge of ‘Hinder Police’, entirely related to the cops storming Donna’s house on 5 April 2017 While the cops validate their actions upon the sworn statements of Sigley and Whiteside this is a SA police charge/matter and not directly related to Sigley and Whiteside - yet. Though Whiteside as ‘Cerunnos’ and Sigley as ‘Jhonno7’ advertised the first court hearing of the Hinder charge on PP.
2/ pretrial conference for the charge of Stalking Vivienne Sigley and Bruce Whiteside on Pickering Post.

So, for Hooray Harry to be referring to information in regard to Donna and related court matters for 2 Oct 2017, you can rule out Googling Donna’s name or casual browsing to gain the information posted, ONLY on that date, that ‘Hooray Harry’ spewed out in her smartgirl manner. ‘Hooray Harry’ had to be looking into the SA Court listings specifically on that date and the only person connected to PP to have knowledge and cause to be looking and reading the court listings on that date was Sigley.

Ok Oz, I’ll spell it out for you.

I know you didn’t know of Donna’s court drama’s.
Therefore, you would not know about the dates of Donna’s court attendances, or the matters before the court.
Or if you did per chance come by this information you would not be discussing it with your PP partner, on PP. Nor would you post that information to a poster you assume is Donna.

Hooray Harry does and has:
You can not gain information about Donna’s or anyone elses court sitting date or attendance by simply entering their name into a search. You must go to the SA Courts site, then enter into the case list, then from a list of 6 courts you have to know which court, then know the matter is either Civil or Criminal, which then takes you to 30 to 50 listings, in increments of 10, of the names and the case/s associated to that name, - so again, you have to know what you are looking for, not just casual browsing.
BUT - apart from knowing the court, the listing, and the name of the person - you also have to know the DATE of that persons court attendance. The court listing are on a 24 hour/that day basis only. Either side of that date and there is no information forthcoming with regards to that persons name or matters before the court. Unless you are a person connected and in relation to that matter.

2 Oct 2017 was the date of Donna’s last court attendance

4 Oct 2017 in response to Flysa/ Granny post ( Granny being the term Nedderman uses for Donna) …*UPDATE - it is now confirmed that Sigley is Flysa! Sigley as Hooray Harry slithers up and tells herself to “ look up recent Court room dramas” - “Wink wink” ( this is Sigley ‘advertising’, she just has to get the word out - like she did about Donna’s daughters name using her funkybarfly) …

Flysa Wed 4 Oct 2017 06:55:45 pm
Since Granny has been named as the ex girlfriend of the Vegas shooter, she in all her aliases has been noticeably absent from this site,

Hooray Harry Wed 4 Oct 2017 07:30:03 pm
You might want to look up recent Court room dramas Fly. You being in the profession and all. Wink wink

I know The Shadow is Sigley, just as I KNOW Hooray Harry is.

Buckle up ladies, doors closing, time to do the Grand Canyon Tour with the surprise ending.
Sickbags are in the seat pocket. Thank you.

You have involved posters, read people, who you have never met or spoken to apart from in your fantasy online life. And PP is your life`

I have read the statement of how you see PP as a stage for playing out of all your characters - and those characters are all in your head.

You are a very sick, mentally ill, woman.
Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a severe condition. Dissociative identity disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder, is a condition wherein a person's identity is fragmented into two or more distinct personality. Hooray Harry is one of your distinct personalities.
Your DID has a Sociopath foundation. One of the defining traits of a Sociopath is:
Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure.

You’ve laid down your crap - now it is up to be cross examined. You want to swear a man you do not know is a rapist and sexually abusive, that man has got the right to defend. You want to swear the PP poster of the year (forever) is unpleasant and antagonistic, evidence needs to be provided to prove you lying. You want to swear that one of the most decent PP posters, engaged in antagonistic behaviour toward old Vivienne Sigley of Ballina, knowing that poster has openly divulged his true identity on PP, he has the right to rebut your lies.
You fantasize of waltzing into the courtroom as some sort of Gloria Swanson like tragic victim. Imagining all attention on you and some gasps from the crowd as they take in the sight of your pretty little head and your dainty little feet . As with trembling lips, but holding your head high. you mount the stand to make your mark against your self perceived injustice. It’s not a daytime movie Winston, believing you are the heroine of your drama is all in your head.

So have I Oz, and I don't hold it against you that you can't see it. You will.

‘The gang style’?!

You wailed on about ‘gangs’ in your APVO statement !
You’re rattling your gums about ‘gangs’ to the cops !

How old are you?
75 years old and you don’t possess the sense that waffling on about ‘their gang’ and “my gang” on an anonymous posting blog is way beyond the boundaries of rationality and real life?

Thats the backseat full. Next.
Please place all baggage in the overhead storage bins.

Ok, I'll let you have the last say. Is that one of your facebook rules?

HH does not appear to be "an abusive and gutless troll", do you understand?
So what is your excuse?

So obvious fatty. It has been noted by all on this thread that you did ' nt ask HH the same question.


keep on giving yourself up fatgirl.

So.. just another abusive and gutless troll. Thank you for that.

There she goes again, parasiting another posters comments. No, the matter is you have said you have access to the personal information on this blog. DO YOU REALLY THINK I am going to stick $1 in like you to get a blue ribbon so you can try a gag order on me, so you can waste the emergency services resources in my state, so you can write to my dr. telling them to 'put me into a mental institution', so that you can send a cheap suited private dick around to spy on me? What do you take me for? You really need to grow a brain. (OH, and do some exercises on those disgusting upper arms), they would cause an earth tremor if you moved them too fast. Now STFU I have your number old girl. I told you YOU DON'T FOOL ME and I am not as needy as .IE as to have a 'friend' like you. haha

That's one nutter onto the bus, tickets please. Please take a seat at the rear INMF.. the poster with the stolen avatar and no identification ribbon. Whatsamatter INMF... can't you afford to identify yourself by making a payment?

btw, I don't have a mob or a gang, that's you. I am an independent poster with an independent mind.

#I'll stand alone against the Beast and all her alters anytime....the old hag just hasn't got what I got.

and what do we have here 'The Shadow' racing in to an old thread to defend HH. Didn't I just point out that that's your MO notsosmartie ?

when will you EVER learn, as easy as tracking a bleeding elephant in the snow. Thanks for making my job here at PP so easy.

Harry there is no doubt that the focus of the trimverate of twats is certainly focussed on you.

Walk away from them and their 3D delusions, just reading the above thread is a fine indication of senility, spite and group stupidity.

I suppose I am also a Sigley???

FFS get a life and find some other forum that wants your bile filled invective.

You are a fool Stig just like the others... easily fooled. Easily done your mob does it so well. They would tell you to go to back thread so nominated then quickly delete. Shush you are dumb.