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Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Gillian Triggs’ thoughts on her own handicapped daughter

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Without a good supply of Mylanta handy it’s difficult to write about a politically biased woman using innocent children in detention to further her own vile agenda. Abbott’s unprecedented rage over this despicable Human Rights Commissioner is fully justified and the ABC’s defence of her is to be expected.

Her worthless and deceitful “report” is concocted around asking children to draw pictures of a jail so supporters like Sarah Hanson-Young can fill in the words. No imagery of happy children skipping to school, playing soccer or on regular picnics.

Carers who check that all’s well after they fall asleep has been twisted into, “flashlights shone into their faces”, evoking visions of child torture. Bugger it! I’m out of Mylanta again, so please just click on this from last year:


Antonia, if a woman performed, her looks would be immaterial. If a woman hangs on to power for her own glorification, yes, we don't want to look at scrawny scraggy necked old women. We can go to Nursing Homes to see them if we want.

Professor!. A term that must be taken into account whereby these supposedly educated prats are responsible for educating our teachers. You know, the ones who know nothing about adding, writing and arithmetic. And what do we have - illiterate uneducated teaching - for should I be saying, indoctrinating our children into their left wing beliefs and daring us as parents to challenge them.

Excellent suggestion. I'll donate the wire but pass on administering it.

The good professor is another totalitarian Stalinist, like much of the Labor Left, in that she believes the noble lie is necessary to further the cause of feminist socialism from her protected and unelected pulpit because our greedy racist chauvinistic society is so selfishly opposed to her superior and noble cause that she cannot play by the rules of ethical behaviour or even democracy itself?

All done by Gillard & the Labor party.

"The children, the children…" yell the mindless drones and the do-gooders who are in the camp of Islam. Their humanitarian fraud will result in rivers of blood, when their children murder our children, as they are commanded to follow the law of allah.

A Senate inquiry into the Human Rights Commission is urgently needed.

Not paying much attention to Insiders. Just a noise in the background. It's about time.

I reckon many would change their mind when handed the raped drugged murdered body of their child.

CS the comment to which I was responding has been deleted. It didn't ring true hence my response

Wonder if Mssss Prune Face got any Valentines flowers I feel a little sorry for her. I am going to send her a bunch of rhubarb to liven up her miserable life. Rhubarb, rhubarb.....rhubarb.

Why do we have a Human Rights Commission anyway? The Senate has the powers to hold inquiries into government policy - SHY is the Immigration watchdog. HRC was established by Gillard to give her government more muscle and Triggs is another of her Emily's listers.

Trouble is no one does anything about scum like her, the politicians are too scared of losing their seats and the press are left wing, probably because they are too dumb to nut out the facts so an agenda gives them authority, in their small minds.

Has she checked on these guys married to these Children Girls aged from 9 up and what they are "Doing" to the Children ... nuff said -it isnt just horses that have blinkers ! !

Her is the Play - The Christians should have ALL the companies who Pay Halal Forced to include at the Equal $$$$$$$ Paid to the Muslims for Halal certification to have A Cross ( like the one Jesus was Crucified on ) on ALL their Products ... and others who havent can Join in . These funds would be spread throughout Australian Christian Nursing Homes for the elderly and similar ...

Legal profession comes out in support of Jillian Triggs, .........fuck them and fuck her, all a bunch of leftard retards fuck the lot of them as if she wasn't doing a stitch job not a word about the same fucking kids when Labor was in power as well as all the ones who drowned, sack her only the leftards will complain oh did I say Fuck her enough!

I'm surprised the police wouldn't take a statement as it is theft.

Find a corner for Gillian

Thanks Billy....

Quote "The report found that detention had caused significant mental and physical illness to children and was in breach on Australia's international obligations. It called for the release into the community of more than 300 children in detention on the mainland and on Nauru.

The government was handed the report in November and tabled it late on the last possible day available under convention."