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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


"I'll be characterised as that scumbag, crook, fraudster, and at the very best, somebody who's been bewitched by an evil harridan, namely Kathy ... that I'm cunt-struck and that I have been utterly taken in by somebody who's a serious crook," Michael Lawler (pictured) told the ABC who, for the first time, did not bleep the “C” bomb.

It was ABC TV at its rarely seen best! They used two flawed characters to piece together a picture of self harm and rampant fraud by union officials who genuinely believe they are entitled to use members’ funds for their own benefit!

Kathy Jackson did a dirty deal with the Peter Maccallum Cancer Institute and that deal defrauded HSU workers of $3.16 million in back pay they still haven’t received.

For those who haven’t followed the Kathy case, here is but one alleged offence in a nutshell:

Kathy Jackson’s HSU East Branch sued the Peter Macallum Institute for workers’ back pay. It was clear that the Institute was at fault so it told Jackson if it was to make up the pay it would need to sack 38 workers.

Jackson then did a private deal whereby if Peter Mac. made good the HSU’s legal costs, she would agree to drop the claim.

No consultation with union members, no vote, just a sum of $250,000 was paid to the HSU, the deal was sealed, the legal action was dropped.

Disregarding Peter Mac’s debt to the workers, Kathy Jackson then simply declared the sum a “windfall amount” and opened a new separate bank account from which Kathy and Michael Lawler’s side benefits, including drugs, flowed like confetti.

It became Kathy’s kitty to play with... and the rest is history. The unpaid union members never saw anything of their entitlements.

Sort of takes your breath away doesn’t it? But Kathy and Michael saw nothing wrong and neither did HSU National Secretary and ALP President Michael Williamson who had already pocketed $20 million of union members’ funds. He was the bloke Kathy whistleblew all the way to a long jail sentence

But a wise Williamson did a plea bargain admitting to stealing only one million dollars to avoid a can of worms being opened during his trial. At least Williamson used his brain and limited his jail sentence to a few years, unlike Jackson and Lawler who seem determined to find themselves guilty on all counts.

Let’s face it, Jackson is a dumb union crook who openly admitted her multiple “charity shags” to a nonplussed TURC Commissioner, Dyson Heydon and the Abbott-appointed Fair Work Commissioner, Lawler is clearly bonkers as a result of a long term cocaine addiction... and that’s been both their problems for a long while.

So now you can begin to understand the bizarre nature of a 4Corners’ program that fell unexpectedly into the ABC’s lap.

It was truly astonishing!


The deal to save workers jobs and to pay for the union’s legal costs was a good one, BUT not to explain that to the members, and then to use the settlement money as your own private slush fund is abominable. Where do these people think they are, Indonesia (the home of corruption)?

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Why do I get the impression that the ABC interviewer/s, under the pretence of giving Lawler and Jackson a fair hearing, deliberately set out to show them in as unfavourable light as possible?

This is the Labor way. It is very messy, but we know who wins the $$$. There is no doubt that Lawler has gone stark raving mad. Whether it's Coke or the fact that he has been forever denied the possibility of respectability ... or both. He might suicide.


I rest my case!

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