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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I too heard the music and saw trailers for “60 Minutes” and was anticipating a Coalition meltdown with Ministers resigning en masse but half way through the program, which was entirely given over to the Ashby/Slipper saga, it was time for a cup of tea, we had heard it all before. 

Pickering Post had already covered this story in every sordid detail and for media to believe that either Slipper or Ashby is capable of telling the truth is a dereliction of duty. 

Channel Nine needs ratings but this was no way to go about getting them. James Ashby was paid to provide distractive fodder for media’s Left on the eve of Gillard’s appearance before a Royal Commission. 

Both Ashby and Peter Slipper are two of the vilest grubs ever to grace the halls of our Federal Parliament and just watch the ABC and Fairfax jump on a concocted lead story that belongs in the gutter.

When Ashby took his sexual abuse case to court, Justice Rares threw it out in a pre-trial hearing on the basis that it was “politically motivated”. 

At the time I wrote in anger that Justice Rares was clearly wrong in law. He had no right to judge Ashby’s motives and should only have considered the evidence before him... and there was plenty. 

Eventually Rares’ decision was overturned on appeal. But Ashby discontinued the case anyway as blind Freddy and his dog knew he had no chance of success.

There was little doubt that he had encouraged the homosexual debauchery and was very comfortable with his massaging of Slipper and the shocking exchange of texts that followed. Ashby could have resigned from Slipper’s employ or reported him at any time he wished but he chose to continue with the tryst. 

Even more shocking was the ensuing misogyny speech of Gillard who was supporting Slipper and his vile mollusc references to female genitalia, but instead Abbott, rather than Slipper, was attacked as a woman-hater for checking his damned watch while Gillard was spouting her venom. 

Gillard’s hypocrisy was at its peak as international media applauded the speech without knowledge of its background or Gillard’s motives.

On 60 Minutes last night Ashby accused Christopher Pyne, now Minister for Education, of promising him a job and legal assistance if he carried through with bringing a case against Slipper. 

Now, Pyne is no idiot and he would have understood that to make such an offer would have been politically suicidal. There is no doubt media’s Left would have been all over it had such an arrangement transpired, and even Ashby was noticeably equivocal when pressed by Liz Hayes for confirmation of his accusation. Ashby lied.

But here’s what blows Ashby’s and 60 Minutes’ story out of the water... Ashby stated in his own affidavit that no inducement of any kind had been offered to him. And that’s where 60 Minutes' non-story should have ended, 

Ashby is clearly a liar for hire and Slipper had long been discarded by the Opposition at the time, they were well aware of his character.

Where the Opposition (at the time) went wrong was for Mal Brough to involve himself in trying to bring down Slipper legally when he was vying for his seat of Fisher. He never needed to, Slipper was already a dead man walking.

But the most disgusting aspect of this yucky page in Oz political history was media’s support of Gillard and the Left's outrageous hypocrisy.


It’s so true that…"Ashby is clearly a liar for hire and Slipper had long been discarded by the Opposition at the time, they were well aware of his character" and what a grubby character that was and that is exactly what the LNP tried to portray to the media and the Australian people but as usual with the leftards leaning media things got twisted around and Gillard's misogyny speech was elevated as the best thing since sliced bread and the lies and the miss representations of the facts continued. I am flabbergasted and was so outraged when all this was happening of the hypocrisy and the lies that were bandied around by the ALP who needed Slipper and covered up for him and the media did the same. A disgraceful time in Australia's politics and as you said Larry “Both Ashby and Peter Slipper are two of the vilest grubs ever to grace the halls of our Federal Parliament”.

Does this mean the population of Australia has to have an education in parliamentary protocols ?

yep! Renny, who made an icon of Whitlam - no one I know of - the man was SACKED - useless twat he was.

just when we thought all the filth was finished!!! Ashby needs a good kick up the bum!!

YEP, NO doubt about it, JG was the biggest fraudster, liar, cheat and pig we have ever had as a prime minister - disgusting foul mouthed person who did nothing but totally wreck our country and we are all now suffering and she has the cheek to write a book - she is revolting.

All so true dusty. The poor foolish trapped women have my support. But nothing will change until the women change it for themselves.Which is unlikely given their repression.

Islam is addictive to some types of people. Probably as much as heroin to an addict. No religion which affects human minds young or old such as Islam should be legal. Cults and drugs of addiction are very much alike when pushed onto innocent, naive and unsuspecting youth.

*** Abos catch Lambie in a Big Lie:

“Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has landed herself in another dispute, this time with leaders of Tasmania's Aboriginal community.

The outspoken Senate newcomer claimed in her maiden speech last week that she was related to, if not descended from, a prominent Aboriginal resistance leader of north-eastern Tasmania.

"We trace our history over six generations to celebrated Aboriginal chieftain... Mannalargenna," she said.

But Clyde Mansell, an acknowledged direct descendant of Mannalargenna, labelled the claims "absolutely outrageous and scandalous".

That Lanbie thing on ABC had be cringing & quite sick. Where did she get he A5 Audi? A bribe from Clive? So she'd had enough so she threw herself in front of a car? Her mother is part Tasmanian aboriginal? Her sons say she's a tough & determined person? Can't go on, all the other common crap she went on with. But so far so good, she helped pass the carbon & mining tax because Clive told her to. BUT I'M STILL NOT IMPRESSED WITH THIS SENATOR.

Well DJT - we said the same about Whitlam. And they made an icon out of him! I agree though that this circus will retain some of its incredibility for as long as we remain alive.

So - I watched this little ASHBY creep to see if he had a case on this 60 Minutes beat-up and he is - like so many people in Canberra and indeed the public service these days - an opportunist. In it for the subterfuge and the payout.

There he was saying how repulsed and suicidal he was by Slipper's texts - but nobody - NOBODY - asked him how come Slipper knew he gave good massages! He didn't deny that bit. Which suggests he had been with Slipper doing God knows what beforehand. Before hand - what else?

Yes Slipper is repulsive. We knew that. Only Labor hadn't worked it out - but they have trouble knowing right from wrong. As Rudd and Gillard prove. But for this little creep playing his games in the back offices of Canberra and keeping his diary over everything everybody said - it was the big payoff that he really wanted. He didn't have the brains to see that if you engage (with) people at this level - your chances of advancement are somewhat slim.

I say - the law dealt with him how he should be dealt with. Move along sonny and find a boyfriend somewhere else. Because Slipper will slip you nothing more.

And then I watched LAMBIE last night - our moccasin-ed bureaucrat. She reminds me of Forrest Gump. People write down everything she says. When what the media is really hoping for is for her to say something totally outrageous. Jacquie is what she is - a bogan in Canberra. A sideshow - she's playing politicians. And most of her colleagues are mildly amused and understandably nervous about what happens when she opens her mouth.

Rather than learn the ropes - this brazen little miss who has never really had a real job in her life - is now stridently making her judgments on the run. The irony of how a person who has had two pay packets to date - can afford an A5 Audi did not escape me and a few others. She wants to be careful what she says about Clive though. Talk about biting the hand........

Hadenuff And ignoring has not worked with you) Obviously Not..........Back to watching the ABC.

There is a future ? DJT

The difference with the ABC Enrique is that the taxpayer pays those bastards so they should not be ignored .

I bet the Australian Army are glad they don't have Jacqui Lambie in there team any more. pakalert (Pak Alert Press)

What was it Emerson said..(Don't let me fall into the vulgar mistake of believing I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.)You realize if you didn't respond; this person would just go away. Can't you just not read the posts or think that is B.S., move on or disregard them instead of calling for bans. Same with the ABC, don't have it on 24/7, SMH don't read it, stick to Murdoch Papers, unfortunately we can't have a American style MSNBC or Fox News as the broadcasting act in Oz prevents false information or opinion being presented as news. Mind you this site without diversity and differing belief and merely a mutual admiration society, (as some seem to want) would be Pretty Ho-Hum

Daisy's next edition of the Abbott Chronicles will stitch him up for the Kennedy assassinations and the Lindbergh kidnapping as well as the Princes in the Tower. Irrefutable proof based on surveillance satellite images.