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Friday, 14th December 2018

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“...If you know where we are, please bomb us”

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Compassion4Kurdistan, which tries to raise awareness of the Islamic State's persecution of women and children has told BBC World Service how captured Yazidi women are pleading for the coalition to bomb the brothels where they are confined as that would end their misery.

Rape and horrific sexual abuse is occurring at the many brothels that have sprung up in Iraq and Syria and run by the Islamic State to satisfy Jihadists returning from battle.  The captured Yazidi woman said, “We would rather embrace death than live a life like this”.

Last week, it was reported the young woman held by ISIS militants was able to speak by cell phone to the Compassion4Kurdistan group and begged them to ask the West to bomb her location.

The woman, who claimed she was speaking for around 45 others from a building in northern Iraq, said, "We Yazidi women and young girls and boys are chained when not being raped. We are forced to parade for Islamic State militants with prices around our necks.

Boys as young as six are tagged with the same price as older women, and the really young girls cost the most. They are encouraged to do whatever they want with us... we can't exist like this.”

The distressed woman reported that children as young as five had died from internal injuries. Their mothers had heard their screams but could do nothing.

In a separate report, the UK Daily Mail claimed that another unidentified woman was among the hundreds who were captured by ISIS during the Sinjar massacre in early August.

Over the phone, a young Yazidi woman alleged she was raped dozens of times daily.

"If you know where we are please bomb us... there is no life beyond this. I'm going to kill myself anyway – some have already killed themselves this morning", she was quoted as saying.

"I've been raped 30 times and it's only the morning, not even midday. I can't even go to the toilet. Please bomb us", the woman begged.

In response to the reports a UN spokesman said, "We remind all armed groups that acts of sexual violence are grave human rights violations and can be considered as war crimes and crimes against humanity".

Hmmm, that should really scare the crap out of them!

[Note: The accompanying graphic is not directly related to the story but might indicate the stress young girls in the story may be experiencing.]


It is also an ideology that hides behind a religion and is the same ideology that spawned Nazism and Communism

I don't care if some are decent. There were decent Germans as well in WW2 but it made no difference.

Do any of you think those in power really care. They are all piss and wind, big words, little action. Don't forget we have some of that cult going over there and committing these horrific acts on women and children and their families and friends keep telling us that they are poor misguided youngsters who don't mean any harm. Why don't they tell the truth. that a lump of lead between the eyes would solve the problem.

While captives are begging to be bombed to stop the hell at the hands of Islam.... Footage of captured sex slaves being sold. This is why they are begging the West to end the hell on earth.

We know, just trying telling our politicians ( though I think they are on to it) and try waking up thedumbos here who vote for Labor. Its Fake thankfully, was really disturbed by this image.

.Angolaleading the way :-

Some are helping their

And the Labor party supports these cretins, and over 50% of Australians support the Labor party. So, over 50 % of Australia supports the above. Pretty sick country, hey !!!!!

Yes, send them all back - take away their welfare - right now!! Do not allow their hatred preaching - lock em up! Just get rid of the mongrels.

Gazza - we are all trying to do our bit to enlighten the rest of the world what these filth people do - another Hiroshima ?? It has to STOP and STOP now -

Take away their right to welfare and they'd piss off anyway.

Moderate Islam: A MYTH! (Featuring Dana Loesch)

Moderate Islam: A MYTH!

The myth of moderate Islam

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So what happens when Muslims attack gays? Which doctrine holds the trump card?

The "Explosive Growth" of Jihadism in the Netherlands
"The increasing momentum of Dutch jihadism poses an unprecedented threat to the democratic legal order of the Netherlands." — Dutch intelligence service, AIVD.

"For adherents unable or unwilling to join the armed struggle in Syria or elsewhere, social media offers a form of involvement that allows them to identify themselves as jihadists... without actually having to fight. After all, the movement also considers 'dawah' -- preaching the 'call to Islam" -- a form of jihad." — Dutch intelligence service, AIVD.

Oh but we love the idea.

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