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Friday, 22nd March 2019

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"See ya all."

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


Dear Pickering Posters,

Larry has asked me to give another update on his condition. Up until now, he hasn’t wanted to say too much as he hates to burden others with his problems.

Now however, things have reached a point where even Larry has to admit that his race is almost run.

He has lost a lot of weight and his condition has spread to his liver. He is now in considerable pain but is refusing pain killers as he intends to remain conscious and lucid for what time he has left with his loved ones.

He has checked himself out of hospital and has gone home to be with his family. My thoughts and prayers are with Larry and his loving wife and children who he adores.

Sorry that I cannot give more detailed information but what little I know comes from family and friends. I will however endeavour to keep you updated as more information comes to light.

I will be doing my best to keep the Pickering Post going. Larry has indicated that this is what he wishes to happen. I don’t have as much time as Larry and certainly don’t have his talents.

I will do whatever I can however and am grateful to the other contributors who have been sending through some excellent quality articles. The Pickering Post is Larry’s legacy and with your help and support, I want to keep it as a shining beacon of freedom in these difficult times.


PS. In case you are wondering, Larry chose the title and photo. This is his message to you all who he loves and who have stood by him through the years.


Thanks Larry. Rest in peace. Even though you are an atheist, God has a sense of humour & will be glad to take you on board.

I have been out of the loop for over a week and I come back to this devastating news. RIP Larry, you have been a beacon to us all. All the best on what you find on the journey.

See ya 'round the corner Larry.

Time to put on the Pickering T shirt and sing along with a bit of John Williamson
Hey True Blue, don't say you've gone
Say you've knocked off for a smoko
And you'll be back la-ater on
Hey True Blue, Hey True Blue

Give it to me straight, face to face
Are you really disappearing
Just another dying race
Hey True Blue

See you Larry. Thanks for all the fun, courage, and talking truth to power, over the many years. We'll miss you, buddy.

I'm very sorry to hear that Larry has passed away. I extend my love and condolences to his family. Vale Larry, I will miss you.

But we've had some fun, Hey!
RIP. Larry Pickering.

"Me trucks stuffed" - punchline to a 70s cartoon that will stay with me forever. A loss for us all but leaving a body of work that is a perpetual legacy to Australia.

Thanks Larry, it's been a hoot.

Bye old friend,rest in peace Lazz.

We've lost a mate today
a part of Australian folklore,
But his wit, his wisdom and cartoons
we'll cling to that's for sure.

His legacy's one we must preserve
let's keep the flame a 'flickering',
And remember there will never be
another Larry Pickering.

RIP Larry

Larry you have been the greatest advocate for justice and you are going to be missed. God Speed.

Vale Pickering, God speed you to your rest.

You gave us a forum unlike any other, each of us owes you for that and I, for one, am grateful for the opportunity to hear the many different views that make up this unique post. Well, most of them, even you, old mate, respected our differences rather than shared them.

His family have much to cherish and I wish them peace.

The passing of a great Australian. Thank you Larry and condolences to your lovely family.

RIP mate your work is done.

Rest in peace Larry.

Goodbye mate, thanks for everything.

May God Bless all of Larry's family and give them added strength to accept this sad loss in their beautiful family and to always as I will remember all the Good and Happiness Larry bought to everyone in his lifetime, Travel well old soldier and save me a seat
RIP Larry you will never be forgotten.

Sadly, Larry has passed away this evening at an Arundel hospital alongside his wife and family, aged 76.