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Friday, 14th December 2018

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"WE DEMAND TO COME AND GO", grand mufti

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


In a sharp response to the Government’s foreshadowed legislation on home grown terrorism, Australia’s Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad (pictured right) has demanded Muslims be allowed to travel where they wish overseas and be allowed unrestricted re-entry to Australia. He claimed this was a basic right of all Muslims.

In an incredible statement he reassured Australians that, if necessary, “We will re-educate them when they return.”

Encouraging young Muslims to support their brothers in arms, the mufti has consistently claimed, “The enemy is practicing(s) the most evil Nazi forms of genocide against innocent Muslims. We acknowledge that there is a similarity in what is happening in Iraq, Palestine, and Syria, in their (there) being the same war machine, the same evil plans and the same devil in the background planning and playing.”

On his Facebook page the mufti slams Israeli aggression, “The mufti wishes to condemn in the harshest possible terms these acts of aggression, injustice, racism and double standards. I also warn the international community against the danger of racism and new forms of Nazism practiced(s) by specific countries that consider themselves above the law, daily committing crimes without being punished.”

The mufti, in a successful attempt to influence who sits in Australia's Parliament said Islam had worked hard to retain a Labor government. The Mufti had angrily threatened two days after the last election, that the Muslim community would withdraw support for Labor if Senator Carr was replaced with Paul Howes.

(Readers may recall that Paul Howes suddenly, and at the time mysteriously, withdrew from the Senate contest. Howes in the past had expressed muffled support for Israel.)

However, senior Labor sources claimed the mufti's warning had not been, “a significant factor in the internal campaign to convince Mr Howes to withdraw”.

In an email sent to Labor  MPs on September 9, The mufti said that he was saddened at the news of Senator Carr's retirement, “What is alarming us more is the rumour that Paul Howes [sic] will be replacing him. Paul has had a repeated pattern of blind bias toward Israel. His appointment would not at all help the engagement effort between the ALP and the wider Muslim community.

“As you know we have worked very hard to marshal our community to support and successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney against all odds, and the choice of Paul (Howes) will threaten our efforts to maintain this momentum, especially if new elections are called in the new year.” 

The email began with, "Dear Jason, Tony, Julie and Ed".  Referring to Jason Clare, the member for Blaxland, Tony Burke, the member for Watson, Julie Owens, the member for Parramatta, and (Brother) Ed Husic, the member for Chifley. All have electorally critical Muslim numbers in their Western Sydney electorates.

The Australian National Imams Council unanimously appointed Ibrahim Abu Muhammed to the role of grand mufti after his predecessor, Sheik Taj Dim al-Hilali (pictured left) had stepped down due to, a’hem, “ill health”.

It was Dim al-Hilali who endorsed suicide bombings and had described Australian women and girls who had been raped by Muslims as “available fresh meat”. A deportation order on al-Hilali was once lifted by Paul Keating in fear of an Islamic backlash.

Anyway, if you would like to hear more from these delightful people (and you can speak Arabic) tune in to and you can even ask questions of the mufti by calling 02 9724 3355.

But it’s best not to translate what they are saying, it might just scare the crap out of you.



(The road to total subsumation – our obliteration)

Resulting in the inevitable loss of our Australian identity and democracy

Moslem numbers increase (moslem fertility rate (7) cf. Australia (1.3)
Increasing radical numbers (asylum seekers, family sponsorship etc)
foreign countries place agents (organize, threaten, train personnel, speakers)
Islamic education programs (school visits, media portrayals, church visits)
Slow infiltration of all levels of society (political, public and private, sports, clubs)
Extorting us (Halal certification, welfare fraud)
Large increase in violent crime (shootings, gang rape, street violence)
Open disrespect (for our Christian religions, family values and traditions)
Strategic mosque building (funding from Halal extortion, Saudi Arabia, Iran)
Growing legal and political support

5% of population Moslem (a tipping point)
Louder and more aggressive demands for religious privileges
Mushrooming Islamic ghettos (with Islamic councils)
Sharia Law recognised for certain areas (applies to non-Moslem as well)
More open hostility towards Christian churches and traditions
Severe criticism of our Australian way of life (anti-Western sentiment)
Mosque numbers rapidly increasing (loudspeakers - “call to prayer”)
Education for girls restricted (house duties only)
Australian non-Moslem population still failing to recognise the dangers
Early calls for changes to our constitution
Gang rapes and other violence has risen dramatically
Attacks on churches

65% to 705 of population Moslem
Many Moslem MP's and senior bureaucrats
Moslems hold key positions in law enforcement (and military – ADF)
Sharia law widespread
Non-Moslem victimization (loss of jobs,
Forced closure of some businesses
Fearful non-Moslem population
Many Australians have departed the country (led by Labor /Greens no doubt)
Early attempts to form loose knit cells of resistance (Australian Freedom Fighters)
Floodgates open to Moslem immigrants and businesses (untended contracts awared)
Christian schools forced to close (in some areas)
Street punishments for wrongful dress and behaviour

4. MOSLEMS NOW CONTROL AUSTRALIA - (65 to 70 years from now)
Australian constitution totally re-written
A majority vote totally removes our democratic government
ADF quash last remaining vestiges of the Australian Freedom Fighters
Failing economy and nationalised mining and financial sectors
Crumbling and inadequate infrastructure
Zero public services and welfare
Allied to Middle-East and Moslem SE Asia
Sharia Law across the country
Property values crashed
Public executions (stonings, hangings)
Australian history erased
Freedom of the press a distant memory (leftist journalists have fled or executed)



The grand mufti of what?-----murderers,paedophiles and useless unskilled scum,fuck off you twat.

Sorry just back and catching up, I am sure that this had been said but the bit I have a problem with is "He claimed this was a basic right of all Muslims" he needs to replace the word Muslims with "Australians" then we have a debate about how our country will or will not accept Australians behaviour overseas.

Have we forgotten who killed all those Australians in Bali this type of filth, what are they doing here in an Infidels country there is plenty of room in Saudi, Iraq, Yemen or Somalia,, 2 words FUCK OFF.

We demand that you, and alike be repatriated.

"WE DEMAND TO COME AND GO", grand mufti


WAKE UP OZ. We are not under threat of 'invasion' !! We have already been invaded by an internationally identified war mongering group ! The enemy is HERE!! NOW!! They are telling us 'COLD TURKEY' we will disrupt this country, like all the others we have disrupted' for the last 2,000 years! We are in the process sof over running you in every way possible, to take control within 10 years maximum. You are Christians!! We hate and kill Christians. You must foresee your immediate future. You cannot stop the incoming tide and you now have no defences against the flood of Islamic extremism of Australia. Our own GOOD MUSIMS will not stop we extremists!They know what we will do to them!! Where can you run too!You are now invaded and surrounded by Islamic countries, sympathetric to our objectives.

We have to make a stand sooner rather than later. For those who wish to become terrorists, and that is what isis is, renounce your Australian citizenship, never return, no Australian support of any kind. You are on your own.

Just heard on the news that some mufti said that if Govt cuts welfare then Muslims will go overseas to fight. YES

Malcolm Fraser must be so proud. I wonder why he has not said anything? and not to forget Paul Keating. Isn't nice to know it's a basic 'right" of all muslims, as opposes to Australians? And as for re-educating them? I fell about laughing. If they want to live in the middle ages then please do so in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia (not much coming out of there about their missing aeroplanes is there when they have important issues such as who can use the word "allah" to mean "god" to determine?) and all the other wonderful countries of the Islamic world. Oh that's right, they don't like foreigners or have welfare either do they?

WE DEMAND YOU SHOVE OFF you filthy animals.

I just walked around Hyde park in kensington near London the park is chock a block with Muslims in burkas . It is 6 pm and we cannot believe how many are in England. When the attacks start in England Australia and other western country we are going to have to fight to the death. It is a very very scare world that the left footed labor and green in western country have allow to enter our countries. These politician should be shoot for treason.

islamists and the West ........>>>>>

Go but don't come. Sue these muftis now under 18c for racial bigotry against Jews and Aussie dogs. Then deport them....after turning off their disability pensions and single mothers pensions... labor is to blame for the Islamic colonisation of our cities.

If ISIS is Muslim, why doesn't it attack Israel instead of its Arabian kin?

I suppose I am lucky. Being almost 70 I will not see the muslim extremists make Australia a muslim country.

Grand Mufti, what a sweet son of a bitch. Kick him out 1st for suggesting something so ridiculous.The Cronulla Pope (happy birthday pope) could re-educate any dissenters at the local synagogue. (back bar - no burkas)

It can not be ignored or watered down for much longer....JUST DO IT. Get rid of those who threaten the future of Australian Culture, peace and safety.