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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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“The Climate Bunny of the Pacific Rim”.

Viv Forbes

Viv has a degree in Applied Science Geology and is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy


The new Saltbush Club has started a petition that urges Australia to exit immediately from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Australia’s destructive war on hydro-carbon fuels waged by both sides of politics is doing great harm to Australian industries and households, making electricity more expensive and less reliable, damaging industry and job prospects, all for no climate benefits.

 The Climate Alarm tide has peaked.

 Firstly, the IPCC “science” has been shattered by a large panel of Non-government scientists and an extensive body of peer-reviewed literature. They reject most of the IPCC conclusions.

 Secondly, a large international group of scientists and business people from 16 different countries (including Australia) have joined the Clexit Movement which urges world-wide withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and cessation of the costly war on coal, cattle and cars.

 Thirdly, the US government has repudiated the Paris Agreement, and proposals for a carbon tax were rejected by voters in the recent US elections.

 Fourthly, the growing BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have no intention of making meaningful cuts to their production of carbon dioxide. Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro has vowed to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

 Fifthly, the nations of Oceania and the Third-World-Network are keen supporters solely because they expect to get a big share from the enormous “Green Climate Fund” (to be filled by climate bunnies like Australia).

 Finally, hundreds of new modern coal-fired power stations are being built in many nations of the world, often using good quality Australian coal to power the manufacturing and refining industries which are being driven out of Australia because of its high-cost unreliable electricity.

 Our current energy/climate policies are making us: “The Climate Bunny of the Pacific Rim.”

 Viv Forbes
 Secretary of the Saltbush Club


Viv Forbes, the guy that hasn't said a word about Larry's passing, still submitting his opinions to Larry's site. Viv, the anti "lock the gate" activist believes private property isn't valid. That's one of the 10 tenants of the communist manifesto.

Climate change has been going on for millions of years - well before we got here. We didn't cause it and there's nothing we can do to stop it. All we can do is adapt as other civilisations before us have done. The really weird thing is that the Green idiots want us to think that it remained the same forever until we turned up. Horse-shit.

you are so right Viv

Sadly the socialist left teachers here is Dan’s People’s Republik of Victoria have so brainwashed students that there was a problem created by the lack of action by a right-leaning government so like lemmings tothe cliff top they rallied. Never mind that climate has changed forever. No doubt had they existed as the last IceAge came to its nature driven end (thank goodness for us all) they and theGreens would have declared that the end is nigh, the sky is falling etc.

Mother Nature has pumped more carbon into the atmosphere in QLD than we have in Decades I would think. Climate change IS occurring, and has been since the Earth was formed. That should never be denied, as it is a Fact and should be embraced not "Denied" which plays into the hands of the UN and Climate Agenda cartels trying to extort as much cash as they can as they blame us instead of Mother Nature for doing what we can Never change, in reality. Each Ice age since time began, was followed by a Warming phase, and then with time reverted back to another Ice age. There were no Coal Fired Power Stations or Cars on the road back then, Mother Nature did it ALL. The weather events we are experiencing now are just that, Weather Events. But some Greedy prick is always looking for a scam or Ponzi scheme…. The Problem with this one is the Government officials, many of whom, have a vested interest, either personally or politically in pushing it…As usual, those at the bottom of the Taxpaying food chain will be the ones who get stung…. ..But that is just my humble opinion….

They can be sure Bill Shorten and the Labor party want them redundant!

By the way - who is looking after the interests of coal miners. About time the Liberals made a pitch - to look after their industry, their interests and their JOBS. It's not like they labour down dark shafts with donkeys carting their loads. One would suspect they are the top socio economic group of earners. If their industry is not ruined.

Sadly the socialist left teachers here is Dan’s People’s Republik of Victoria have so brainwashed students that there was a “mass rally” in Melbourne protesting against “the federal government’s failure to address climate change”. Very sad for our future.

Australian Conservatives (QLD)
Come and celebrate the Festive season with like-minded Conservatives! We look forward to you joining us for a great afternoon of food and conversation with some special guests thrown in.
When: Saturday December 8th
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Where: Cairns RSL Bistro room, 119 Esplanade, Cairns City
Cost: $7 per person payable on the day
Canapes will be served and there will be a cash bar.
For further information please contact Kate Horan on 0432 295 985 or Email Kate
Australian Conservatives (Qld)

A US contractor accidentally revealed a US military specialist deployment in the combat zones in Ukraine via an Job Advertisement on LinkedIn.
Similarly to the Atlantic Council’s report on independence of Eastern European countries, as well as the meeting between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the posting comes days before the escalation in the Sea of Azov.

In response to a post by tigerbalm last night.

'Accepting a child for who they really are '

And there is the falsehood at the core of this post. An 11yo does not have a fully developed personality and is prone to going through various phases. An 11yo is malleable. If the 11yo has male genitalia and 30 odd trillion X chromosomes then he is a boy who will grow into a man. Loving parents would gently guide him in the correct direction so that he can fulfill his full potential as a man and most likely avoid serious mental problems in later life. Gender dysphoria is a feminist and homosexual construct with no basis in reality. These parents don't realize it, but they are doing this child irreparable harm, tantamount to child abuse. If they are so stupid that they can't see this, they should be prosecuted and the child removed from their care and influence. The father does look like some kind of pervert.

More of what passes for left wing sophistication. :-))

Tigerbalm Thu 29 Nov 2018 04:36:02 pm
Arsehole behaviour by arsehole men..... Even an arsehole should understand that.

God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all four corners of the world,

Then he made the world round..............And then he laughed and laughed.............

If a man says he will fix it, he will fix it.
There is no need to remind him every six months about it !

I used to think I was just a regular person, but I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist.I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today's standards, makes me a fascist.
I am heterosexual, which now makes me a homophobe.
I am mostly non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business.
I was christened as a baby, which now labels me as an infidel.
I am retired, which makes me useless.
I think and I reason, therefore I doubt much that the main stream media tells me,which must make me a reactionary.
I am proud of my heritage, which makes me a xenophobe.
I value my safety and that of my family and I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist.
I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual's merits, which today makes me an anti-socialist.
I (and most of the folks I know), acquired a fair education without student loan debts and little or no debt, which makes me some kind of an odd underachiever.
I believe in the defense and protection of my country and I honour those who served in the Armed Forces, which now makes me a right wing-militant.

Please help me come to terms with the new me... because I'm just not sure who the hell I am anymore!
Funny’s all just taken place over the last 7 or 8 years!
As if all this nonsense wasn’t enough to deal with.. Now I’m not even sure which toilet to go into!

High school kids going on 'strike' tomorrow, to protest global warming, I wonder what grabbed their attention the most, saving the planet or a day off school.

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