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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Omar Saddiqui Mateen

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Obama still can’t mutter the word "Islamic" and prefers to call it a hate crime this time. Hillary blames the second amendment and gay leaders blame Donald Trump’s rhetoric. So I guess there will be a few more atrocities yet to celebrate Ramadan.

The Left is still insisting it’s a lone wolf thing and not a concerted Islamic thing and we all need to understand that only 50 people have died out of thousands who are murdered annually in the US.

Loyal ISIS terrorist networks within the US have been promised ten times their heavenly rewards for acts carried out against infidels over the period of Ramadan (Allah only knows how the little bearded bastards will handle 720 virgins each) but there is little doubt that a homosexual infidel is a prized prey worthy of some sort of premium.

Lone wolves eh? His family didn’t know what he was up to eh? What frog shit! Family members get fast tracked to paradise if they can produce a family martyr and every Islamic atrocity has the involvement of other cell members and at least one mosque.

And guess what! This Mateen bastard had been twice investigated over his ISIS connections yet still held a valid security licence and was still able to buy an assault weapon and a hand gun only last week! WTF?

Watch Hillary and her new best friend Obama now attack Trump over his proposal to vet Muslim “refugees” before entry to the US. “He is the reason for this Florida disaster, these poor Muslims are only reacting to the dastardly Don.”

Those who don’t have rogue neurons bouncing around their skulls would say that, under the circumstances, Trump’s is a reasonable suggestion.

Never mind, Turnbull and his little warmist, Abbott-hating mate, Greg Hunt, have thrown a billion dollars at another killer... this one has attacked our reef system. The Crown of Thorns is eating away at our coral like it has been doing for a billion years in the process of ensuring coral renewal.

Here he is above accepting the “World’s Best Minister” award from some ugly Muslim where Mr Hunt told of his heroic plan to save the Great Barrier Reef from imminent disaster.

Meanwhile the West is being raped and murdered by Muslim extremists and the West’s Left wants tolerance and inclusiveness. Australia’s Left despises our sovereignty, the UK’s Cameron wants no borders and the UN demands a one world entity via a Climate Change hoax. It appears the New World Order is on the march and to change to a monosocialist system it is preferable to first destroy the one that exists.

Oh, hang on there is already one called “Destroy the Joint” right here now! And it’s made up of extremist feminists and sacked Fairfax journalists... the obnoxious Jenna Price (above) has joined with Michelle Grattan, Julia Gillard, Anne Summers and a bevy of sexually confused Greens to do their bit for destruction.

No wonder the Right is finally finding its voice.  


They would never have allowed these people to have a voice in the political process, much less advance an agenda to sodomize Australia by perverting the definition of marriage.

Justice Moore then gave wise counsel to sodomites who claim that they can engage in sodomy and be dignified in marriage.

"Historically, consummation of a marriage always involved an act of sexual intimacy that was dignified in the eyes of the law. An act of sexual intimacy between two men or two women, by contrast, was considered 'an infamous crime against nature' and a 'disgrace to human nature.' Homosexuals who seek the dignity of marriage must first forsake the sexual habits that disqualify them from admission to that hallowed institution. Surely more dignity attaches to participation in a fundamental institution on the terms it prescribes than to an attempt to wrest its definition to serve inordinate lusts that demean its historic dignity."

That is what the five lawyers did on the U.S. Supreme Court in the marriage opinion. They ignored the Constitution, the Court's precedents, and millennia of human history. Their opinion calls into question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. When we the people lose trust in the Justices, the authority of the Supreme Court is undermined. If the people accept this 5-4 opinion, then we have transitioned to a despotic form of government. The people must now decide if we are governed by the rule of law or the whim of unelected judges."

So,your Ok with someone sticking their penis up your bum?That is what we are talking about.And you think that is "Natural"?

Bloody hell, they're still carrying on about 49 queers getting shot in Orlando. There's been more killed on the roads of the USA but that never gets a mention. Aircraft tragedies as well. This media hopefully will be looking for another job when Trump takes over. Can't wait.

NO MENTION OF THE WORD MUSLIM. . Sydney (AFP) - A teenager was Wednesday charged in Australia with preparing for or planning a terrorist attack after authorities were alerted by social media posts.

The 17-year-old boy was detained at his home in Sydney's south late Tuesday, the latest in a string of arrests by police investigating people suspected of being involved in domestic acts of terrorism.

"After being alerted to a number of social media posts, police arrested the youth at his home," the New South Wales state police said.

"He's been charged with one count of acts in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act... He was also charged with using a telecommunications network with intention to commit a serious offence."

The youth was refused bail and is due to appear in a children's court later Wednesday.

Police stressed there was no threat to the community, with his detention unrelated to any previous investigation carried out by counter-terrorism teams.

His arrest came as the government announced extra funding for crime-fighting intelligence and surveillance.

It included a Aus$1.6 million (US$1.2 million) cash injection to enable better monitoring of social media platforms to reveal threats and thwart radicalisation and recruitment drives.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull warned terrorism was "a serious, ever-present threat".

"Having said that, we have strong, I believe the best security and intelligence services, we provide them with every support," he added.

"It is at the very forefront of everything my government does to keep Australians safe."

A handful of terror-related attacks have been foiled on home soil over the past 18 months, authorities have said, but several have taken place, including the murder of a Sydney police employee in October.

Counter-terror police have made a series of arrests since late 2014, including a 16-year-old boy charged with preparing an attack linked to Anzac Day services honouring Australian soldiers in Sydney in April.

Other arrests saw a 17-year-old boy picked up in a raid in Melbourne a year ago, allegedly with "improvised explosive devices" in his family home.

More recently, a Sydney-based man was charged last month with planning a terrorist attack, which reportedly involved targeting a naval base close to the city's landmark opera house.

The government has become increasingly concerned about homegrown extremism and the terror threat level was raised to high in September 2014.

super mosque goes ahead in bendigo vic after high court throws out case against it. 30,000 citizens told to go and get fucked by the government. the people have no control.

100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX...This Is All You Need To See

Orlando Shooting Hoax...Crisis Actors Caught Off Guard

I am sorry, but I am sick of everyone wringing their hands and complaining about Islam in Australia or anywhere else in the west. For about two years now I have been suggesting a solution, but no one takes it up or suggests an alternative. My suggestion is that the practice of Islam be outlawed in Australia. Those that cannot bear being deprived of their beloved religion can go to another country. Those that wish to stay must give it up. So I want everyone to stop the bullshit and whinginging, and come up with a solution.

Problem .. Reaction .. Solution ..
Obummer crying as he unveils new gun control measures.
Why am I not surprised ?

I think he is going to be disappointed when he gets to collect his reward - there was a misprint in the original translation, the reward is not 72 virgins - it is a 72 year old virgin!

Perhaps the Socialist Left and gay community could arrange city landmarks illuminated and a vigil, to honor Australians who died or were maimed defending self destructing muslims.

Christian singer killed on the day before the Orlando massacre:

Muslim condemnation of this is deafening isn't it.

99.9% Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax Part 2 - Robbie Parker Sister Crisis Actor Story

Gay bar shooter, "Oh Ma, me sad dick, me teeny" has had psychiatric reports presented by his ex-wife and his father (Taliban Ted), and distributed all over the Press around the world.
I guess they get the last word

THE FAGGOT CAPITAL'S TOKENISM: "Sydney’s Town Hall has been lit up in pink as a mark of respect to the victims of the terror shooting at an Orlando nightclub. The Sydney Harbour Bridge will also turn pink in a show of solidarity with those affected by the tragedy."

RIGHT ON CUE, THE USUAL LINE: "One day after Omar Mateen opened fire inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others, his father, Seddique Mateen, released a video statement on Facebook.

In the footage, the elder Mateen said his son was a “very good boy” who lived a “dignified life and respected his parents.”

Hunt has always been a bumlicker, and the feminists are still trying work out what genitals are for. So I think I'll stick with the far right. Seem to be the only ones making any sense in the crzzy world of today.

The Qur'an is a vile document that promotes hatred, discrimination, intolerance, violence and murder. Most muslims ignore this vile 1400 years old islamic ideology and just want to live their lives as best they can. The real problem are the islamists. They hate non-muslims. They want a global caliphate. They believe it must be done at any cost. These are the muslims who must be destroyed, whatever it takes. Unfortunately, it has been estimated they number between 40 million to 80 million of the total muslims in the world. That is the frightening reality.

I hope they sweat with fear of a payback every time they pray at the mosque.

WARNING!!! Orlando Shooting...Very Disturbing and Graphic Shootout Footage.