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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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… but punting him won’t be easy, well not this year

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It’s not hard to see what the PM is all about. Simply note who he asked to compile a report on renewable energy… and that report reflected exactly his own thoughts, otherwise he wouldn’t have engaged Finkel who he already knew was a Lefty global warmist. Finkel is to Turnbull what Gonski was to Gillard. 

Politicians know to never commission a report unless you know exactly what that report will advise.

There are now three blind mice on the Speaker’s right and all three, Finkel, Frydenberg and Turnbull, should have crept silently over to the Left of the Speaker and no-one would have noticed.

But two of the three have suddenly done a somersault now that voters are venting their spleens over energy prices. Suddenly Turnbull and his fellow fuckwit Frydenberg have decided that we DO need, and will CONTINUE to need, coal-fired power stations and the Labor Green States are now blowing them up at a rate other nations are building them.

Both had a road to Damascus epiphany overnight and Turnbull, in a sweaty panic summoned the boss of AGL, Andrew Vesey, to harangue him over excessive power prices and his (Vesey's) intention to close the Liddell power station in 2022. 

How is it possible a so-called successful merchant banker like Turnbull apparently doesn’t have a clue how business works? Now I’m no mogul but I have a rough idea how it works and if he is reading this he might discover how to run a simple chook raffle:

Andy Vesey is not responsible to, nor does he have any allegiance to, Turnbull. He is responsible only to AGL’s shareholders and of course himself. 

If the Liddell station is to have a minute’s life after 2022, Vesey would need to start spending millions upgrading it each and every year for the next five years right now, and thereafter even more money will be needed.

He will close it in 2022 and that is a certainty because to keep it open would involve him being in competition with himself. 

So he doesn’t want anyone else buying it either… and no-one else with an ort of sanity, except the Government, could buy it anyway. Turnbull now claims a victory because Vesey said he would think about it and get back to him in 90 days.

                                                     Hazelwood's last gasp

Why is it that these power stations are not being dismantled but BLOWN UP? Because for anyone to restart these things would cost people like Vesey a personal fortune and he doesn't need three months to explain that to the PM. 

If Vesey can outperform his competitors his bonus haul will be massive.

WTF does the Government expect an AGL CEO to do? Chuck away $1.2 billion so he can make Turnbull look good?

Vesey put it this way: "And the question we have to ask if we're going to make a significant investment in generation, would we do it in an older plant which is less reliable with higher maintenance costs or should we be making that investment in new technology which aligns with what we believe is the future which will be a greater value long term to our shareholders and customers. Well, we've chosen the second and we are still of that view."

Vesey continued, "When Liddell reaches the end of its life in 2022, 1680 megawatts of effective capacity or about 8000 gigawatt hours of annual energy will be withdrawn from the NEM."

He is not exactly telling the truth, but near enough if you read between the lines.

Withdrawing that amount of gigawatt hours from the National Energy Market will send the price of energy soaring once again as the available supply steadily diminishes creating another windfall for AGL and a growing list of disconnected poor.

So, in the past five years AGL’s stock price has more than doubled from $13 to $27 on the back of renewable subsidies provided by the Government (taxpayers) of Rudd Gillard Rudd, and now Turnbull.

Australia has become an international playground for greedy CEOs of energy companies, and there is no-one in government smart enough to stop it. Our poor should be lining up at UNHCR camps around Syria where they are treated better than here.

Gillard alone, under pressure from the Green Alliance, provided $10 billion of borrowed funds to ensure the demise of coal and Abbott was never going to get that amount reduced in a Green dominated Senate. 

The reason we have the most expensive energy in the world is because we have given outrageous subsidies to renewables that haven’t produced enough to run an electric shaver but have ensured that the Veseys of this world will make billions by closing cheaper stuff that works in favour of taxpayer-provided subsidies.

                              Bastard? Or just another businessman? Or both?

Vesey’s victims are 40,000 disconnected poor people unable to pay him. How do they eat rancid meat, sour milk and mouldy vegies? No refrigeration, no hot showers, no lights, no TV, not even a microwave oven. The pool goes green and the carpets get dirtier and mobile batteries stay flat..

This is a rare madness that we should have expected Turnbull to see coming. He didn’t see it, and he perhaps still doesn’t. But the Libs’ Right sees exactly what it’s all about and they can’t get rid of Turnbull until the new year, after the High Court has sorted out this dual residency business, or in the interim, they could get left up to four seats short between the Senate and the House.

If the High Court rules in all doubtful Members’ favour the Libs can then punt Turnbull.

But it will still be risky. Punting him will certainly mean he spits the dummy, as he did before. The Party will not invite him back a second time. His vindictive nature will ensure a by-election is held for his seat of Wentworth. 

The Libs could retain the seat, but if not, they could do a Gillard and replace the Speaker with a dumb troublesome cross-bencher, leaving Tony Smith on the front bench to the Right, thereby retaining its majority of one with a new PM calling an early election that could see Shorten in The Lodge holding gear-off parties with Canberra Hospital's nurses and his dodgy union mates.

What an unholy mess! 

Stop the subsidies, get out of Paris now and start building nuclear reactors and ignore the Greens. They don't want anything. No damning of rivers, no coal, no gas, no nuclear... doesn't that tell you they want the destruction of Australia so they can begin anew where only the wind chime and bong manufacturers survive?

We will have to put up with this fool of a PM and his treacherous sidekick, the Stick Insect, until after Christmas, 

(or should I say, "until after our end of year seasonal vacation").


Yesterday Shorten was in Hobart cranking on about wanting the Government to spend $13 million to put federal police at the airport. Tasmania is a classic case of I want what you got. Next it will be Launceston. Tasmania has no international connections so foreigners cant enter Tasmania without going through a major airport. That is why Tasmania doesnt have feds. But labor wouldnt understand that. They just say yes to any spending that is put in front of them. Shorten is a goose/

If Turnbull had to put his grandchildren to bed with electric blankets during the day to keep them warm because its the only heating we can afford he would understand what he is doing to people. People in the street would have always said the policies would end in disaster. but then again they pay bills dont they. Frivolous state governments that go broke and sell their assets without any further responsiblitity to their residients is big problem Watch Queensland who is being very clever in hiring 15,000 extra public servants and idiot voters cheering them. When they sell their electricity assets to pay their bills who will keep the power on then. State governments are just plain stupid. How did we get so many idiots.

I agree with you, Stoney.They are pigs at a trough..all of them except ON and Cory, though I am surprised that Pauline voted for the tax on lawnmowers ets.

Isn't it lovely without Tiger baby? Sane ,sensible conversations can be carried on

The semen drinking seaman .

Yagan knew him.

The $10 trillion mineral resources North Korea can't tap .........

"A microchip embedded under the skin will replace credit cards and keys according to Stephen Ray, who has already overseen a program for Sweden’s largest state owned train operator that allows customers to scan their chips instead of using tickets.

BBC News showcased the system in which Swedes are able to have their embedded chip scanned by a conductor who uses an app to match up their chip membership number with a purchased ticket.

Around 3,000 people in Sweden have already had a chip embedded in their hand in order to access secure areas of buildings."

"It’s official: Privacy in the ‘technology age’ is officially dead, and it’s not very likely that genie can be put back into the bottle.

You may have noticed that “voice recognition” technology is all the rage these days, featured in a range of new consumer products that are part of the “Internet of things.” Devices like Amazon’s “Echo” are designed to listen for the sound of your voice and respond to it. Google devices have been recording the sound of your voice for years, as the U.K.’s Independent reported in February.

“Smart” TVs are also designed to respond to the sound of your voice, meaning that they — like other Internet-connected consumer voice recognition products — can be hacked and then used to spy on you. In fact one smart TV maker, Samsung Electronics, even admitted in 2015 that its TVs could be used to spy on you in your home, as we reported:"

New Post Up - lol

I watched a program last night on SBS about fat kids in England (most informative). It was about the declining health of such kid's teeth. In one of the most honest statements ever to come out of the mouth of a Professional (Professor in charge of dental teaching hospital) he said with a half smile," I am a public servant and all I can say is that no one is to blame". (for the fat kids and rotten teeth - in one, removing absessed teeth from a 4 year old). It seems society, not only in Great Britain but here as well, the blameless society is marching on. The great misnomer 'all rights and no responsibility'.

This postal survey is bullshit in the digital age. How hard would it be to have an on line survey logging into MyGov with your tax file number. It would be secure and exclude all the bludgers.

If SSM becomes law, watch the MuzRats demand equality. They will demand that they are allowed to have 4 wives under Australian law, not just under Islamic law

The ALP City Council in Ipswich has been found wanting by the Crime and Corruption Commission in Queensland. Besides the Mayor, the CEO and the COO (Parks etc) have now all been charged. Begs the question, how much will the former ALP mayor's popularity cost of citizens. What have the employees of the city been selling?

Said Pauline I used to be right,
I changed to the left just last night,
I’ve just done a flipper,
Tax the old whipper snipper,
Gillard’s carbon tax will now bite.

A letter to Defence Minister Marise Payne

All My Love - Led Zeppelin

Statement of the day-----
MarkM Fri 15 Sep 2017 02:10:58 am
Anyone who is anti-NAZI is pro-communist.

I guess this means according to our resident Hitler the vast majority of us on this site are communists as I am not aware of any large numbers of Nazi's on this site. All of us many years ago who supported Larry on his attacks on Gillard were certainly anti communist as this piece off female Welsh communism ( Leader at the Socialist Forum.) spread her commie ideas in and around Australia, and we now have this blow- in with his Nazi flag telling us what we are.

The classical liberal case against same-sex marriage.......Augusto Zimmermann (Spectator)

"A new study affirmed that neonicotinoid pesticides — also known as “neonics” which are chemically related to nicotine — harm both honey bees and wild bees, as reported by BBC. Researchers found that the chemical exposure decreased the survival of honey bee hives during winter, while bumblebees and solitary bees produced fewer queens.

The study, the most extensive to date, measured 2,000 hectares across the United Kingdom, Germany, and Hungary and was set up to establish the impacts of the pesticides. It was conducted by Richard Pywell, a professor from the Center for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxfordshire and was published in"