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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled',


So you hate Nigel Farage. He is an ex Tory, who was in Maggie Thatcher’s Government. You think he is arrogant and argumentative? 

You figure his anti-immigration rhetoric is hiding closet racism and all the decent people you respect seem to hate him too.

If the Press is to be believed, then he probably spends his weekends skinning kittens. Maybe you hate Boris Johnson too. Perhaps the “Leave” people seem like Donald Trump with better hair.

You are however about to cast the most important ballot of your life so please listen up for one moment.

Whatever the faults of the “Leave” team may be (and I am sure they have plenty) there is just one thing that you need to know about them.

This is an intelligence test for the British people. Get this wrong and the repercussions will be devastating.

Farage, Johnson and the other “Leave” politicians are asking, even begging you to vote for them for one reason only. They want to restrict the power that they have over you; and increase the power that you have over them.

This is something that politicians almost never ever, ever do. When a politician genuinely proves that this is his intention then you should vote for him and support him in any way you can, regardless of whatever else you may disagree with.

The alternative which you, as a British citizen, are being asked to vote for is the absolute polar opposite of this situation.

Over the past 40 odd years, the European Union has surreptitiously usurped the power of the democratically elected British Parliament to the point where The European Union now makes around 60% of Britain’s laws.

If Britain stays in the EU I can guarantee that at some time in the near future, they will make 100% of the laws. Sure the British Parliament will still exist and the politicians will still be elected and handsomely paid. They just won’t make any laws.

They will be a rubber stamp soap opera. The only reason they will exist, will be to fool the people into thinking that they still live in a democracy.

This is exactly the situation with the current European Parliament which doesn’t make any laws either.

So who will make the laws? Frankly, I have no idea. I strongly suspect however, that whoever it is would make Nigel Farage seem like Mother Teresa herself.

If these were good and decent people, they wouldn’t be hiding in the shadows and desperately trying to ensure that they have zero accountability to the people they are dictating laws to.

If they achieve their goal of making all of the laws which govern the people of Europe (and if Britain votes to stay, then I can’t see any way that this can be prevented), then Europe will have become a dictatorship. It is that simple.

The main argument for staying in seems to be, “hey, Europe has some faults but ‘we the people’ need to stay in so we can fix it up and then everything will be just great.

I’m going to cut you some slack here because you have probably never lived in a dictatorship (yet). In a dictatorship, “We the People” don’t exist.
In a dictatorship, it is every man for himself. It is you versus the Government and they have guns and bombs and tanks.

You don’t fix things up in a dictatorship. That is what happens in a democracy. In a dictatorship, if you don’t like things, it is YOU who gets “fixed up.”

“Oh hey” you say, “but what if we get a benevolent dictator like in Singapore?”

Well that might be OK, but what if you don’t? What is your plan B? Do you think you can just vote them out like you did when you were living in a democracy? Here on Planet Earth things don’t work that way.

If you don’t like the dictatorship you are living in there is only one way to change things. You have to physically wrest power from the people in charge.

Did I mention that they have guns and bombs and tanks? Do you remember your history lessons? Does the name Oliver Cromwell ring a bell?

Is a brutal and bloody civil war the way you want to change Governments in the future? If not, then vote “Leave” to get out of the European Union dictatorship.

I can’t promise that there won’t be a period of difficulty for some. No-one can promise that. What I can promise you is that in the long run, democracy may be a rotten system, but as Churchill reminded us, “The only systems which are worse are all the other ones we tried before.”

This poll has nothing to do with Farage, Johnson, Cameron or Corbyn. It has nothing to do with the tragic killing of a Labour MP. It has everything to do with how you and your descendants will change their leaders.

This vote is currently on a knife edge. Please share this post with every British person you know, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, 

...and good luck.


The message I see from the British taking back their lives is quite simple: get the unelected swill out of our lives. British are sick of having their lives in Britain determined by the 'pigs in the trough' who hide in Belguim. So the lesson for Australian politicians is quite simple - take back Australian life from the 'pigs in the trough' unelected swill like Trigg and her ilk.

Hoorah for Democracy, BREXIT wins, even the biased BBC has had to admit that Britain has voted to LEAVE the EU. First bit of good international news for a long time!

Umm me - I am of the view that Prime Minister Heath should not have signed English sovereignty away when he signed the Lisbon Treaty. Thank heavens for Thatcher - her mindset to keep the GBP independent was the saving grace for the UK. But the Poms deserve everything that they get - they seem to have buried their collective heads up their rear ends over the Muslim situation in northern England and one wonders when sharia law will come into Birmingham - believe me not far away. Let them stay in the EU - why? Then they have to accept their allocation of refugees and shut the F. U. and stop whining about their borders being under attack and the eastern EU workers pinching their jobs.....

The main point is that the EU as it is today, is NOT what the Brits joined. The Common Market was just that; a Market, with little or no political interference. Although I was incensed that I could not buy my favourite fruit and ANZ meat and dairy, simple because it didn't meet somewhat arbitrary Euro standards. If it is at all possible I'd like to see a competitive, nimbler alternative common market comprising the Danes, Dutch,Sweden Finland, Irish (maybe), Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and other disaffected Europeans could join. But NOT Italy, Spain, Bulgaria,Romania,Greece, and all the other 'hot' heads, and DEFINITELY NOT the TURKS!

all those years that Britain on the world stage was one of the leading exponents of Divide & Conquer. Now the boot is on the other foot..

originally the main argument for joining the union was that it was a bigger market and closer to home. Other factors were that it was well past the end of the colonial period and it was accepted that the colonies would be given their independence while Britain was essentially bankrupt after the war. To their credit they kept their own currency which is one lever they have over the continentals. But over the years the many bizarre deals done within the EU at Britain's expense have clearly taken it's toll. Add to that the loss of the British identity which strikes a cord with many people...

As I see it voting implies ones consent to governments actions.
Registering to vote means that legally you are a franchisee of government.
“Franchise” means a privilege or right granted by government, which means that those elected are not as you imagine your servants but instead that you are subject to governments decrees -
"..In Australia today, citizens over the age of 18 can vote. Over the years, many people and groups in Australian society have campaigned to ensure that the franchise is enjoyed by all adult citizens.
On several occasions, Australia has been at the forefront internationally of efforts to extend the franchise. This was the case with the push for women's suffrage in the late 1800s, and the lowering of the voting age from 21 to 18 in the 1970s......”

There is no way that the powers ( unelected powers) that be will let Britain leave. Forty years in the making have given them time to prepare for such a moment. Thatcher kept the pound out of the EU, but once it goes, so does her sovereignty and the Calais tunnel will swing open just in time to see millions of 'refugees' reduce Britain to a stinking rubbish pile.

This might explain some of the push to remain in the EU On the Bilderberg 2016 public agenda are the usual items of China, Russia, Middle East, technology, and one NEW item — the PRECARIAT. It’s a term coined by a UK economist to describe what he sees as the “precarious proletariat”, a “dangerous class” of people who have been harmed by globalism and are “prone to listen to ugly voices, and to use their votes and money to give those voices a political platform of increasing influence.” How do the elite propose to control the PRECARIAT that they see as “an incipient political monster”?

Stealth - the alternative to war. Both have the same result. At least with war everyone knows whats going on.

It seems Shooters and Fishers are as dishonest and corrupt as the major parties! Have they been "got at"?

Please find attached the PDFs of our updated How to Vote (HTV) cards for Victoria.

This became necessary after Mr Robert Brown, public officer of the 'Shooters, Farmers and Fishers' (SFF) party, has not honoured the agreement we had with him to reciprocate the #2 position in Victoria. SFF has placed a different party as their Victorian #2 preference and left ALA off their card. We only found out two days ago and when questioned, Mr Brown refused to reprint the SFF cards.

Consequently, there is no reason to uphold our end of the agreement.

The new ALA HTV cards for Victoria are now being printed and will be distributed next week via RSG leaders and the party office. While this is an extra expense for the Victorian campaign fund, we felt it would not be right to reward

England is already half way to Islamic domination.
Staying in the UE will seal the deal.

As always, Harry, very common sense stuff, thanks.

Absolutely correct, Harry. My motto: always go with your gut feeling.

Zionist ,''Useful Idiots '' ! planning and carrying out the demise of the white Races and Western Civilization

"Good Fences Make Good Neighbours" by Robert Frost, has real meaning here. If Britain stays in the EU there will be no fences therefore "No Fences Make Bad Neighbours. World Socialism is on the march!

This is off topic but needs to be disseminated. Turnbull's proposed changes to self funded superannuation include any earnings over $70,000 pa being taxed at 15%. This doesn't affect politicians' super....Gillard on $350,000 indexed for life, tax free when she hits 60, Bronwyn Bishop $250,000 pa same deal. Also the gold pass trade off for 40% pay rises under Gillard hasn't passed the senate after 4 years. Why? Because it hasn't been put to the senate, and never will be. 4 years, and they think we've forgotten about it.

The British elect to stay, they can be assured of further population migration. Dickheads.

maybe he thought he was going to church