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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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... but not close enough

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I have a better chance of picking the entire Melbourne Cup placings in order, than Donald Trump has of winning the White House and that means the world is going to suffer a Gillard type of incompetent stupidity for four long, probably irreversible, years.

The Don must win Florida, Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania and hold on to a dozen other marginals if he’s to rid America of Obama/Clinton. As said here 10 months ago Trump will be beaten by his own Party, and unfortunately he has been. 

Incredibly, many Republicans have decided to write off the next four years in order to ensure                                                           Trump does not prevail.

                                           Soft Left GOP House Speaker, Paul Ryan

Republicans also have decided to divert funds from the Trump campaign to assist their own re-election in a (two year of six year) staggered Senate race. Trump was faced with not only the cost of winning the GOP primaries but he is now having to finance the final stages of his own Presidential campaign. 

When he again stumps up his own money for the final two weeks, it will be to the benefit of those Republicans who have ruthlessly disowned him. If he goes fundraising, the GOP Senators' race may get the bloody lot, so he is left with only facebook and twitter to combat Hillary's billions.

If Hillary falls off the perch, which is highly likely, they (we) will get that grinning goose, Tim Kaine as President... and this bloke is an international embarrassment without peer.

It’s a macrocosm of Australia’s political chaos.The Conservative factions hate each other more than they hate the Opposition... many in the Liberal Party would rather see Turnbull lose the next election, to face another three years in the wilderness where they can rebuild, rather than sustain someone like Turnbull who is anathema to all they hold Conservatively dear.

Despite Julie Bishop’s and Greg Hunt’s UN global warming ambitions, Australia in the foreseeable future will have very little clout internationally.  But Hillary Clinton should have every American crapping him/herself when she attempts to repair the horrific damage she and Obama have inflicted on the world.

And it’s not just the world at large, she has destroyed the FBI, the IRS, the CIA, and the Dept of Justice. All have been corrupted, and she will leave a stinking skid mark on the Supreme Court with her liberal appointments for generations to come.

The House looks safe but if she gets control of the Senate she will have a free hand to complete her plan for the social engineering of America, aided by communists Bernie Sanders, who will be her Majority Senate Leader, and the insane Elizabeth Warren.

No-one can seriously suggest the continuation of Obama’s deranged pro Islam and global warming policies will unite anything other than the wretched UN, but continue they will.

With arrogant confidence Hillary Clinton is now concentrating on winning Senate seats. She believes she already owns the White House and is preparing to implement the greatest social experiments in American history.

Trump has got it right with foreign policy, particularly with NATO, Turkey needs to be kicked out and quickly before something a lot worse than ISIS evolves. Then the despicable Muslim Ottoman Erdogan’s demand to join the EU should be accepted now that sanity has prevailed with the UK Brexit.

I really don’t want to leave my kids in the irreparably destroyed world of Obama and Clinton who have plotted the closest foreign policy scenario to a world war since 1945.  

If someone out there could somehow convince me of a god, any damned god will do, I promise to pray every day for the next two weeks that the Don pulls off the miracle of all miracles and inters that loathsome, insane woman Hillary Clinton, in her own gushing, fetid excrement.


You need to convince yourself about the existence of God Larry, nobody can do it for you. Others can only influence you to believe what they believe. You need to believe the words of Jesus as the truth. Only through effort on your part will the scales be taken from your eyes. Study the word of God intensely, eventually you will get it. But stay away from religious nutters inside and outside the church, anyone who tells you that sex is the original sin for instance. If you hadn't studied at university you wouldn't have the career you have. Well, if you don't study the word of God you will never believe in God either.

Why is LP being so stubborn?

You're still not seeing it Larry. The polls are rigged (as Trump keeps telling everyone). The polls are rigged so that the people (like you) will expect a Clinton victory. Many voting machines have been programmed to flip votes from Trump to Clinton. They have been exposed by Infowars who have video evidence of this. The jig is up. If Clinton is declared the winner, Trump will rightly challenge with a mountain of evidence. I can't see Teflon Hillary getting away with it this time. FYI - half of the democrats hate her.

Yes bagman, I have agreed a coupe of times but he lets his lack of character slip mostly. A very selfish attitude comes across. At least he loves himself. Must enjoy that bedtime company with Mrs Palmer.

Roo I also don't think he is married maybe once was ,never mentioned Family even when he has been on the road and posting ,he quite often make some good points in his posts pity really

Were constantly stressed with the pressure sick leave went up that made it worse

If that's true it's disgusted using immigrants to make himself money .This type of corporate behaviour plagues Australia today When I was younger I worked for a large service company .Ther was no union protection so they took away penalty rates cut staff and the guys had to work longer hours because of the workload .They were unable to get a second jobs instantly poorer .Thee were consequences as the car accident rate went up blokes

What odds are the bookies offering for the US presidential election ?

Chill, there will always be lunatic copy-cats, that is just another problem we are going to have to deal with

sadderdotdot, these folks above are all perfectly entitled to have thought it was a muslime style attack. you could not rightly claim anything otherwise. when they say it was an islamic type of attack, they are right. you are just trying to be wise after the event. as usual, nothing new.

taxslave, I believe BK is a retired little man who bragged about being a manager of a small manufacturing business. He also had Immigration call on the company as there was illegals working there. Cheap labor no doubt, his moral compass died long ago. But yes he imagines he's "in touch" with the big pollies and if so, it shows how corrupt there are too. All the pollies perks he endorses as they are "legal". Passed by none other than a bi-partisanship. And yes I'm over paying taxes for free loaders whether they be from the extreme left of right. They are all leeches sucking on the honest taxpayers of this country. But then I'm naive and silly ;-)

Nothing ever transcends life's experiences and like all older folk we have seen our share of some disgusting stuff done to people in business and in life it really gets to me how Some Australians think they are above people they can play god with our lives and turned us into a hunger games society BK seems very young and naive He will the difference when his kids start working I watch my children do very long hours at work and pay way too much tax .I can't understand why we don't get angry about taxation .Its killing our country.If we protested and sent emails and letters about tax as we did in NSW about greyhounds we would make the corrupt bastards sit up and take notice .On most reports I have read we only need 6 percent of the population to stand up and say no more Change would happen

Yeah like a sloth closing in on a lettuce leaf! Will hit her with the full force of a wet sponge!

OT, sorry. I buy the Primo Shaved Honey Leg Ham in the 100g pack for my dogs. They have 50g between them every night before they go to bed, and they absolutely love it. Lately Woolies has not carried this item. Instead they have their 'Select' home brand ham. I bought some for my dogs and had to throw it away - they refused to eat it - when I opened the pack there was a very strong nasty smell, a stink in fact, of sulphur dioxide. This chemical, which is quite poisonous, is used in minute quantities as a preservative. It seems Woolies are overdoing it . . . possibly to give their product a longer shelf life and less wastage . . . dunno. Anyway, I shall keep away from all their home brand packaged deli products.



These filth cannot organise themselves or their societies ... they want (for nothing) the fruits of the generations of our forefathers' sacrifices and labour which gifted to us our Western lifestyle we enjoy today .. and in the end these filth will turn America into a shithole world that they feel more comfortable living in .. a world where they contribute nothing but crime and violence ... look at Calais hell-hole ... multiply that by a million !

Give them nothing ... let them eat cake .. let them die

Saddler, any update on you prediction for a Clinton win?

new article up

Paul Watson tweet:
“Weiner's weiner may have saved America.”