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Wednesday, 14th November 2018

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What! An attractive sheila like you, Anne?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Naturally I didn’t apply for the “partner’s” job after Ms Summers publicly said that I was responsible for Jill Meagher's rape and murder.

Ms Summers’ claim to fame was that she interviewed Julia Gillard after her political demise [it was as boring as batshit]. Both Gillard and Summers held me partly responsible for the death of dear Julia. [Now that’s an honour I was proud to accept.]

But poor Ms Summers’ media adventure has sunk like a lead balloon and she can’t work out why, as she explained in this baleful letter to her four or five followers:  

I am writing to let you know that I am closing Anne Summers Reports and my Anne Summers Conversations events. Regrettably, my search for a partner has not been successful and we do not have the funds to be able to continue.  (In fact, we are in debt.) [do you want Julia’s number, she is flush right now?]

“How could such a venture have failed, given the backing of the country’s most beloved figures and most powerful activists? [Beloved figures? WTF?] 

We presented the first interviews with Julia Gillard after she left the Prime Ministership, first at the Sydney Opera House on 30 September 2013 and the following night at Melbourne Town Hall. These became the events of the year [in her mind only], with thousands of people attending and hundreds of thousands more watching live on television. 

[The real Ms Ann (no 'e') Summers runs UK lingerie parties.]

“The National Portrait Gallery acquired Peter Brew-Bevan’s brilliant portrait of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard which appeared on the cover of our July 2013 issue (which featured the last print interview Gillard gave as Prime Minister.) [Actually it wasn’t the last by a long shot but phew, thank Christ for that.]

“Actor Cate Blanchett generously gave ASR the rare opportunity to do a photoshoot…
[Wow, and she rarely does photoshoots, eh?]

Our December 2013 cover story on climate change, Countdown to Catastrophe. Happening. Here. Now by John Cook was selected to appear in The Best Australian Science Writing 2014 ... [Crikey, so she cannot understand why the sane majority believes it is a mad Left hoax?]

“How could there have not been an audience for covers like these?”

Anne Summers

Well that’s easy to answer Anne dear, you are a boring old bat who is living in a time warp of feminist bullshit. If the Marxist ABC has given you the flick perhaps SBS can find something for you.

... I hear one of the cleaners has shot through. 


Think of the cricket balls that face will make, when properly tanned. Wouldn't mind a swing at it right now, though!

If this thing fell in a creek they would be skimming ugly for months!

I mean some people abuse the privilege of being called fugly!

By the way, I fancy the one on the right.

Oi!!! That looks really bad - like a skull with some tissue paper over it. Funny how the story of her little lefty rag gurgling under debt because no-one wants it is a metaphore for the way Labour runs Australia when it gets the chance. Big promises, all bullshit then a complete mismanagement of whatever money there is. They really have no idea at all where it comes from.

I almost fell off my chair laughing Larry ! ! A lost the plot commie


Umm - well who did start WWII? There is a view that the Japan invasion of China was the real start - as it dragged Russia into that war and their involvement stymied the Japanese - the involvement of Europe thereafter was an involvement of Russia as well. We call it a world war - so to set the record straight - let us just say that it was well advanced in China and Russia - with Koreans actually fighting for Russia against Germany (who had a non aggression pact with Japan) when they decided to march on Russia after Poland - so you no doubt think that it was the English, US, Australia, Canada and the resistance who won the WWII trophy - ignoring Russia and the millions of lives they lost fighting the Germans and entering Berlin well ahead of the other allies. Get real.

Is Toyboy Chip Goodyear still rooting THAT?

Says a lot about Gillard, to have a friend like this - yuk.

What a troubled past, poor love. An abortion must be a terrible burden to carry through life. It explains a little about her though.

June 22, 1941: Hitler Invades USSR. Why?
The great sacrifice of Germany and the 500,000 foreign SS Waffen volunteers prevented Stalin from taking ALL of Europe.
Only when you fully understand the MONSTROUS LIES told about Adolf Hitler and World War II, can you fully understand the current drive for World War III!


She must be a real brain wave if lingerie Parties is the best she can come up with

And when they start their Jew World Order ,imagine the slaughter these scum will visit on humanity ,because as far as they are concerned Non Jews are Animals and can be killed and its not a Sin .Chosen people ? yes they are chosen by Satan to do his will on Earth

Stalin had plans to invade Europe imagine the bloody nightmare for Europe if Hitler didnt strike them first ,pity he lost against these lug nut caveman scum

How the hell can anyone be like that ? Look at the Japanese human experiments in China bloody horrendous made Mengele look like a Kindergaten teacher

Typical jews ,the most obnoxious ,racist ,corrupt mob ever ,they have the ADL and every other thing to make them a protected species ,they ran the slave trade ,opium trade ,run the porn industry ,own nearly all the abortion clinics ,own all the media to spout their bullshit ,Hollywood and its rubbish ,create all the wars including WW2, there is really no end to these evil people

She is not just ugly on the outside. An ugly person through and through!

BDS: "You know unfortunately this blog has been invaded by a legion of crazies"

Agree and I've been wondering about you lately.

NEVER, EVER. Rather have Mrs Palmer any day or night!