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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


He was a stickler for accuracy and his daily cartoon space will not be effectively filled by any contemporary cartoonist. The rebellious newspaper cartoonists have all gone with the greats of the past who adorned the pages of Smith’s Weekly and the old Bulletin. Current newspaper cartoonists are frightened of upsetting the few, but strive to placate the many in an environment of PC mania and Left lunacy. That's not real cartooning!

Bill Leak was never frightened to air what needed airing and The Australian backed his ballsy comments despite hailstorms of “offended” letters to the editor.

                             Bill was not only a cartoonist but an exquisite artist 

                 Portrait of Sir Harold Knight by Bill Leak (1990, RBA Collection)

We now bury the last of the real cartoonists who stretched the envelope to breaking point and made the Yank and Pom cartoonists writhe in envy and The Australian editors reach for the Mylanta.

He was too politically incorrect for the ABC and Fairfax, but not for me. He was an artist you looked forward to seeing as a light among the predictable also rans who barely raised a smirk.

I’d like to think I could buy you another beer one day mate, but I suspect I will be shown the down elevator.


RIP to one of Australia's freedom fighters.



No worries mate.

Yes, and it is how it should be .. this site is one of the last places left where people can say what they like without being moderated.

Turnbull: Flunky for the banking mafia
“……….No bank has a lily-white reputation. But the CBA and NAB continue to vie for top spot in the nastiness stakes.
King O’Malley (national people’s bank activist), Andrew Fisher (Labor Prime Minister overseeing the creation of the CBA in 1911), Ben Chifley (member of the 1937 Napier banking inquiry and prime minister/treasurer overseeing the 1945 Banking Acts) and H C Coombs (Head of the combined commercial/regulatory Commonwealth Bank, 1949-59) would all be proverbially turning in their graves at what has happened to the CBA since financial deregulation in the mid-1980s.
The current CBA is light years removed from the ambitions of its creators and nurturers, who placed the public interest foremost. The CBA’s CEO Ian Narev should be before a court instead of strutting the media stage on the reportage of mega-profits and a mega-salary to boot. Ditto Chief General Counsel David Cohen, probably the central figure in keeping the CBA’s countless victims at bay and consigned to destitution.
Münchenberg generally confines himself to abstractions. For him to mention specifics would have him sailing into stormy waters.
The CBA Comminsure scandal is transparently an instance of strategic malpractice. The CBA takedown of BankWest borrowers was a large-scale criminal scam, involving losses of hundreds of millions of dollars to the victims. CBA top brass initiated the Comminsure scam because they got away (to date) with the BankWest borrower scam, which they initiated because they got away with the Colonial First State investor scam, which they in turn initiated because they got away with the Storm Financial scam. A tough regulatory regime indeed!
A royal commission, unlike the parliamentary inquiries into each of these matters, could subpoena documents and get to the source, character and key perpetrators of each scam. The CBA has a lot at stake in heading off a royal commission………….”

When and where is Bill Leak's funeral?

So a couple of years in a soft phycho ward, and then out on parole , what a joke.

Play nice people.

Hows this for a thought, Bill Shorten got his mate to rule that penalty rates should be reduced and have the findings released before the WA elections to be able to build up resistance against them and blame the bad old conservatives for going along with the recommendations. Remember that BS said he would not go against the independent umpires decision but turned like a worm when the decision came down. He did that because he knew the WA elections were only a couple of weeks away and he knew that he could launch another labor work work relations scare campaign. The LNP are going to have to wake up to he dirty tricks of the Labor/union tactics or they will certainly be irrelevant at the next election. They need to DRAIN THE SWAMP in the labor/union movement.

Q and A last night. Once again the GayBC promotes itself by placing a nutcase in the audience. Just how many times are they allowed to do this? Disgusting that this bitch was allowed to shout out so soon after a great man and a great artist has passed. I also note that these members of the "Arts" community are so rabid. I actually hadn't heard of any of them until last night ......and I hope to never hear from them again.

Thanks IE....I feel a bit lonely out here sometimes.......

Same as the killer of Labours Jo Cox in the UK - a quiet, helpful harmless man with mental health issues, whatever that meant, who had shown no previous interest in politics.

Chris, just so we are clear I'm not interested in debating you any anything and its not because I consider you to have the right tools or I am ill equipped. I have seen from some of you comments that your belief structure in certain areas is very ridged so to me there is no point.
This is not a criticism it is an observation so dont abuse me for making the statement.

I thought you were an engineer, do it yourself. Lots of geniuses here, we'll help, just join the red with the yellow, woops red with the black ,,woops. Wear big gloves.

Purim Fest Recalls of the Jewish Act of Genocide
“……Rabbi Melamed has declared that those who worship Jesus Christ are idolaters: “…they (Christians) still embrace idolatry, believing that ‘oto ha’ish’ [Jesus] is god and the messiah, who will be resurrected to redeem the world… This delusion that Jesus is the mashiach (messiah) is indeed a false belief. As we learned from the words of the Rambam (Moses Maimonides, Laws of Kings 11:4): ‘Jesus the Christian, who thought he was the Messiah… was the subject of a prophesy in the Book of Daniel (11:14): ‘…also the renegades of your people will exalt themselves to fulfill the vision – but they will stumble.’ Could there be a greater stumbling block than this [Jesus]?”
For Purim 2012, Rabbi Melamed has made the following declaration: “Although the main mitzvah of wiping-out Amalek rests upon the community in general, every individual Jew is also obligated to fulfill this mitzvah. Therefore, if one comes upon an Amalekite and has chance to kill him, but does not – he has annulled this mitzvah (Sefer HaChinuch, 604).
Amalek was the first anti-Semite…Today, the seed of Amalek has been lost; however, if (it) becomes clear that a certain person is an Amalekite, following in their ways, it would be a mitzvah (blessed deed) to kill him (see Kol Mevaser 2:42)…Only after evil is eradicated from the world can there be complete joy. Thus on Purim, after the obliteration of Haman and his sons, happiness is especially great.” Cf. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, “Amalek: War Against the Root of Evil,” Israel National News, Feb. 28, 2012 (emphasis supplied).
Rabbi Melamed then creates an escape clause in case some people might be horrified at the notion of killing anyone labeled an “anti-Semite”: “…if an Amalekite decides to take upon himself the fulfillment of the Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons, according to Jewish law, there is no longer an obligation to kill him…”
The “Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons, according to Jewish law” (i.e. Talmudic law and successive halachos derived from it), decree death for idolaters. In Judaism worship of Jesus Christ is defined as avodah zorah (idol worship). “Anti-semitic” Amalekites and those who worship Jesus are subject to death. They can only escape capital punishment by accepting the Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons and denying that Jesus is God. This is what it means to “take upon” the “Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons” (Noachide Laws): the messiah status and divinity of Jesus Christ must be denied. The U.S. Congress is on record (Public Law 102-14) recommending the enactment of these misnamed “Noah” laws (in Orthodox Judaism the patriarch Noah is derided as a low character; cf. Judaism’s Strange Gods [2011] p. 108)

A predictable outcome on Queers & arseholes last night....

C.C. The licencing board or Electrical Inspectors appear to be the only option then. I have heard several tradies complain about "fair trading" mob.

CC..the NSW Dept ofTrading is only interested in fking over Aussies..including skillsed Aussies..those with foreign names and no skills are free to do whatever they like...and thats under the Libs...I have pointed numerous scams out to these useless fks..and all they do is threaten..the victim/person reporting it

I had a strange encounter not long after the PAM when returning to Perth from Canberra flying business class. I found myself sitting next to a gentleman who boarded the plane with two other men and who was studying the architectural plans of a new high security psychiatric hospital. Exchanging a few words he told me the hospital was being built because of the PAM. He also made what I thought was an odd comment that "Bryant is supposed to be insane" with him stressing the word "supposed.".....How peculiar I thought at the time. And do still.