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Friday, 24th February 2017

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... and that's the art of Obama

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The tearful farewell address by Barack Obama was a tribute to his superb presentation and a eulogy to his speechwriter. He tugged equally at our heart strings with one hand and his donger with the other as he desperately tried to sugar-coat eight years of an American fiasco. I was almost a convert to his socialist dream before I recalled the nightmares of other leaders who had equally beguiled an electorate with the artistic delivery of a philanthropic thespian and the sincerity of a dying pope.

I came away understanding how a black man with a hopeless message won a second term. His barely blunted barbs aimed at Trump were wisely kept to a minimum as he described a Bernie Sanders type socialist dream that inspired millions before him and disappointed many more millions later.

Barack Obama will not disappear into the leafy shadows of the beltway, he intends to lead the Democrats back to government, and that’s a problem for the Left. The damaged Democrats need a born-again youthful movement devoid of the wrinkly Obama hangers on. 

Trump will take to the White House with a new broom that will put socialism back in the dark ages. He will be supported by an emerging European Right that will restore sovereign borders the EU, UN and successive socialist governments destroyed. 

But the Left never dies, only the Right dies, and it remains six foot under until finally it has had enough of being trodden on. And look out when it sees the light of day. Look out for Trump. Yet even Trump must eventually succumb to the relentless Left that will always rely on unconstrained Islamic and Latino immigration to augment its electoral base.

When you tire of talking to people on the net, try talking to them face to face"             

Islam has already established itself as the greatest ever recipient of Western welfare and that reliance needs Left governments. Of course, the Left knows it is unsustainable, but that’s part of the redistribution-of-income plan that cannot succeed until the joint is destroyed. 

“Destroy the Joint” is the war cry of universities and the far Left... they know exactly what is needed before the grand plan can be accomplished.

But as we watch Obama depart stage Left with his exquisite oratory skill, it’s hard not to admire a man who knew what he wanted but secretly suspected he could never attain it, and eyes turn to the unrequited love now entering from stage Right to a new era of prosperity, pride and kids’ shoes when needed.

Will Trump fuck it up like he did?


Muslims have wife-beating down to a fine art :

Quite possibly the most deluded person ever to take office, anywhere, in all recorded history. No scandals at all during his 8 terrible years as POTUS. Not a one according to this idiot. And then there were his scathing words against cankles during the primaries back in 2008, but just before the election last year evidently cankles was undoubtedly the greatest candidate running for president in the entire history of the USA. What a putz. A truly reprehensible douche. Lauds those black lives matter scumbags, while his home city of Chicago is burning, with about 500 black on black deaths last year, yet the 240 or so black deaths at the hands of the police, in the entirety of the US, are the only deaths of blacks that this douche and those blm scumbags cared about.

I dont think Trump could fuck it up anymore than Obummer did

I don't know Larry - I think he was tugging his donger a lot harder than he was the heart strings. It was an embarrassing performance.

Thorn, he is a character all right. Likes to shape opinions on or no pay....cheers.

I'm thinking that we might possibly have a politicians retired parent posting on here........ but who is their child? We know who it isn't................... ..........~thoughts~

If he's not getting paid, then he must be a politicians parent? He loves TA, but TA's dad is looking a bit old....... any ideas? He is pro exporting and halal ....... we'll work it out ......... eventually.... hmmm

Just filled up in the servo, you know how you try and stop the pump exactly on the sum you want? Well I was doing that, but as always it went over. I managed to stop it on $20.03. The bloke behind the cash desk had been watching me and laughed as I went in to pay. He said he'd been watching me and because I had given him a laugh as he knew what I was trying to do I shouldn't worry about the extra bit, he wouldn't charge me for it.
So I gave him the $10 and left.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, a NT aboriginal bloke had unprotected sex with a crocodile, he got gator AIDS

Cash for comments. He can't be doing this for no reason. BK is a self funded retiree and is spending his time on PP convincing us Labor are thugs and Libs are good.

Right Stoney and I know I must be dense because BK said so buy the last time I looked the Libs were in power so why are we blaming Labor?

Now Penrith is Sydney when it comes to temps. Just more BS from you lot.

I actually think that Joan Rivers, no one... means anything. Turnbull is making is fools, paying for rubbish and we do nothing about it. Jump up and down, but we cannot do a damn thing.That is why I will vote ON because I am sick to death of being taking for a fool. How bad can it be?

you can click on the little cross on the right side of your multiple nothing posts, this will let you delete them...They clutter the page up otherwise...

Joan Rivers - Murdered after revealing Obama is gay and 'Michelle' is a Tranny:

Re Hanson's proposed National ID Card.

I have always said, "The more multicultural we become.....the more freedoms we lose." Think 18C.

We have given up our freedoms without as much as a whimper. We already have a whole host of not- so- random stop and search laws and we don’t need any more.

To date I have never heard of a pedestrian being pulled over to check his Medicare card or driver's licence. That will happen if they introduce a National ID card.

By all means give up your own freedom if you will..... but don’t give up mine.

C-span (american political channel) replaced by RT (Russia Today) for a few mins........hahahaha

If it makes sense Turnbull won't do it. If it make nae Shorten won't understand it. Xenophon will oppose it.Hench will sleep through it

Ok, so I watched Obama's fairwell speech last night on youtube. I was actually impressed with the start of it. For a leftie he can really sell himself. It was funny watching him at the beginning getting irritated by everyone over clapping him and not giving him an opening to start his speech. The only thing I found disturbing in it was the constant jabs at pushing "equality," "inclusiveness," "global warming." Then of course his true form started to sign about 1/2 way through when he started being a racist by playing the black race and muslim cards. I found it quite disturbing when he said "I support American muslims and will not hear anyone speak poorly of them" I wonder if he realised that by saying such a thing, he was including American muslims that like to commit acts of terror?

Let me get this straight.
Russia get invited to Syria to get rid of ISIS. America go in Syria without invitation to help ISIS. Israel bombs Syria to get rid of ISIS. America kill civilians in Syria to get rid of ISIS. America are sending there troops to surround Russia because Russia are the bad guys?
Fuck if thats the best they can do then we are all royally screwed.