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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


An endless line of mostly female uni (read US College) students with plastic law degrees spills on to the pavement each year looking for the nearest Labor (read US Democrat) Law firm. Naturally very few make the grade but are never dismissed (except for Julia Gillard who quickly became skilled at stealing from clients). 

Instead they are recommended to another law firm or the nearest courthouse where they will eventually get a job as a Registrar and from there it’s a simple step to a nomination as a magistrate then a judge.

The Attorney General simply signs off on these recommendations as the judiciary is a rule unto itself. Corrupt Law Councils protect the judiciary’s corruption.  

Many legitimate employees in courthouses know of uni students’ ineptitude and most are told to apply for a job at the nearest McDonalds. But a few with persistence make it to the Bench where they cause havoc. 

The chosen feminists invariably opt for The Family Court where they can vent their frustrations on misogynistic, facist, white men.

The McDonalds’ rejects finish up trying for pre-selection for the Labor Party and those who fail pre-selection change gender and become Greens.

But seriously, the quality of the US judiciary is under scrutiny. The FISA Court’s ethics seem to be missing in action when a dodgy dossier full of lurid lies passes as evidence for a warrant to spy on an opposing political party in an election year.

The FISA Court deals only in ex parte submissions. In other words no-one is ever available to argue the case against a warrant being issued, simply because the target of the proposed warrant would then be aware of the likely surveillance, thereby defeating the object of the warrant.

Okay, so this makes the job of the FISA judge in determining the efficacy of the submission highly critical. 

                 Reggie Walton heads the incompetent (or politically biased) FISA Court

Unfortunately, apparently not so critical, as 95 percent of submissions from the FBI are waved through as legitimate. This is despite the disgraced FBI’s Andrew McCabe testifying under oath to the House Intelligence Committee that without this dossier the FISA Court submission could not have gone ahead.

So this dodgy dossier, paid for by Hillary’s DNC to falsely discredit Trump in an election campaign, was clearly pivotal to the warrant’s success. And it was used on each occasion that this same warrant needed renewal, which was every 90 days.

WTF do these judges get paid for?

It’s hard to blame the FBI, because that Agency has been corrupt since Hoover and during the entire Obama Administration they had known it was easy to get away with this crap.

It was clear FBI Director James Comey (above) was complicit in the scam and he was dismissed by Trump but there were, and still are, many others who were involved.

We now know just how corrupt the Obama Administration and its Agencies, including the DoJ, the IRS, the NSA, the Clintons and possibly the State Dept were. So why weren’t these senior FISA judges prepared to ask questions about how this dodgy, licentious dossier came about?

It will be fascinating to read the transcripts of the FISA hearings.

Under Obama the crooked Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, must also have known, as would have her corrupt predecessor Eric Holder. And likely the current AG, Jeff Sessions, must have had an inkling because he did a Pontius Pilate and recused himself immediately his boss, Trump, appointed him, leaving the President without cover from a DoJ that was out to get him.

                                         Sessions was in bed with Rosenstein

                                                 Bill was in bed with Loretta

The newly appointed FBI Director Wray (below) is a naïve dickhead, but AG Deputy Rosenstein should go to gaol, along with these names:

                                         Rosenstein wants Trump big league

Comey, Wasserman Schultz, McCabe, Brazile, the Clintons, Lynch, Strzok, Schiff, Holder, Clapper and Obama… Sessions and McCain should be immediately expelled from the Republican Party.

The swamp’s drainage over there has only just begun,

                               … and they haven’t even found the plug here yet.  



Sigmund Fraud?

Thanks SF.

Well I tried, appears that satire (along with EVERY-FUCKING-THING ELSE) goes over your head durex!......bit of advice, stand up when you read the posts!!

idiot labor MP Lamb thinks that the personal reltaionship she has with her mother has anything to do with her citizenship.
Can't get the marriage lines from her mother? Go to Somerset House and do a search same like everyone else.
What a weed.

Whining and bitching in order to avoid being referred to the High Court.

Send her up!

lol..JEwSA military superiority ..stuck in ice..what a joke..

Meanwhile all Canberra Pollies unite behind the Exploding Tomato, declaring ' We're politicians..part of our job description is to screw whoever we want , whenever we want..including the Australian people and our employees, if we feel like it - no further comment. now fk off and leave us be to continue our screw job on Australia , you Aussie scum peasants'

Multiculture - Migrants? Australians must really take note;

President Trump Hosts a Law Enforcement Roundtable on MS-13

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

I thought at first they surfaced to gather ice cubes for the captains scotch but then it was only to uncover a hatch. CEG LG to DOJ FBI (Unclassified Steele Referral).pdf

A Victorian African teenager who kicked a police officer in the head while on probation has walked free with no conviction.....well that's our piss weak Judiciary for you. So easily fixed with mandatory sentencing.....but Dan Andrews cant afford to upset the poor delicate little gay Greens.

Can someone tell me how much non-reusable fuel was used in Elon's rocket.

Aboriginal Flag….If they want Equal Billing on the Flagpoles of Australia, they can have Equal Billing on paying the Centrelink, Legal Aid and all the other Bills that those Under the “Australian” Flag currently are being forced to bear the Burden of……..Even their mere Concept of a Flag is an Idea they had to pinch from us…..We are Funding them to the Tune of 37Billion a Year and they still want to bite the hand that Feeds,Clothes,Supports,Houses,Fully Funds them…FFS …….After 200 Year of training and they can’t flip a burger in McDonalds …..In another 200 Years Nothing will change their Sit Down and Whine Culture, that has become the New Aboriginal ”Normal”………A Self Perpetuating Industry of Greed….Nothing more…But thats just how it appears to me.

O.T. Interview with Alan Jones and Peta Credlin on Jones & Co, SkyNews 6th Feb 2018 on the Power Crisis facing Australia.

The Patriot Society
3 hrs ·

As much as the left love to downplay the importance of Western culture in Australia, the DNA study has the stats at 86% Western European and 7.5% Other European, that 93.5% of the population. So hands off our culture and stop with the subversive anti-West ideology. Paid Media

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