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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If you’re one of the many who were forced to drink rancid third pints of milk at school then you, like me, have probably been turned off cow juice for life... and that’s not exactly what the dairy industry wants. But apparently it’s what Mr Xenophon wants.

Milk ain’t real milk anyway after being Pasteurised and homogenised. In its natural form it’s a growth food meant for calves and calves eventually wean themselves off it like all mammals do, but humans do not, they keep on keeping on with a concentrated animal fat that is not suited to humans and not needed past weaning anyway. And we wonder why we have obesity problems.

There is bugger all goodness in this baby animal food after it has been through both processes to a’hem,“make it safe to drink”. In 1864, Louis Pasteur figured if he heated it for long enough it would kill all the bugs, microbes, bacteria, and such diseases as listeriosis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and brucellosis.. Hmmm, so cow juice in the past has been responsible for some damned awful diseases? Yep, it sure has.

Unfortunately Pasteurisation, like chemo, destroys all other good stuff like enzymes and vitamin C. The much vaunted calcium benefits are false as humans cannot absorb what the calf can and calcium is in miniscule amounts anyway.

I recall making a small fortune each morning by taking a bottle of chocolate flavouring to school and charging for a tablespoonfull to hide the sour taste and smell.

Milk is an easy mark for Woollies and Coles when scratching for market share but a dollar a litre is a price the farmer must eventually wear and unlike the thieves at Coles and Woollies he has to be up at sparrow’s and down with the sun. But anyway real milk is nothing like what is sold in supermarkets.

Homogenisation is nothing more than another milk scam. The process suggests the cream is absorbed into the entire volume of the milk (homo = same). Well, if you believe that the reason there has been no cream on your milk for the past 50 years is that the wonderful processors want each member of your family to have an equal proportion of the cream, then you’ll believe anything. 

Of course the processors have many other valuable uses for the cream themselves while conning you that they care about your family members’ equal shares.

Nothing can ever measure up to Mother’s breast milk. It is specifically designed, not for calves, but as a human baby’s growth food, with early doses of colostrum, a highly rich yellow substance that’s choc-a-block full of antibodies and immunoglobulins that kick start a baby’s immune system. 

(The baby needs that more than ever now that they are born inexplicably in hospitals where most of the nation’s diseases reside.) 

It will then decide when it has had enough of the ensuing supply of mother’s normal milk and will progress to solids... just as the baby calf does.

So WTF are we doing taking over where the calf left off? And if you have ever worked in a dairy as I have you will have seen and smelled the shit and piss environment that milk is extracted in. No wonder it needs the crap boiled out of it.

                                                Oooops ... sorry, did that miss the milk?

My kids have never been fed on cow’s milk, only warm goat's milk, mostly directly from the goat and only if mother developed painful mastitis and only up until weaning time. Our addiction to cow’s milk is not only unhealthy it is unnatural. 

So back to this stupid idea of Mr X (one of many). This is a portent of things to come in a more unruly Senate than before Turnbull’s brain snap of a double dissolution.

This free school milk nonsense will be forgotten in a day, but Senate Lefties will live on to obstruct and skew even the odd good policy emanating from the fractured Lower House of Lord Turnbull.


At 20/8/2016, Donna G. – the abusive woman posting under many names – so many I’ve lost count – but recently: Ezekiel, Carrie-on, Milton and Carrie, has been logging on and off under these various names, and posting falsified conversations with herself under different names, to make a server record, and to make it look as though her life has been threatened. That was obviously the point of one of the exchanges she fabricated as the real posters ‘Hooray Harry’ and ‘Lights’ (myself), using the term ‘exterminate’. In her own deluded fashion, she is trying to set up those two people. This woman Donna appears to be a very dangerous person whose obsessions and abuse is getting worse and worse. Looks to me like she really should be considered for – at least – temporary sectioning by mental health authorities. I notice in the last day or so, she has started to attack a large number of the folk who post regularly on Pickering’s web forum. That seems to indicate to me, that this person may be genuinely unbalanced and possibly having a breakdown. It may be a good idea for anyone who is included in her rants to photograph the relevant posts.

Ha, running like the fool it is. MsBhavin has deleted all her posts. Must have taken the meds and realised how pathetic and evil it had become. Hope she keeps them up. BiPolar's such a bitch!

OT: Just for general info, the insomnia has struck again & I'm having yet another late night session. The troll has been here again under the name 'Carrie-on'. Filthy attack. Suddenly, it's all disappeared. Don't know if Larry has removed her quickly (perhaps he's on insomnia duty too) or if the creature deliberately deleted her own stuff. Either way, for safety's sake, I have a copy of everything she posted.

And I meant to add, Malcolm Roberts gets brownie points for his so-admirable calm, polite good manners and pure old fashioned patience.

Oongah, yes, I understand. His reactions certainly made me pause. And as for a display of childishness and boorishness, well that was seeing a world famous renowned scientist throw a bunch of papers at fellow panellist, Malcolm Roberts. I've always been a fan of Cox's, but two things: we can see he is not used to being properly challenged & it took his breath (& easy confidence) away momentarily; and Cox not as clever as he thinks he is, not to see that he was totally manipulated into that by Phony Jones. Oh how I dislike that man (Jones). And the ABC still insisting they're completely impartial.

take up that knitting i suggested could do quite a few rows while the paint's drying

Hooray Harry my friend, and all the others here who have obviously witnessed something awful from the swamp creature - thank goodness I missed it. It's not fair to say Larry does nothing - he has removed her posts several times now & booted her. she comes back because she has a cache of names to gain entrance. I will say this: there are two here - Bruce & Elder - who have been her particular vics, as I have too. But I see Bruce & Elder constantly responding to her when she is here. And that only encourages it. Makes this otherwise great site, a miserable place to be. Can I suggest from now on, if it gets back in, that NO-ONE RESPONDS TO HER IN ANY WAY - say NOTHING. If we starve it of oxygen, it might just tire and go away. Let's give it go. I am not going to allow trash like that, to spoil the enjoyment I get from being a member here, and having your company

Thorn, I am very fond of you as a 'fellow' poster, as I am of many here :-)))) Please, believe me when I say, better that you stay away from the poster whose name you mentioned here. It is a vicious troll of endless usernames - a dangerously disturbed being. We would all want you to take heed and be safe.

I loved milk at school - in the late 50s, early 60s! Icy cold, fresh, delicious - often had two if there were leftovers! :)

Who's the unfortunate deaf dumb blind fallah?

Mountain Goat Summer Ale comes in 375ml cans. I've done the sums, that's over a litre more in a carton.

Will do MsB. It will probably make his heart sing. Being shy as he is.

Will do MsB. It will probably make his heart sing. Being shy as he is.

You do know she's not alone in this - you have been here long enough to see it all unfold.

Take your medication you fool and get the heck outa here... don't you realise.. we do not want you! End of story... go fly your flag elsewhere where those will appreciate....

Where is her handler? Sculking somewhere to be sure. She's not compus enough to work out she's been used.

Maybe time for medication for some methinks... maybe it's the full moon that's doing the damage here? Go get the meds for those who need and leave the rest of in peace... please?

so much for the theory of indians having slightly higher i.q. than white people.

NEW DELHI – Indian police say three people, including two children, have died after their throats were slashed by glass-coated kite string used in competitions to slice the strings of other kites.

A 3-year-old girl riding with her parents in a car had her head out of the sunroof when her throat was cut by a kite string, her uncle said Wednesday.

The other victims were a 4-year-old boy who was also looking out of the sunroof of a car, and a man riding a motorbike.

The deaths occurred in New Delhi on Monday, which was India's Independence Day, when many people fly kites to celebrate.

The city government banned the sale of glass-coated kite string following the three deaths.

What a load of half truths and misinformation. As someone with osteoporosis, I am all too aware that calcium intake along with exercise and vitamin D are vitally important. We no longer gnaw on bones so we have to get our calcium from somewhere. Honestly Larry, I thought more of you. Perhaps I misjudged you. You certainly don't seem to be very well informed about this.

boutique beer is in such small bottles you need 4 before you feel like you have had a drink.