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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


My TV set chucked a wobbly last night and I was forced to watch Channel seven for the first time. Golly, this morning there was this overweight sheila and a Jewish-looking lightweight bloke flanked by two others I have never seen fronting the news which was led with a cat with too many toes. Then a three-day-old lottery story followed by a bloke dressed up as a cow giving money away. Bloody hell, I’ve been missing out on important stuff here… I had no idea that cats had toes!

Then of course the channel launched into an avalanche of more bloody insurance ads. I turned it off at the plug and turned on the radio to be greeted by the ABC. So I nearly broke my arm switching that off and fired up my computer. But because I refuse to pay for news on-line I was left with the Lefty which told me Tony Mundine had pissed off from some show called, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” amid an Islamic tirade about pillow biters and condoms.

So I turned the dial a little further and got Graham Richardson. Bugger me, he was telling everyone about Canberra politicians’ affairs. And there was no mention of Richo’s.

He wrote of Barnaby Joyce’s predicament in today’s “Australian”, “It is a messy business and I will be fascinated to see what revelations about other pollies come to light.”

I wonder if Richo thinks his affair as a Minister with Fia Cumming was just as “messy” especially with his new colostomy bag close to full?

Click here to read: RENE RIVKIN & RICHO... the stuff they didn't tell you

Actually Richo would be the last to know what goes on in Canberra.

                                   HOW RICHO AND RIVKIN WERE SPRUNG

ASIC knew the proceeds from the Alpine Offset insurance scam were in Swiss Bank accounts but they couldn't prove it. Numbered accounts were impenetrable back then. Richo, Rivkin and Trevor Kennedy were safe. Until an incredible train of events occurred and, as usual, Rivkin handled it woefully.

There were two Swiss banks, Leumi and EBC that held 38.5% of the $53 million insurance payout on the Offset Alpine fire. Richo had regularly withdrawn large sums, distributing that money to odd banks around the world. But something unusual was about to occur that would shatter the boys' plans.

Groups of Swiss accounts are held by a nominee director who remains responsible for the funds. Unless other arrangements are made, this director's permission is required to withdraw funds. The Offset Alpine funds were appointed a Mr Ernst Imfeld who decided, without permission, to invest the money on Forex, make a profit and return the principal, keeping the excess for himself.

Ernst Imfeld was a pudgy, overweight crook, he had already been sacked from Credit Suisse Group for involvement in the embezzlement of $300 million and was once more in charge of millions of other people's money.

That would have been fine except that crooks invariably make crook investments and Rivkin was astonished to see the amount in his account varying wildly. (In one week there was a curious extra million Euros in his account.)

It was obvious someone was shifting funds between accounts, temporarily, to cover losses.

Rivkin phoned the bank and the bank asked Imfeld for an explanation. His explanation to the bank was that he was acting under Rivkin's instructions.

Rivkin of course knew nothing about any trading on his account and immediately phoned Imfeld himself. Imfeld pleaded with him to say that he had his (Rivkin's) authority to trade the funds.

"Why would I do that?" asked Rivkin. "Because", said Imfeld, "If you don't, I will go down and I will fucking take you with me."

Rivkin simply laughed, hung up the phone and caught he next plane to Zurich.

Rivkin was seated when executives of the bank hauled Imfeld into the boardroom.

Then, in front of Imfeld, Rivkin categorically denied he gave any authority to trade his money.

Ernst Imfeld was sacked.

But as the nominee director he still had all the bank documents and had been carefully following Rivkin's denials to the Australian authorities that he, Richardson and Kennedy were the owners of the secret accounts

With measured retaliation, Imfeld quickly searched the names of finance journals in Australia. He settled on the "Australian Financial Review".

A week later at 2am the AFR fax machine started spitting out private Swiss bank account details... emails, instructions, account numbers, names and addresses, everything!

Hundreds of documents had tumbled from the fax to the floor by the time staff arrived.

It was all in German but they immediately recognised the name Rene Rivkin and the bank.

Before the translation was complete they knew they were on to something big.

A senior AFR journalist, Andrew Main, began to unpick the Offset Alpine insurance scam in all its gory glory. From memory he received a Walkely Award for the story.

Kennedy and Richo were furious with Rivkin for not playing ball with Imfeld. This was not the first time Rivkin had stuffed up. It was the end of a long friendship between him and Kennedy, and Richo wasn't happy at all... he now had to settle with the ATO for over a two million dollars.

After all, the ATO doesn't care if the money was fraudulently acquired, they just want their cut of the loot.

ASIC's eight long years of trying to penetrate those Swiss accounts were over. They had all the evidence they needed right there within the pages of the Australian Financial Review. And that evidence discounted everything that Rivkin had told the courts.

Among those said to have benefited from the Offset Alpine alleged arson were Channel Nine's Sam Chisolm, Ray Martin and his wife and Governor-General Bill Hayden. There were many other politicians in the game who didn't opt for the perilous Swiss option with their share of the scam.

No definite cause of the fire has ever been established, mainly because Adler's FAI Insurance Company was in charge of its own investigation into insurance fraud. 

Adler had purchased 9% of the Company's shares two days before the fire.

Inquiries to the 'Fire Investigation Unit' of the NSW Fire Service reveal they are under instructions not to release any documents concerning the case to the public.

It appears someone politically important is at risk and that same "someone" is important enough to be able to suppress what should be on the public record.

Rivkin, who had already been convicted of insider trading, had now clearly perjured himself. He never regained his Midas touch.

The rest is ugly history.

Hmmm, so much for Richo.

More important is what keeps the other 95% of Aussies entertained. It seems to indicate why Bill Shorten is touted as a possible PM. And fair dinkum, we 5% need to ensure that doesn’t happen.

If only the right-of-centre groups and parties would agree to combine to ensure the hideous Green/Labor cabal was blocked out of any election. They won’t do that because they jealously defend their own special forms of conservatism, not to mention their own bank accounts, which means we all lose.

Our Westminster Senate system is slowly killing this country. Senators elected on the ticket of a certain Party happily walk away from that Party to do their own thing. Witness Jacqui Lambie who now falls into line with the Labor/Green vote. (Who knows where Clive Palmer’s affections lay.)

The interesting thing is that Lambie has sacked her running mate, Steve Martin, (above, in happier times) citing disloyalty. She is determined to get back into the Senate and has wasted a duly elected Member to make way for her return from Aboriginal life.

Martin clearly has a similar political stance to her, and if he now becomes an Independent, and votes accordingly, it would effectively give another vote to Lambie’s Party.

It won’t take the Greens too long to figure this ploy out… loyal, yet voluntarily disenfranchised Greens become Independents to make way for the next Green on the list!  And if the Greens can get away with it, just watch Labor, Liberal, One Nation, Hinch, Xylophone and any other odd bod party clamour to do the same.

But the Constitution allows for only 12 Senators per each of our six States (72 and far too many) plus two from each Territory, although there is talk of increasing that to three for, you guessed it, the ACT.

So if Hanson and Lambie now have their full quotas, plus disenfranchised Independents of the same political colour, who is losing out?

It seems to me, in Lambie’s case, that she will now have a notional extra Senator without having an election, that’s if Martin votes how he intended to as a Lambie Party member.

Therefore as far as Tasmania is concerned it now effectively has 13 Senators! Someone must go and it shouldn’t be the Independent… he was legitimately elected, Lambie was not.

Our founding forefathers did not anticipate a Senate like ours. It was intended to be a house of review, monitoring proposed Lower House legislation with a view to advising.

Our Senate even introduces and debates legislation itself!

                            Just as bloody ridiculous... free lunch and grog for all

Besides, the Westminster Senate, the House of Lords, (above) is not even elected, all Members are appointed, mainly from the aristocracy!

Our Senate is the greatest impediment to good government yet divised.

One Nation's idiotic preferences have just given us another term of an inept Pluckachook Labor government.

Right-of-centre Parties must sit down and work out a communally acceptable constitution. Unless they combine as a preferential force and concentrate on energy as an election-winning issue we can say hello to the obnoxious Shorten and Di Natale.


We do have high culture in this country. Every time I see that bloody friesian bastard, only when I tape My Kitchen Rules, as it is unendurable to watch without ad modification, I feel like throwing something through the TV, although clearly no, I have an LG Oled.


Ever wondered why politicians try so hard to get re-elected? It's because they would hate to have to make an honest living under the laws they've passed.

As a once very wealthy man said to me, just remember one golden rule, do NOT get caught with your Banana n the wrong Fruit Salad

New post up. Bit slow IE. ;-))

Daddy Warbucks of the Radical Left: George Soros Hates Putin, Trump and Nationalism
George Soros is alarmed. Last month, the billionaire speculator told the Financial Times:
"It's déjà vu all over again with one big change - the dominant ideology in the world now is nationalism," said Soros. "It's the EU that's the institution that's on the verge of a breakdown. And Russia is now the resurgent power, based on nationalism."
I wasn't surprised to read his prediction about the European Union. His condemnatory tone against Russia - which he has accused of hacking his emails in 2016 - was no surprise either. The West's demonization campaign against that country has even led to accusations that it 'hacked' the Oscars, so these days anything is to be expected in that respect.
I was intrigued, however, by his comments about nationalism - an 'ideology' against which he pledged to "fight back" as he announced that he's remaining chairman of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) for another five years. Last October Soros transferred $18 billion to the organization - apparently as part of his bid to 'stop nationalists' worldwide.
In this 2014 CNN interview, Soros went a bit further in explaining his problem with Russian nationalism:
ZAKARIA: You have been very pessimistic or - or gloomy about Europe. Um, do you think that in this Ukraine situation, you're seeing another aspect of the tragedy of Europe, the lack of collective action?
SOROS: Unfortunately, Europe is very weak. It's preoccupied with its internal problems, which are unresolved. The euro - the euro crisis is no longer a financial crisis, is turning into a political crisis. And you're going to see it in the elections. And - and Putin...
ZAKARIA: Explain what that means. It's going to be - you're going to see it in the elections because you're going to see the rise of nationalist, anti-European forces?
SOROS: Yes. And interestingly, they are supported by Russia and pro-Russian. So Russia has emerged as an alternative to the European Union. Putin has sort of come out of the closet in - in Ukraine with an ideology that is Nationalist based on ethnic nationalism. You could call it Russism...
SOROS: - that's a new word to describe it, because I don't want to call it Nazi, because it is very similar to what you had in the interwar period... fascism. You know...





Jerome Corsi should be on Infowars shortly.

Question time. Zinger from Shorty pants. Does the PM still retain confidence in the DPM and will he be APM when the PM is OT?

Answer: yes, to bothe questions.

Turnbull gets more and more Whitlam like as the days pass. I well recall Whitlam giving very similar answers to quite complex questions (not that the Zinger was complex - more simplex or simple minded)

With the 139 billion dollars that have been spent on " bridging the gap " bullshit and the question as to why it has not worked very well you only need look at the reckless spending by the who run the industry.I live in rather large victorian border town that has a large chunk of a city block ,state of the art everything ,415 people on the staff with huge advertisments in the local paper calling for more people to fill such positions as the stolen generation officer.My good friend who is a real estate salesman told me that at the moment they are the biggest buyer in the town so just how much is actually spent on servicing the clients who knows .

Public Flogging needs to be brought back............for FW's who stand at the bananas in Aldi and break one banana from Six different bunches...............

Everybody relax, the PMs office has just issued a statement declaring that Barnaby has not breached any ministerial regulations - the lady concerned was not directly in his employment. So, it was just a charity shag and nothing else. This poor kid will be forever known as Barnabys bastard.

so then they can sack Tony Bourke as well as all of the other pollies who had a stray root on the side. or is it only the conservatives who have to comply with your standards?

The Barnaby story has well and truly exceeded its use by date and is now boring the tits off me. He has committed no crime other then being a dick head. Some say it is a crime to be bonking the staffer in office hours, but is it? And where is the evidence that he had her bent over the office desk? There is none and in all probability the deed(s) were committed in the comfort of his/her accommodation after hours. And as for the claims of high paid jobs for the boys (girls), again not a crime and who hasn't been guilty of this. It is a practice rife though all parts of industry both public and private.

Kev, the wanna be UN super star and SunTan Stan, the wanns be Abo, what a dismal combination. They should hug each other and say Sorry.

ALL roads are paid for through petrol already. And if that’s not enough, ALL tolls without coin collection are unlawful anyway under Section 115 of the constitution. A toll tag is NOT legal tender in Australia. When you use a toll tag, you’re helping them commit fraud.

All the government wants to do is fill corporations pockets up with YOUR money, they’ll even send you a fine for not paying a toll for a private corporation. This in itself tells you they are no longer our de jure government. They are another corporation looking out for their big corporate mates.

Wake up to this scam, stop consenting and throwing your money at them.

Barnaby Joyce, a special kind of man, whom YOU paid $9m to date, all whilst proven by the HCA (High Court of Australia) to be sitting in office unlawfully, then allowed to be re elected into office yet again.

A feat you as a Centrelink recipient could never possibly accomplish without government goon dogs coming after you to repay the debt.

If the bigoted Racist TigerSlut could work out a way to get a job in Barnabyyyyyys office, it would be in there like a flash, so Barnabyyyyyy could feed the old wrinkled Axe Wound. Barnabyyyyyy sure ain't to fussy..

Chris Smith on 2GB having a dig at Barnaby. Barnaby's little bit on the side is nothing compared to Smith's criminality and numerous deviant sexual offences:

Shatezzzz,, , my exact first thoughts.