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Wednesday, 24th October 2018

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... Cabinet members claim

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Or in other words, “It’s very important that Bill Shorten not be gifted the next election”. If an unknown Leftie who can’t tell you what the GST rate is can be voted into Office by Queenslanders then anything is possible. And if you’re batting badly and you hear a death rattle like, “The Prime Minister has my support”, then you may as well begin walking, because you’re about to be given out.

It’s exactly 3.43 AM and I’m up working trying to figure out how the hell Tony Abbott failed. He probably is too, but he’ll arrive at different conclusions to mine.

Today’s Press Club address is a watershed for Abbott, he will either walk out of that luncheon with a short lifeline or he will die at the hands of those who already smell his blood. It’s quite sad really.

Here’s an iron-willed man at the pinnacle of a 20 year-long meticulous plan to lead the nation. He had carefully covered every base by joining the local fire brigade, engaging with Aborigines, and cultivating the female vote. It was the perfect path to the top.

He was a Rhodes scholar, a serious Catholic, a good family man with an appendage that didn’t wander and no shady history other than a few parking tickets that were paid on time. No wife bashing, no fingers in the till, no kiddy fiddling, tax dodging or problems with alcohol. What more could anyone want in their PM?

Well, plenty actually.

He reminds me of that annoying Pom, Geoffrey Boycott. He would come to the crease, take guard and stay there defending and blocking for days, taking no risks and selfishly preventing other more cavalier batsmen scoring runs while everyone else went to sleep. That’s not the way Aussies play cricket!

I mean even Hawke and Howard were prepared to show us their frailties, they had a go at cricket for the cameras. Neither could hit the water if they fell out of a bloody boat of course, but at least they had a go. You will never see Abbott wielding a bat or a golf club or kicking a footy because he is physically uncoordinated and walks funny. So what!

Anyone can swing a punch or ride a bike without looking too funny, even in lycra.

I said here three years ago that Abbott was not my sort of bloke. I wouldn’t go out on the piss for a bit of pollinating with him and I can’t imagine what the hell we’d talk about over dinner after a few red wines.

Abbott is a victim of himself and his conservative minders. He is bogged down with instructions that stilt him, making him an inanimate cardboard cut-out of his and his advisers' perception of what an Australian PM should be.

He repeats hackneyed clichés that give him time to think and he’ll do anything to avoid confrontation with his adversaries. His unfortunate persona is manna for a frustrated Left media determined to find chinks in his conservative armour.

The man who would lead us out of a socialist wilderness is leading us into a worse one because he has allowed someone of the calibre of Shorten to become a serious alternative.   

Julia Gillard once lost faith in her minders claiming we would, “now see the real Julia”, but it was too late, we had already seen the real Julia.

And I think we have already seen the real Tony... well, the only one we're ever likely to see .  


If they don't sack Abbott and place Turnball in there then the ALP will win in such a massive landslide that there will be virtually no Lib seats left. Put Turnball in and he'll be PM for 10 plus years. He's in the same mold as John Howard.

Zimbabwe, would welcome shortarse.
Couldn't do any wrong there.

Horse poo; you are boycotted;

If they put Leftie Turnbull in they may as well make Bill Shorten leader of the LNP

When Mark Riley from 7 gets up to ask TA a question, Abbott should simply say "sit back down you low dog. You are not worthy of a second of my time. And be grateful to still be alive"

Koch, german for turd .

shortarse was the ''alternative'' I hinted at.
Now shortarse would sit very comfortable in the Prime Ministers chair.
Now, I am a conservative, but agree that Jay, you are absolutely correct and to be quite honest, I doubt very much whether you will get a "no" to that.
Lets give him the pin number to our credit card, and swanny back as the Treasurer. An absolute ideal combination.

I agree - whichever angle people want to take

He was welcomed as a hero by the Neo Nazi's who run the Kiev joint under Western guns - great propaganda vehicle presumably to attack Putin.

Obviously Bill Shorten is on the Pill as he hasn't given birth to an idea in years!


Repiblican Party of Russia?!! - hilarious - ever heard of Western funded NGO's - in this case they are anti-Putin as a matter of policy. Aside from that it's already been proven that Ukraine/Kiev shot the plane down, - the Malaysians and the FBI have accepted that - the pilot has even come forward. Just the MSM and Abbott who prefer the other BS

From Goldman Sachs (Bankers and the money men... Illuminati) to Communications Minister in Gov't? Now, WTF would he be doing there? Why would he leave the big boys? Pretty obviously, to become one of them. To get the World Wealth within his grasp and the Power associated with Control of Wealth. Like Abbott, he too had a long term plan. He's already a rich man... doesn't need the money... but the Power. Now that's a new ballgame. If AllBull gets the chance, he would sell this country down the gurgler and we would find ourselves under the control of the UN tout de suite. You begin to see things like Agenda 21 have meaning and that stinking group of despots who own the UN control the World. US is almost there.This country doesn't need to be there,as long as Abbott keeps us out of debt.

Neither is the alternative.


Abbott has form when it comes to claiming his personal expenses at tax payers expense and then being found guilty by paying it back only when others like Slipper were caught out and then thinking everything will be sweet .

Horse is probably a used carr or demented gillard

O/T Gee these Halal pricks are getting as sneaky as our Politicians! ..............

Dizzy writing poems to cute.

Yeah....over in pre- industrial India...