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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Try spearing eels in a bathtub with a broom handle with the light off and you'll find it's even harder to nail Dastyari and Shorten. There is nothing more slippery than a Labor politician in the shit, yet somehow Shorten has managed to project himself as a responsible leader in disciplining a little Iranian rat while the Iranian rat complains that his kids are suffering. Crumbs!

                         "I'll need another stem of bok choy please, Mr Chink, Sir."

But both have managed to deftly redirect the focus away from treason and back on to what Dastyari had already been savagely bum-beaten with a piece of cold bok choy for last year. Namely his verbal reversal of Labor policy on China's incursion into the South China Sea. 

                             The first beating hurt, the second was excruciating

Yes, yes, we already knew about that, yet the media is agreeing with Shorten and letting it all go as a "silly little boy" thing, completely ignoring the more important current case of clear treason.

Here's the truth: As reported here earlier this week, ASIO had briefed Turnbull, Shorten and Di Natali on the danger of getting too close to Chinese operatives. How did ASIO know about this danger and that Dastyari was skating on thin ice? Well, it obviously explained, thinking it would go no further, that they had bugged the Chinks' phones... that's how ASIO tries to operate.

So when the Iranian rat told his Chinese counterpart to dump his cell phone and, "come outside to talk", one would wonder how the rat knew about the cell phone taps, I mean the rat himself certainly wasn't briefed by ASIO, was he? He was the dangerous little dickhead ASIO was concerned about! 

ASIO can pee further than it can trust Dastyari, who they already knew was on China's payroll and up to no good... and that was what the brief was all about. It was a warning, primarily to Shorten, to to put a lid on Dastyari's subversive activities. They couldn't brief Shorten without also briefing Di Natali and Turnbull.

So there are only three people who could have passed on that phone tap information to the rat, who in turn warned his Chinese billionaire "mate". I mean he knew him well enough to send him his private bills that were due to be paid.

So who could have passed on the ASIO briefing information to the rat? Now I'm only guessing here, but I don't think it was Di Natali and certainly not Turnbull... yes, of course, it must have been Shorten! Yes, it could only have been he who passed on the ASIO brief to his mate, the grubby little Sussex street, union crook. 

Getting clearer yet?

Thus, slippery Shorten's advice to his little un-Australian rodent mate was to concentrate only on what he had already been punished for with a wet Chinese vegetable last year, namely reversing Labor policy when speaking to the Chinese, therefore it was not a firing squad matter at all, only an internal Labor Party matter that should be left to the Party machine to fix. 

                   Chinese billionaires have many Australian friends who need money.

The rat wisely followed Shorten's instructions and not one word about the treasonous act was mentioned by Shorten... nor was it mentioned by the rat himself in his pathetic non-apology to the Senate.

Not one member of the media pulled either of them up and asked, "Yes, yes, we know all about that, but what about Dastyari warning the Chinese that their phones were tapped?"  

No, no, no, to ask that would inveigle their precious Shorten and they couldn't have that now that the keys to The Lodge are almost in his back pocket.

The obese little far Left darling of the ABC, editor of, deftly avoided mentioning the Dastyari affair over the entire week until he was asked on Sky about it: "It's funny" he said (paraphrased), "The bloke is getting punished twice for the same 'infringement'". Yeah, Malcolm Farr (above), we are all rolling around the floor clutching our stomachs, it is so damned funny!

Turnbull assisted Shorten, as he always seems to, with his bank RC backflip and now with the media's help, and as I said on Wednesday, "This will go no further", it will be lost in the grey noise of next week's tumultuous Parliament,   

sorry, but this is a fucking outrage... give us our country back!




Great article Larry, you nailed it better than anyone else. That treasonous Iranian rat should be in jail sharing the same cell with Shorten.

No. What it needs is a bit of lead between his eyes, Fuckin Traitor

What this traitor has done deserves a charge of treason and an instant dismissal from our parliament.

Wikepedia extract on Slimy Sam: On 21 August 2013, a joint sitting of the Parliament of New South Wales appointed Dastyari to the Senate seat vacated by Matt Thistlethwaite, who had resigned on 9 August to contest the House of Representatives seat of Kingsford Smith at the 2013 federal election.[14]

Dastyari holds Iranian citizenship by birth, which he has unsuccessfully attempted to renounce in order to take the "reasonable steps" required to comply with section 44 of the Constitution of Australia. (Dastyari has not completed the compulsory military service required to renounce citizenship under Iranian law.)[15][16][17]

The retirements of Bernie Ripoll and Jan McLucas from the shadow ministry was the cause of a reshuffle in October 2015 which saw Dastyari become the Deputy Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Youth.

Following Labor's narrow defeat at the 2016 election, Dastyari was promoted to the shadow outer ministry becoming the Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate and spokesman for consumer affairs. Dastyari resigned from the positions following a scandal over payments and gifts from Chinese companies.[18][19] He was later appointed Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate.

Parliament has so many pieces of garbage we really need Guy Fawkes ,calling doctor Fawkes, calling doctor Fawkes and fawke you Turnbull

Yup, but the bank thing is a sham, designed to help the banks to more of our money in the end.

No-one has the balls to take the NSW Police to task!

75% of the world is at war with Islam, but are in denial that they will be taken over like the other 25% has in the last 1400 years, Europe is actively capitulating!

Put him in a long boat till he's sober
Put him in a long boat till he's sober
Put him in a long boat till he's sober
Early in the morning

It's "cannae" drunken sailor. Those of us with genuine Scotch in our blood just know. No need to thank me. :-)

The US keep supporting ISIS in every possible way
"..................First, they provided air cover to ISIS throughout the whole region east of the Euphrates River, between the river and the Iraqi border. In this region, ISIS moved freely and openly with its strengths, tanks, heavy weapons, missiles, front lines, everything was secured by the Americans. The US Air Force has never struck them, while they claim to be at the head of an international alliance to fight ISIS, and they prevented the Russian and Syrian aircraft from approaching the area. And they threatened that in case of Russian or Syrian strikes East of the Euphrates, they would strike West of the Euphrates and therefore hit the allied forces attacking Abu Kamal. That is the first point: US coverage and comprehensive aerial protection for ISIS East of the Euphrates, and thus their front lines during our attack and when they retreated.
Second, the Americans sent their drones over the Allied forces that liberated Abu Kamal and provided – these are not frivolous charges, but clear data and highly sensitive information – ISIS with accurate information which then allowed them to hit the targets identified by the US drones.
Third, they conducted an intense electronic warfare that worked to blur all electronic devices used by offensive forces.
(Fourth), when finally ISIS was defeated in Abu Kamal, they did everything they could to help ISIS to withdraw, to protect them and save their lives. It’s always the same story, it’s not worth repeating. All they could do to facilitate and protect the retreat of ISIS, its officers and capacities from Abu Kamal to the East of the river, the Americans did. And ISIS was also welcomed and advised in areas controlled by the Kurds, the so-called Syrian democratic forces.
Sidebar: we will have to – it is a legitimate hypothesis – expect in the more or less far future that ISIS residues are reformed and become battalions of the “Syrian democratic Forces” directed, supported and now led by US forces in Syria.
And finally, during the battle and after it, US helicopters landed in the ISIS regions and extracted leaders, people (among the ranks of ISIS to save them). We should wonder about their role, their actions, the orders they received from Americans with ISIS. And it happened in many places and many times, especially in Deir Ezzor and in Iraq. This is what the Americans did.
And their real concern was that ISIS resists at Abu Kamal until the end, and that this offensive from Syrian and allied forces against Abu Kamal fails. And this is further evidence of the extent of US interference, of their support and protection for ISIS as long as possible.
We should remember that the Americans said that eliminating ISIS will require 30 years according to some, 25 years according to others, and 10 years for the most optimistic, but the Resistance Axis in the region managed to inflict a (near-final) defeat to ISIS in just a few years. This is a humiliation for American leaders and US policy. And this highly harmful interference continues until now. These American lies and deception must be revealed publicly to our peoples........................"

yes rin..very odd to put it mildly...

this filthy media would be baying for blood if Abbott so much as ordered chinese takeaway


Though it looks as though there are a few here on PP who love the poofter/drag queen and child molester.


The world's biggest battery needs a constant charging current equivalent to the energy needed to run 10,000 homes. How;s that for green energy DeNatale?

Well speaking as an ex South Australian grew up with ETSA. The electricity trust of S. A. A govt own trust. They supplied all the power and then built large housing estates in major towns in 5he state, called Trust Homes, all asbestos fibre sheeting.
Nobody died as far as i know. Large power stations at port Augusta and Torrens Island. The envy of the country!
Now look at it, completely stuffed ever since the poofta premier Donnie Dunstan took the helm.
Leigh Creek coal shut, Port Augusta torn down, both producing and operational.

O.T. The Germans are now living in a state of terror that has been brought about only by Muslim vermin. And the one person who can be totally blamed for this situation is Chancellor Angela Merkel, who opened the doors of Germany and allowed 1 5 million inbred, retarded and barbaric vermin to infest an otherwise advanced and civilised nation.

The worst thing is that Germans are even being intimidated into changing centuries of tradition because of threats by Muslims. The word "Christmas" has disappeared from many Christmas markets and now they are called "Holiday Markets" and other such names, so as not to offend the permanently offended Muslim population.

It's sad that many stores in Germany are quite willing to profit from Christmas and sell all the Christmas rip-offs, such as chocolate eggs that might have 100 grams of chocolate in them, but cost three or four times the price of a 100 gram bar of chocolate. While they are profiteering from this gouging, they have removed the word "Christmas" from their advertising, in grovelling submission to Muslim vermin.

It is now the annual killing season for Germans at the hands of Islamic terrorists and this has become a tradition in the Islamic world. Luckily, this bomb was found before it killed anybody, but it can be guaranteed that Muslim extremists will use the Christmas season to kill innocent people in 2017. Angela Merkel has brought this to Germany and she should be removed forthwith and all Muslims banned from entering Germany.

So why does Channel 7 think that making demeaning and derogatory remarks to a blond newsreader and shaming her on national tv is anymore acceptable than sexual suggestions? I witnessed this for the very short period of time I watched 7 this morning with Andrew O'Keefe bullying the blond newsreader for an innocent, intelligent remark she made. I left immediately. O'Keefe is an embarrassment. Channel 9 presenters, on the other hand, are respectful of each other and socially acceptable to watch.