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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


It matters not what the High Court decision is today, the LGBTIQ supported by the GGGGLL (Gangrenous-Gay-Green-GetUp-Labor-Left) will not give up their dreams of a borderless, manless, genderless, carbonless, wonderworld of pillow-biting butterflies, bisexual birds and bees, queer quolls and transvestite polyintersexers.The fight is on regardless!


       Gay Couples are more educated with higher incomes than heterosexual couples 

The movement is extremely clever and extremely well financed. Its determination knows no bounds in its quest to have we normal people capitulate to, and happily adopt, their abnormalities. You can smell the sweat dripping from their crevices in an extreme effort to get their way.

The movement is also the most socially dishonest in history. It dare not tell us what its real agendum is because we will certainly reel away in disgust.

 This survey, if it goes ahead, will be a survey on Australians’ intelligence. 

“Marriage Equality”? No, No, No, No. It is anything but “Marriage Equality”. “DO YOU AGREE WITH MARRIAGE EQUALITY?” That is the question they will ask in the proposed survey. The homosexuals have cleverly twisted the nomenclature of “Marriage Equality” in order to get a yes vote! 

And it WILL get a yes vote simply because you and I would readily agree to “Marriage Equality”… any type of inequality is alien to the decency of normal people and the dishonest homosexuals are relying on our innate sense of fairness to get that "yes" vote.

The trouble is that vast sectors have already agreed to support “Marriage Equality” without detecting the truth: The Education sector, The entire Left Judiciary, The Public Service,The Labor Party and its unions, the entire media, the churches, the Millenniums, normal teenagers with gay friends, governments both State and Federal, councils, and too-busy-to-be-bothered mums and dads.

         No matter how they frame it, ordinary Aussie blokes will never accept this

                                 Yet they will readily accept this... is it hipocrisy?

The only missing link is the silent Muslim community.

But if the homosexuals were forced to tell the truth in this proposed survey, the question would need to be this: “Do you agree with trashing the current Marriage Act and replacing it with genderless phraseology that can only apply to homosexuals and genderless people?” 

Now that would evoke a brisk “no” vote from most people, so the homosexuals will not allow that question to be asked. It is small wonder the GGGGLL mob boasts of an assured 60% "yes" vote.

“Hes” and “Shes”, "Hims" and "Hers", "husbands" and "wives" will make way for genderless "persons".

So where is the draft of the Bill they intend to introduce to the Parliament if they get this “yes” vote up? (Now that’s what we need to see... that's what we need to vote on!) Well, guess what, they won’t allow us to see that, and for a very good reason, and we will never see it before it becomes law, and then of course it will be too late. 

We will have no input to, or knowledge of,  the legislation itself. 

The truth is none of us wants to prevent homosexuals marrying each other… they should be able to do that despite it being obnoxious to most normal people. 

But homosexuals are demanding to become the “new normal”.

It’s easily solved really, just add to the existing Marriage Act options for separate language that applies to gays, the genderless, transsexuals and homosexuals! Oh, they won’t have a bar of that because normal people would appear normal and abnormal people would appear abnormal. 

Fair enough! So let’s frame some parallel legislation. A separate Marriage Act that applies only to homosexuals and whoever else they want in a commitment to a civil union. Hmmm, will they agree to that then? You’re kidding aren’t you? DEFINITELY NOT!

So now their real intention is becoming clear. They want us to abide within THEIR Marriage Act. They are demanding we adapt to them. 

Not for me… I like the “him” and “her” stuff and the pillow biters can go do what they bloody well want.

             Tennis icon Margaret Court... publicly humiliated for presenting "NO" case

But the homosexuals’ agendum extends far wider than mere marriage… it embraces family law, penal provisions for new anti-discrimination edicts, further restrictions on freedom of speech (this article would get me a gaol sentence if the “yes” vote became law) litigation, adoption (just watch that one) and Kevin Rudd would need to be recalled to Parliament for a tearful “sorry” ceremony, and don’t forget Slater & Gordon class actions against those who originally objected to the legislation. Outrageous you say?

Not so outrageous; gay activist and former President of the Australian Medical Association, Kerryn Phelps (above left) has agreed to tell even more porkies in a national TV advertisement and a female Asian GP who dared to question the truth of the “yes” campaign was widely vilified. The AMA was then told by GetUp to withdraw the GP's right to practise medicine.

No wonder the GGGGLL don't want any plebiscites... the truth is likely to dangerously percolate through to the surface in a public debate.

GetUp is the extreme lawless Left mob, financed by Labor unions and foreign financier George Soros, to go to dirty places Labor will not publicly go.

The GGGGLL is advocating gaol sentences for those who publicly object to gay life styles and the global warming hoax. An alternative view is now titled illegal “hate speech”. What will it be like once they have that legislation in their hot little mitts?

             Uttering warm and fuzzy phrases with a generous sprinkling of outright lies

Unforeseen problems overseas in socialist countries like Canada are starting to mount. Now the general populace has realised the con, abuse against gays has doubled and that’s not good in anyone’s books. 

Already under Colombo’s new gay legislation, three blokes have been married to each other. Polyamour is underway where it will be possible for an entire women’s hockey team to marry an entire AFL women’s team and adopt the entire Collingwood team.

If later today the High Court rules against the plebiscite, the pressure on Turnbull to allow a free Parliamentary vote will be irresistible. He will claim he tried hard.  

Any gay marriage plebiscite is actually a survey on the intelligence of the majority of Aussies. After all, homosexuals are a mere two per cent.

I fear for the result.      


"........Can anything be more absurd than that a nation should apply to an individual to maintain its credit, and, with its credit, its existence as an empire, and its comfort as a people; and that individual one to whom its laws deny the proudest rights of citizenship, the privilege of sitting in its senate and of holding land? for though I have been rash enough to buy several estates, my own opinion is, that, by the existing law of England, an Englishman of Hebrew faith cannot possess the soil."....... p. 198 "Coningsby" by Benjamin Disraeli.

I wouldn't use Wilkie as an indicator of anything sensible. He is on any bandwagon there is other than getting sensible results for the majority. He will sell his country out at the drop of a hat.

This is true. It has happened in other countries, and the fuckwits on the left do not want to see. They want their Kumbaya hold hands (preferably tattooed) together. This world is fucked. It will be even more fucked. As the article above states, polyamory is included, this includes Muslim scum who will quickly love it if they can wife/cousin multiply four wives to eight to sixteen to thirty two -- we the taxpayers will have to fork out billions more on welfare, the scum have fucked this country over sideways, backwards and forwards, and the idiot Greens (SHY looks like she is a Martian dual national, oh, I hope they find she is from Mongolia). Will be interesting to see Tony Burke and Craig Laundy's electorate results, the largest Muslim rubbish electorates in Australia. NO!

Am I right or what???.... Think of Every Heterosexual couple you have ever met in your life… Now can you think of ANY who ever mentioned, even quietly, that they wished for a Homosexual Child? There is the Proof of how we honestly feel inside about this, but have become so used to being forced to hide in FEAR of being hounded and called names, just for being Normal and having Normal feelings….. I do sympathise with those parents who find out their child has decided to be a practicing Homosexual...Being your child, you must, as Kin support them, just as you would for a Downs Syndrome or other Sickness a Kid may have ....However in the back of their minds, it must be about as depressing as finding out your kid has been charged with rooting the school Mascot...Then you ponder, that your Entire Family tree and it’s Genome is going to end up in some ones Rectum thanks to your Kids Poor decisions…. The Homosexual Community now want you to Embrace this as a Part of Your Marriage Contract in partnership with Their Values by Voting YES…... That’s the way it appears to me anyway…..

How many Parents, when planning a Family, Aspire to having a Homosexual Child?........Well?...

Where else but Pickering Post, can this disgusting subject be talked about factually and frankly. Thank you to Larry and all the posters who are putting the horrific facts out there for us to see. VOTE NO.

C-Martel..agreed, and it is so stupid..and wrong!

We must allow muslims the freedom to choose their destiny. Renounce Islamic Values and Culture; or go to an islamic country; or go to an internment camp.

Me too, Riverine. That is part of their plan.

Oh Geeze , thank ' s left my job for ME for a change .

NEW POST UP ! ! ! .

Will sell mine too - but only to a NO supporter.

I have just worked out what the I is and now there is a Q in the alphabetical mix. WTF does Q stand for??

Checking Public area's and such to ensure people are safe,We found a lot of Married men frequenting known Public Toilet blocks to meet men...They were informed that their families would be informed if they were found back in the area.... When 2 men emerge from a cubicle, and when questioned as to their welfare, continue to pull pubic hairs from their teeth makes your stomach turn....These are a Twisted bunch at best. I have seen it first hand and there is Nothing GAY about it.... Just Sick...Their wives would have had no idea of the diseases they were being exposed to. Let alone the Kiss she got when he gets home from his little trip down the street....It is a massive problem and this kind of legislation will only promote it's perceived acceptance...It is WRONG. Vote NO, for your kids sake

What Australia needs is an ELECTRICITY AND GAS COMMISION that is owned wholly and solely by the Federal Government.

They should:
Commandeer all of the electricity power stations

All their employees

All of the Gas suppliers and their employees

All the coal and gas fields

Then and only then they should invest in the upgrading and building new plants including nuclear.

That’ll fuck the greedy bastards, fall into line or fuck off.

Shorten’s AWU donated $100,000 to GetUp!

Bill Shorten was a big union donor to GetUp! when it was ­established, giving about $100,000, possibly more, to the left-leaning activist group.

The revelation, confirmed for the first time to The Weekend Australian, follows the federal Labor leader’s persistent refusal to make any comment over what support he provided to GetUp! when he was in charge of the Australian Workers Union.

Mr Shorten was a founding board member of GetUp! when it was launched in August 2005 as an “independent, grassroots, community advocacy organisation” to campaign on progressive issues.

GetUp!’s most trenchant ­critics have claimed it is a “front” for the Labor Party, unions and sometimes the Greens, despite a past ruling by the Australian Electoral Commission that it could not find any evidence GetUp! was an associated entity.

Senior sources from GetUp! and Mr Shorten’s former union have ­confirmed he was personally behind an AWU donation of about $100,000 and “the only union” to provide seed funding among four big donors when GetUp!’s co-founders sought start-up capital.

Other key donors at GetUp!’s inception included then Unions NSW chief John Robertson. As head of his state’s peak union council, Mr Robertson never made any secret that his organisation contributed $50,000.

OT - Israeli Lawmaker Calls For Deporting 40,000 Illegal Immigrants, Keeping Only ‘Refugees’

An eBay user is attempting to sell their ballot paper in the upcoming same-sex marriage postal survey.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will start mailing out forms for the postal ballot on Tuesday, after the High Court dismissed a challenge to the eight-week national survey.

User Garistides posted the item on the online auction website today with a price of $1500.

“The reason I'm selling my vote is because either way I don't care but thought there are people who do,” the post read.

“Part of this auction proceeds will go to help kids battling cancer.”

The West Australian has contacted Garistides, who confirmed the offer is genuine.

According to the ABS, attempting to sell a ballot paper would likely be an offence against the Census and Statistics Act 1905 or the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

A conviction could lead to a $2100 fine or 12 months imprisonment.

So Blinky Bill wants to help with the electricity crises. Tony Burke's partner works for AGL which would explain why AGL wants to close down, it's run by socialists..

Skye’s limit for AGL to GetUp!, get out of coal -

A senior manager in charge of promoting the energy policy of Australia’s largest electricity producer previously worked for activist group GetUp!, which is committed to shutting down the coal-fired power industry.

Self-described political strategist Skye Laris is an executive member of AGL Energy managing director Andy Vesey’s team as he sticks with the company’s plan to shut down the Liddell power station in the NSW Hunter Valley, despite protests the planned closure threatens energy supplies.

Ms Laris, who joined AGL in February as senior manager, digital engagement, is now a senior manager, public advocacy for the company. She is a former campaign director for GetUp! and has worked in a series of senior ALP jobs, including leading the party’s digital campaign for the 2013 federal election campaign and during Bill Shorten’s first few years in the Labor leadership.

Immediately before joining GetUp! in March 2011, she was chief of staff and policy adviser to Labor frontbencher Tony Burke, who is also her partner.

This week Ms Laris has ­re-tweeted messages from Mr Vesey’s Twitter feed that have declared “we’re getting out of coal” and “keeping old coal plants open won’t deliver the reliable, affordable energy our customers need”. She has also tweeted high praise for an AGL TV ad in which the narrator says: “Let’s be honest, things need to change. So at AGL we are getting out of coal. Starting 2022, ending 2050.”

The ad says the company has started a fund that will put $3 billion into creating more renewable energy. Despite AGL promoting itself as anti-coal and marketing its commitment to renewable energy, GetUp! calls the company one of the “dirty three” carbon polluters with Origin and Energy Australia.

Syria Warns Of ‘Dangerous Repercussions’ Following Reports Of Israeli Strike On Chemical Weapon Plant

Most here are now wary of our political decline. But how many are aware of the Union Movement manipulating, GetUp is just one of their mouthpiece organisations. How many realise the unions are determined to control all Australian governments? And that they are already working to undermine sitting LNP MPs. During the 2006/07 Kevin O7 campaign the unions spent over $20 million campaigning for Labor, and by 2010 Labor handed it all back via grants applied for by unions for taxpayer's funds.