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Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

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claims Halal Food Expo's website

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia


Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer, Patron of the World Halal Council states, “The term (halal) belongs to Muslims only and governments have no right to regulate, interfere with or define halal in any way. Muslims and non-Muslims alike have to understand that the New World Order will only rise on Halal and Tayyib!” 

Halal means permissible or lawful and tayyib means good, pleasant, agreeable, lawful. He made this statement  in an article warning non-Muslims not to interfere with halal.

You might remember that the Grand Mufti of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dr Mustafa Ceric urged all Muslims to, “Conquer the world through the halal movement as ‘halal’ means pure and hygiene and the non-Muslim world has no hesitation to accept it”.

This is a common theme.

Halal certification schemes raise trillions of dollars for the Muslim ummah (community or body of Muslims worldwide). Global economic dominance is certainly a goal. Some politicians are now waking up and realising that halal certification, along with other Islamic issues, will be a hot topic in coming elections. Some are conducting polls. Others are promising to do something about it.

Make no mistake, they will face opposition as many Muslims will agree with the World Halal Council that non-Muslims must not interfere.

Despite increasing opposition, the push for halal marches on.

Not only does Australia have an excessive amount of halal certified food, we now have our very own festival and expo. In April 2015, Fairfield Showground in Sydney will host the Halal Food Expo. It is interesting to visit their site and read their claims:

“According to the official statistics Australian Muslims are only 2% of the total population, however, according the UK based International polling company (Ipsos Mori) as at October 2014, Australian Muslims are now 18% of the total population which means out of over 23 million Australians, Muslims number over 4 million.”

So did they lie in the last census? Do the men take more than one wife and copulate copiously? Is that how many illegals have entered in the past few years? Or is it a gross exaggeration? This is quite a claim don’t you think?

If there is any truth in it maybe we should sit up now and take note! Perhaps the New World Order is almost here?

A new world order equals Shariah Law. End of equality, democracy, freedom.

If you can’t wait until April you could attend Hizb ut Tahrir Australia’s public event later this month. It is called “We will not abandon the Prophet.” It could be enlightening. This organisation makes no apology for wanting the caliphate here, the New World Islamic Order.

I actually don’t know what links, if any, Hizb ut Tahrir has to halal certification but I know they want to usher in a new caliphate. And if it only rises on halal, as the World Halal Council claims, we have reason to be concerned.

Halal certification is an insidious, highly questionable scam imposed upon non-Muslims. It is unnecessary, expensive and irrelevant to the majority of Australians.

Perhaps it is a ridiculous boast made by the World Halal Council. Perhaps the claim that Australia is now 18% Muslim is a fairytale. I hope so. I am quite attached to and fond of the Aussie values of equality, democracy and freedom we currently enjoy.

Halal certification does not benefit every day non-Muslim Australians. It has no place being imposed upon the average consumer. It really needs to be your choice if you want to fund and promote this New World Islamic Order with your everyday grocery purchases. 

Currently you don’t get that choice as most companies do not respect the consumer enough to clearly label their products with halal certification even though they pay the fees.

Companies choose to discriminate against non-Muslims in this country favouring, advancing and funding Islam with what we buy. If Muslims need halal certified food, fine, they can produce it and fund it themselves. Personally I would like to see this New World Order they speak of flop instead of rise.


There is nothing "New" or "Worldly " or " Ordered " about Islam. Quite the opposite. All the Islamic Terrorist entities love to overstate how many muslims there are on the planet. The latest propaganda from ISIL is that there are now 2 (two ) billion followers of that bloke in the world, when there are in fact only about a billion. However, I find the number of Koran readers in Australia alone a little alarming.

Is black on white murder on the rise?

Khrista Ibarolle was leaving her own birthday party at a pub, when a black male shot and killed her.
One white on black murder is a national news story. Where is the media outrage for black on white murder?

This website has been trying to create the most comprehensive picture of black on white murder in the United States. We have identified 370 black on white murders occurring in 2014. These are just the ones we know about. A majority of these murders are committed against people who did not know the perpetrator.

So far, we have already identified 18 black on white murders in the first 15 days of 2015. Once again, these are just the ones we know about. Most of the victims did not know their killer.

1/15/15 – Four black males killed a mother and daughter in a home invasion in Haines City, FL.

Looks like Geert Wilders has now confirmed he's coming back to celebrate the launch of Australian Liberty Alliance. So there's a good chance the 18% will remain a pipe dream and we'll get a real political opposition going for the next fed election. If you haven't signed up yet, check our their Manifesto and then put your name down. This will be our most realistic chance to stop the Islamisation and get Australia back.


The big question is : Which Australian government employee authorized halal to become legal in Australia ?

“Pizza Hut launches Vegemite and cheese-infused Mitey Stuffed Crust for Australia Day”

Well aint that just dandy, polluting our Australia Day, and the tweeted away ignorant of the Islam influence on it all.

Wow, I'm no D fan but that's some statement, ha ha

rules of halal certification

The FALSE prophet Muhammad is burning in hell RIGHT where he belongs and he is a PEDOPHILE / RAPIST / RACIST / CHILD MOLESTER / MURDERER!!!

The Charlie Hebdo Affair: How to Demonize Islam and Destroy Christianity

Lasha Darkmoon

I am 76.

Cerchier; Name your sources for rubbish like this. QUOTE: Many independent and respected observers have fully debunked the crap she writes.END QUOTE. You have produced NO evidence or links to backup your claim. On a United Airlines flight, after landing in Chicago, there was an announcement "You will be pleased to hear that the crew of this aircraft have been voted the best in United". She then added "We took the vote amongst ourselves a few minutes ago".

secondary school teacher was arrested today at London's Heathrow International airport as he attempted to board an international flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a pair of compasses, a slide-rule and a calculator.

At a press conference, a UK Border Control spokesman said he believes the man is a member of the notorious extremist Al-Gebra movement. He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the Police with carrying weapons of maths instruction.

'Al-Gebra is a problem for us', the Spokesman said. 'They derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values.' They use secret code names like "X" and "Y" and refer to themselves as "unknowns;" but we have determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country.

As the Greek philosopher Isosceles used to say, "There are three sides to every triangle.”

When asked to comment on the arrest, Opposition Leader Ed Milliband said,"If God had wanted us to have better weapons of maths instruction,
He would have given us more fingers and toes."
Fellow Labour colleagues told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by the Opposition Leader.

Delegation of US senators arrives in Saudi Arabia as part of tour focused on training "moderate Syrian rebels".

A delegation of US senators led by John McCain has met with Saudi Arabia's crown prince in the kingdom, where talks were focused on the training of Syrian rebel fighters. The meetings took place on Saturday, a day after the Pentagon said that as many as 1,000 US troops and support personnel would be sent to sites in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to help train “moderate Syrian rebels”. The US senators who are part of the delegation all sit on the Senate's Armed Services Committee, which McCain chairs. Rear Admiral John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said the training by a mix of US special operations forces and conventional US troops could begin as early as spring. - See more at: mwcnews/Xrew (MWC News Alert)#sthash.Ymurh5Ox.dpuf

Just wanted to buy spaghetti for dinner tonight at the supermarket. Used Buycott and all except one brand were on the Halal list. SPAGHETTI FFS!!! and guess what? It was the cheapest. So halal costs not passed on?

DJT - Read it again and please try to understand what is written. Is your comprehension really that poor?

The AFP, did the correct thing and they are not out on a limb, how ever it is too late to complain, How would you feel if some goat rooter came here as a tourist and raped your daughter as she was wearing a bikini at the beach, the raghead was convicted under our laws and got a poor 5 years in jail, then his country did not believe in the sentence and wanted us to release him and send your daughter back there for her crime!

I have not missed the point I am not soft If Indonesia wants to hang them so be it ,my point is Australia has no right to complain now its to late ,the Australian police I dont believe should of did what they did and left the government out on a limb ,and we are letting Sharia Law. be imposed on us ,

bm, you have missed the point, these people went to Bali knowing the penalties, they took the risk, we would not tolerate other countries imposing their law on us eg. Sharia Law.

Missionchris some people believe in hanging I do not I have no problem with the time they have served in jail