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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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… but America has already lost respect

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court will be honoured by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee and eventually the full Senate thanks mainly to the few remaining decent Democrats who have seen through what this disgusting, man-hating, feminist, Me Too movement is all about.

Justice Kavanaugh’s family will rise from this wreckage and he will become a generational ornament of the Supreme Court as Trump continues with his determination to drain the fetid DC swamp.

The middle American conservative States will savage their Senators if they do not confirm Kavanaugh, so I believe there will be a surprising number of Democratic Senators who break ranks.

The Democrats have been stacking the Supreme Court with Left wing rubbish since Jimmy Carter without so much as a murmur from Congress. Now Trump is trying to re-balance the appointments, the Democrats have denied Trump's election and are now prepared to use every filthy trick in the book to ensure the Left rules the bench.

Fair dinkum, in the 70 years I have had a close interest in politics I have never seen the likes of this bastardry anywhere in a first world Opposition. 

Meanwhile the biased media is still determined to have Trump impeached. Deputy AG Rosenstein (above) said privately he was prepared to wear a wire in the White House to entrap Trump. 

It was leaked to the The New York Times who reported this undercover plan to convince Trump to sack him, which Trump wants to do along with that treacherous little maggot Jeff Sessions (above).

If Trump does move against either of them it will be claimed as an obstruction of justice which is the only grounds for impeachment on the horizon. 

So far Trump has summoned Rosenstein to the White House twice, but there is still no attempt to sack him.

I hope Trump is too smart for the NYT trap.   

What we witnessed in the US early this morning, was a brazen attempt by the Feinstein gender confused females to ensure any future Trump nominee to the Supreme Court packs his bags and runs like hell to Cuba.  


3 Constitutional Reasons Why Kavanaugh Should Not Be On Supreme Court
The circus that has surrounded the Bret Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been drowned out by 36 year old, uncorroborated accusations of sexual harassment. But the truth is that Kavanaugh’s record demonstrates that he is not a constitutionalist and has acted as an enemy to the 4th and 5th Amendments.

Time to discuss Bill Shorten's sexual misconduct. He is not fit and proper to be the next PM.

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Off topic: re the French submarine (still non-) contract: have I got this right? One of the main selling points of the French sub is its pulse drive system (as seen in 'the Hunt for the Red October'). But now we learn that that system will not work using a Diesel engine. It will work only if the submarine has a nuclear power system.

So why are we buying what is basically de-engineered-to-Diesel nuke? How do you fit a Diesel engine, batteries and fuel sufficient to give the boat even short range into a hull designed to take a nuclear reactor, requiring no batteries or fuel tanks?

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"Trump: I Will Abolish The Federal Reserve"

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Anyone else notices that the press is not so interested in Shorten now that his running mate has spat the dummy?

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“Lane was jailed in 2010 for murdering her newborn baby Tegan two days after giving birth at Auburn Hospital in September 1996”

Keli Lane was two weeks too late if she did kill the baby. Just prior to birth she could have popped across to a nearby local abortion charnel house and would have been reimbursed by Medicare for having her baby ripped to bits without anaesthetic.

Just read that Won Cwasey has died. Age 89.