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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


If PM Morrison will allow Tony Abbott to bury the hatchet it will be a portent to good government and ensure the next election is a competitive affair. The next two weeks are the most important in the SCOMO tenure. He must return to the Parliament with a plan to rid us of the sewage and reinstate wasted administrative talent like Abbott. 

The Education portfolio is vacant!

Dutton will remain where he is and Pyne will stay on as Manager of Government Business but both Pyne and airhead Payne must be kicked out of Defence. Marise Payne was a Turnbull appointment that made no sense other than that she was a sheila.

Her ineptness immediately became clear and little Chris Pyne was appointed to help out in an astonishing dual Senate/Reps administration. It didn’t work of course and was followed by Defence advertising free gender reassignments with complementary pink nail polish. 

That must have scared the crap out of the military in Beijing, North Korea and Indonesia. Joko Bonobo must have pissed his pants in either fear or laughter.

Jim Molan is a newcomer, so will likely be overlooked, but he would be an aggressive fixer in the out of control Defence portfolio.

But an Abbott reassignment is pivotal to the success of a Morrison government. Kevin Andrews less so. The Education job is virtually vacant because Birmingham has completely stuffed up the Catholic connection and Tony, although he was a poor PM, is still a great administrator with a history in Education and God knows it needs him now that the Same Sex Marriage Lefties have morphed into weird and sick infant sex educationists. (ScoMo is against Same Sex Marriage.)

Abbott should shorten his long memory and forgive and forget that Morrison assisted his dismissal in favour of Turnbull. Abbott will want the treacherous Stick Insect gone from the plum DFAT job but he can’t win that argument.

The best he can hope for is that Morrison takes her damned cheque book from her, cancels her New York expense account and stops her ordering empty aeroplanes from Perth for mile-high encounters with boyfriends like Mr Wonderful.

As for the judicious little Jew, Josh, he needs to slowly sidle away from our insane commitment to Paris and adopt a Conservative track back to Australia’s best interests. Will he do that? I don’t know, but someone had better or the Party will face further cleavage.

Morrison should also consider recalling the half billion Turnbull gifted the Barrier Reef mob and redirect it to our debt and drought ridden farmers. Hmmm, there is so much to do after Turnbull's destructive Labor/Green policies.

I reckon, against all predictions, that ScoMo will dump Paris. He knows all about our border sovereignty that he deftly re-established after Rudd handed it to the people smugglers, so he should understand that Paris is an equally arrogant UN assault on our energy sovereignty.

Now that the ignominious maggot Mal has departed we can start to rebuild our defences against the worst of Labor's Left and the decomposing gangrenous Greens. There is finally a light ahead and we are warning ScoMo:

“Get the Party back to the sensible centre or we will hound you out of office too.”


Winston, I just listened to Nigel Farage interviewed by Alan Jones of 2GB, really worth hearing. The acknowledgement of the loss of sovereignty, here handing us over to UN rule, etc. Thanks for the tip.

Desperately grasping on to relevance by his fingernails!!

new post

How come our border patrols missed that boat, around Cape York, and all the way to the Daintree? Time for a wake up!

I bet Sarah Shit fr Brains is looking at this........

Back in action: Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, spews lava and ash (VIDEOS)
Europe’s most active volcano, Mount Etna, is back in action, spewing smoldering rocks, ash, and molten lava onto its surroundings.

I assume this is without parliamentary privilege and potential libellous?

I’m going to officially give my thoughts on the Morrison cabinet:

Wonder if Mal is feeling nimble and innovative this morning ?

Rudd wants the respect, kudos and status of the that is a laugh.

I’m too young to retire: Abbott

PoliticsNow: Tony Abbott says he regards himself as a young man and confirms he will stay in parliament after the next election.

Ponerology 101: Snakes in Suits
"...............In the third, manipulation phase, psychopaths create and maintain their "psychopathic fiction", setting up positive disinformation about themselves and negative disinformation about others using the network of pawns, patrons and "useful idiots" that they create. By creating conflict among the other employees, they divert attention away from themselves, preferring to operate behind the scenes and above the storms that they create and manage. In the confrontation phase, psychopaths discard rivals and pawns (now patsies), frequently using techniques of character assassination, framing, and other tactics using so-called "facts" that deviate significantly from the truth. They get away with this by relying on the highly placed patrons with whom they are now cozy. And in the final, ascension phase, they ultimately unseat their patrons, taking for themselves the positions and prestige of those who once supported them.9 In the psychopath's game, people exist solely to be manipulated, and he pursues his aims at any cost, even if that means backstabbing everyone who supported him in his ascent.

Interest in corporate psychopaths has risen significantly in the last decade, largely due to the publicity of corporate frauds and scandals like Enron in 2001 and Madoff in 2009. Oddly, given the number of political scandals and their striking similarities to their corporate cousins, the idea that psychopaths infiltrate governments - with disastrous results - has yet to receive the attention it deserves. In fact, the political massacres that are occurring today - the dark aspects of human history that both fascinate and repel us - and the corruption that inevitably leads to them, have their roots in the presence of psychopaths in positions of power and influence.........................."

Has he run out of our money already?

Piss off Kevin.


Billy B Mon 27 Aug 2018 09:11:41 am
And the weekends is the lowest since Abbott run the show.
That is reality

These Turnbull plants are as cunning as shithouse rats. Their ultimate aim is to destroy Australia as a white European nation, and the best way to kill a tree is to chop off the roots, in our case the Constitution, and what better way than to give abos superior rights as the actual landlords of the country. The High Court has already gone part of the way in its ridiculous leftist Mabo decision. Tony Abbott is on record as saying that he would sweat blood to have the abos included specifically in the Constitution. So here is the plan. Keep Abbott busy with the abos by being responsible for the Abofication of the Constitution, and so no need to make him a Minister, just a token position. When the referendum comes, it will be difficult to garner opposition as the supposed hard right conservative Abbott has actually prepared it. Killing two birds with one stone. Machiavellian.

Israel Tried To Assassinate US Ambassador

The US State Department covered up the attemped Israeli assassination of Washington’s ambassador to Lebanon, just as Washington covered up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that produced hundreds of casualties. As far as Israel’s puppets in Washington are concerned, Israel never does anything but God’s will.

briankhyslop Sun 26 Aug 2018 09:07:34 am
dusty with a little "d" compensates for that condition by posting long posts.Doesn't really make his little "d" any longer, though.
Rinaldo Sun 26 Aug 2018 09:17:55 am
briankhyslop with a little "b" compensates for that condition by posting short posts. Doesn't really make his little "b" any larger, though.
briankhyslop Sun 26 Aug 2018 01:29:11 pm
Hi, Rinty. As with all your posts the above makes no sense, either. Cheers, Brisn K.
Rinaldo Sun 26 Aug 2018 03:07:11 pm
That's because you've got a little "b".

JJ - now bullshit is something Rudd knows all about.

IT's all Abbott's fault and the whole lot of them have it wrong.

Go back to Turnbull white anting King. That is where it started. And he has been in the mix ever since, chasing his childhood dream.

Be careful what you wish for.