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Sunday, 24th March 2019

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… another black day for tennis

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Don’t know about you but ever since Serena Williams had her real character on display when she publicly excoriated that poor little defenceless Asian lines lady a few years ago, I cannot stand the sight of this bad example of female sportswomanship.

The worst part of her outrageous outburst was that eventual Open Champion, Naomi Osaka’s one special day in her life was ruined. She was the first Japanese, man or woman, to win a tennis grand slam. But Osaka sucked it up showing the class that Williams and her lesbian supporter, Billy Jean King, lack.

Williams swings wildly between the “Me Too” feminist movement and sexist nude pics when it suits her publicity addiction. She swings between trying to look cute and ladylike and the rage of an out of control breast-beating silverback.

                                  And her "look at me" outfits are embarrassing

She has taken women’s tennis back 50 years and the sooner Kyrgios and Williams are code-violated out of the game the better.

It will be a long while before I switch to the tennis again after the Joker’s transformation from spent force to complete dominance when he was given a cocktail of “something” cooked up in his coach’s box and delivered down to him while Millman was absent changing his shorts. And the small matter of whatever was sniffed up both nostrils seems to have also escaped attention.

Williams is another of the black brats sports stars who apparently display anger at not being white. 

When black sports people reach notoriety they almost invariably take a white person as a partner. Hmmm, why is that? Is their pride in blackness not wanted at the top. Are they saying they deserve something better now they have succeeded?

The Press people who applauded Williams’ attempt to justify herself were the same Press people who applauded Obama’s unhinged attack on Trump.

Please let Del Potro beat Djokovic monday morning.


I believe this title should be “KYRGIOS ON HRT”

Q&A tonight is worth watching , you'll be appalled .

Bravo Mark Knight and the Herald Sun. How could that brilliant cartoon be construed as anything but the best, most accurate depiction of Williams having her wobbly.

The story goes that the ball-boys never stand directly behind Williams when she is serving, they say that she generates the power in her serve by expressing a loud and powerfull fart which can be fatal to anyone standing behind her They have noticed that her arse has got much bigger lately which has become a real health-hazard.

Hinch - Mr. Motor Mouth - loves the sound of his own voice - don't know anyone who takes any notice of him - we should be rid of him soon - his time nearly up?

Always correct Larry - appalling display by Serena - felt sorry for the young winner -

Fuck it. I hate tennis anyway. So fucking lame & boring.

I haven't seen Serena so emotional since they walked her to the electric chair in the Green Mile!

...just another fucking "Nigger"...oh sorry..."Niggerette" can take the "Nigger" out of the jungle but you cant take the jungle out of the "nigger"....what a fucking slag...hey...I bet "Obongo the Nigger" and "Hillary the Slag" supporter...has a great sense of fucking "pig headed" ugly bitch....and sorry to the pigs of our world as I'd far prefer looking at them than this piece of dare she bring her opponent to tears like fucking stinking "Niggerette"...and then has the gall to say she does for the feminist movement etc...oh don't worry that she slags off at her opponent who happens to be a woman and had every right to win...the amount of damage Obongo did in 8 years is almost immeasurable....

Gorilla Williams should swing back into the jungle and STFU.

Fugly fuckin ape. Mark Knight's cartoon gave me a good belly laugh.

Wasn't he cheered on by the peanut gallery when he targeted Sailor and Pelican?

proof that Neanderthals did exist

Been on steroids all along and also

''The Horror ,the Horror '' ,Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now ..........

As an outstanding tennis player Serena Williams was admired. As an anything else she is a bad joke. She has demolished her reputation and large parts of her fan base to become the face of the 21st century of "The Ugly American". Those who are old enough may recall the Jack Lemmon movie of the same name. Serena has stepped up to the plate to carry this flag.

Its Marigold also?

Zionist YouTube Terminates Syrian Media Accounts As The Liberation Of Takfiri-Occupied Idlib Begins
by Jonathan Azaziah
Talk about ominous. With Western ZOGs, chiefly Sahyu-America and Sahyu France, threatening to bomb Syria over a false flag chemical weapons attack in Takfiri-occupied Idlib that hasn't even happened yet, YouTube goes ahead and terminates the accounts of Sama TV, the Syrian Ministry of Defense, SANA and the Syrian presidency--major Syrian media bulwarks against the hegemonic, fallacy-ridden coverage of the 4th Generation Warfare orchestrated by 'Israel' and its goons that has been tearing Bilad al-Sham apart for over 7 years now. Beyond overt, unapologetic censorship that comes right out of the bowels of a 1984-style nightmare-scenario, what we have here is overt, unapologetic collusion between the Internet Behemoths and NATO in the name of executing regime change against a sovereign, independent, non-submissive, Anti-Zionist state that is adhering to the will of its people by refusing to bow to Empire Judaica. Read more of this post


Watch him mc....he is linked to Mosadd