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Tuesday, 19th June 2018

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it's just another Left wing Fairfax rag

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Any doubt as to where ‘The Age’ places itself in the political spectrum is lost in its blind and embittered editorial this morning: A tearful entreaty for Gillard to stand down so that Abbott may not take the reins of Government.

This (now tabloid) paper is emblematic of all that has but destroyed the traditions of our once great Press.

‘The Age’ makes no secret of its hatred for Abbott: “Labor has implemented landmark reforms!” 

To be honest, I can’t name one, but it adulates further: 

“We do so with all respect to Ms Gillard, recognising that in the three years she has occupied the Office of Prime Minister - most of it under the vexing circumstances of a hung Parliament... we now fear outright control of both Houses may be delivered to the Coalition.”

It gaggingly continues: “Australians deserve more than to be thrown scraps of policies couched in negative terms, or policies that are not properly scrutinised and debated. 

“As it stands, the Coalition is being given a free run... too many of the Coalition's proposed policies, some little more than slogans, are sliding through.

“Mr Abbott is being allowed to run almost entirely unchallenged with his preposterous claim that a Coalition government would ‘stop the boats’”.

Is stopping the boats “sloganeering” when anyone with a mite of respect for our sovereignty would, without question, stop the boats immediately, as would any other nation?

Editor, and St Kilda supporter, Andrew Holden, would do well to stop cravenly hiding behind ‘The Age’ masthead and put his name to his biased drivel and, while he is there, answer properly the 2011 accusations of phone hacking. 

Holden is a Lefty lightweight, an out of touch ABC groupie who panders to the inner suburban far Left and Green gophers.

An embarrassing interview with this unintellectual intellectual in ‘Crikey’ displays his Kiwi ineptness:

“It was not what you’d call a stellar performance by 'The Age’ new editor-in-chief Andrew Holden, who went on the Jon Faine program on ABC Melbourne to score some points at News Limited’s expense about that company’s reluctance to reveal its digital circulation figures. Rather ironic, given what happened next.

“When Holden was asked by a talkback caller whether 'The Age' would be developing an Android app, he answered in a way that revealed he didn’t know that the paper already had one—a point revealed after the interview by several listeners who tweeted in to say that they were listening to the program on their Andriod devices! Oops.

“Earlier in the interview he had failed to explain 'The Age’s “buy the weekend papers and get the weekday ones free” subscription deal. 

Faine had to tell him that such a deal existed. During the course of the interview, he also revealed the age of one of his female reporters—and promptly apologised on air for doing so. This was information he was privy to because he has just signed off on her redundancy.

“For those Fairfax employees considering their futures, the boss’ performance would not have inspired great confidence.”

No damage, it was only the ABC’s darling of the far Left, Jon Faine, whose audience comprises family and friends.

Those major Fairfax shareholders (including Gina Rinehart) who would reform this broken organisation are being frozen out on the basis of suspected politically opposed views.

[In essence it’s an editorial contract to further the cause of Labor that board members must adhere to.]

Unfortunately this Fairfax tabloid is destined to follow others in the stable to the nearest fish and chip shop.

Non-subscription on-line news is now recognised as the only source of truth in reporting.


Let me word
Starting with the letter 'F"

I gotta better Malaysian deal...................

A one off special.................

We take 5000 off their hands ...but.....they have to take Julia Gillard from us.

Would that have been a Westfield centre?

DJT---Great idea, this is the fair system of processing refugees. They should take this up with the UN.

You are spot on rae.....not only is 'oh really' abusive but she is also a pain in the backside the way she lectures everyone who posts something.

Of course the Govt is going to "appoint" the people they know will give them the result the Govt wants from an "independent" review.
Allows them to big note how perfect they are afterwards and claim they have both the mandate for their policies and the approval of an "independent" committee - and, of course, hand out more bucks to the faithfull!

What is abusive about the post you replied to ????

Whatever policies Abbott initiates to stop illegals will be a welcome change as Rudd/Gillard have no policy and the crap of the "Expert Committee" was a severely watered down version of the Howard solution and the illegals knew this as they know Gillard and Labor are an incompetent rabble.

There is so much comment on the problems of sending them back to where they came from - well the boats are Indonesian flagged and that makes the Indonesian Government responsible.
As to the comment that the Indonesians will not agree to taking them back - there is $500 000 000 being handed out to the Indonesian Govt by our Govt every year - tell them that is being redirected back to our own budget to help with the illegals and see how quickly the traffic stops!

I served for many years as an RAN Commissioned Officer. I take your point re towed vessels but each RAN ship has a boarding Party to take control of any situation that may arise, including engineers to take control of an engine room. There is no reason why an illegal entry vessel can't be turned around and sent packing back to where it came from. If the vessel is deliberately made inoperative, take all on board off the vessel and transfer all to a UN refugee centre somewhere in Africa preferably.

We need a huge deterrent to stop the deluge of illegal boats coming. Let the UN earn their keep by processing these type of queue jumpers.

Like just about everyone else you just don't understand the reality of the problem! They cannot be 'sent ' anywhere by anybody, least of all the Australian government. Why do think those from the Howard government era are still all living here now?
That is the problem no politician or so called journalist tackles, protection visas and all that BS. Until the UNHCR rubbish is ditched and rigid imprisonment the policy , this will never,ever go away. So we are stuck with it because politicians have not stomach for it.

Perhaps the Age could put its political commentary in the Sports Section where it belongs? Then they could actually report the news. Their backing for Labor over the hated Liberals is making Collingwood supporters look ambivalent.

Rae. I would like to read your blogs, but I speak English. What does "very Gillard 1600, mean?

Just another "Scandal Rag" only suitable for wrapping the garbage. I refuse to subscribe to any of them nowadays!

watched bolt this morning. Pity Akerman didn't have something similar

From the Top
I have served this country through a couple of conflicts and some unpublicised dangerous duties - I never believed for one moment that I was some sort of protected species and that I was not at times in danger. In fact, I sent months recovering from machine gun fire wounds - the thought never passed my mind that the Government was somehow responsible for that enemy soldier doing his job on me! I too read the report giving the b/s about it being not appropriate to put the Navy into a dangerous situation. Give me a break! The truth is that the RAN has not seen any real war action since Korea back in the 50s, apart from some very brave helicopter pilots and crew who were deployed with the US 135th Assault Aviation Company in Vietnam (and who incidentally received far fewer decorations than the officers employed on RAN ships that cruised well off-shore and only approached the coast close enough to fire their guns occasionally, but that is another story). I take nothing away from Navy personnel - they will serve where they are required and without wanting a guarantee that they will never be in danger.
My service was under both stripes of Government and I never had cause to question their attitude at any time in regard to our support. However, what I observe with this present Government makes me puke - always ready to front up to a parade and grandstand around for photo opportunities with the troops but never seen and heard when it really counts - and the loyalty of the present Defence Minister is the most definite example of the wrong man in the wrong job that we have ever had!.

And he has got mother-inlaw to run to for succor, or perhaps suckhole might be more appropriate.

The only thing these illegal entrants contribute to is the dole ques and rising crime rate.

Abbott needs to ship every last one of these opportunistic, freeloading scabs back where they came from.

With a good kick up their black arses as they go.

Hopefully that doers eventuate, Shorten will ensure an ALP primary vote in single figures.

wonder would Gillarse tip the bucket of shit on him if he go turn-coat lol