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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The three Turnbull Government ministers who correctly criticised Victorian judges over inadequate sentencing of terrorists have supposedly avoided contempt charges after they unreservedly apologised for their comments. 

The capitulating  trio, who were not in court, said in a statement through their barrister Stephen Donaghue QC, that they apologised for their language used in an article in The Australian newspaper on June 13, where they accused the Victorian judiciary in general of being "soft on terrorism".

After the Ministers had withdrawn all comments, one aggrieved little snowflake of a judge bleated, “…but where’s our apology?” 

“We (the Ministers) offer that apology now,” Mr Donaghue said last Friday.

Had the Government remained with Abbott’s majority those three arrogant Federal appellate court judges would not have received any withdrawal of comments, let alone an apology. 

Poor little darlings! These biased bastards knew that Turnbull would not have a Minister risking a contempt charge and pushed their flawed case to the limit. Next they will want a "sorry" from Rudd, replete with quivering lip and tear drops.

Of course the Bench at the time was considering a case on appeal but the ministers’ comments never alluded to that case or any other particular case and referred only to Victorian judges’ past biased judgments. Something we are all justifiably and legally permitted to do.

"Contempt" was never a factor and the judges knew it! But it was a terrific opportunity to embarrass a weak Turnbull Government and the Left Bench was not about to pass it up. 

And Turnbull was not about to back his Ministers.

He can suffer embarrassment better than what he thinks might be “potential” oblivion by a factor of one.

He cannot afford to lose that one seat in a by-election with his current numbers. One is all he tenuously governs on now.

Why didn’t Turnbull call their bluff? The answer is that in Turnbull’s world, politics supersedes propriety every time, and he wasn’t about to risk his own skin despite a case of contempt of court being outright bullshit. 

The judiciary has always been biased to the Left and it always will be because it evolves and develops in a university world of Marxist make-believe.

If Turnbull had any testicular fortitude he would have phoned the judges and told them to go take a long walk off a short pier. 

They would have backed down.


Is the only reason they apologised to protect their collective hide. A conviction would render their term in parliament at an end? Parliamentary entitlements removed?

Official figures are in: According to Census figures, Australia has gained 163,950 in 5 years. The number of muslims in Australia at the 2016 census was: 604,240 up from 476,290 in 2011. In 2016, muslims accounted for 2.6% of the population, up from 2.2% in 2011.

What happened to their program War on Waste? Get too many suggestions?

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....or us pensioners.

They can't regroup buddy they are over the shop. Just pat each other on the back using silly assumptions. None of them work just bludger incorporated.

The GayBC's position is to fuck the taxpayers every time.

There are whispers that The Turnbull Liberal Government are having their Blindfolds monogrammed as we speak, for some upcoming event. something about a Trip to a Place called Oblivion.This to replace the ones they have been wearing since they Knifed the last Prime Minister, and the Australian Voters in the back..If only they would stop twisting it for more cash as they trash what is left of a Penny-less working class....

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wheelie bin laden Mon 26 Jun 2017 03:42:40 pm
Whats it about Cockhead? Have you Read the new Post or are you to busy Trolling back threads and making a cunt out of yourself as Usual.

Please willie, the language, I may have to report this to Larry, not very nice !

Bargain basement.

Quite happy to ride on his shirt tails into power and then knifed him after suckering him into some stupid policy!! The gutless Turd sat in the dark waiting and plotting his moment to strike! A mere glance at his performance as communications minister shows he was an abject failure as a minister and really should have been sacked! The Defence Ministry is a joke and needs a shake up from the top down! Full of bleeding heart leftards social justice warriors who are more adept at tilting at windmills rather than take on a true enemy!

I dunno, but it must have been a gastronomic feast with lots of garlic, so many of them leaning over with their bums in the air farting!

How do you keep crocodiles without a moat????

Thanks IE

Cory Bernardi is poised to announce a Victorian MP is joining his Australian Conservatives party just days after applying to register the party in Victoria ahead of next year's state election.

Fairfax Media understands the South Australian senator will on Monday reveal the Victorian upper house MP Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins will defect to the Australian Conservatives. And further defections in Victoria and possibly NSW are anticipated, according to party insiders.