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Saturday, 17th November 2018

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... and without a chaperone this time!

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


You wouldn’t want to read the UN’s  69 "Sustainable Development Goals" Julie Bishop has just signed Australia up to and if you had, you would be white with rage. Perhaps you will now believe me that Minister Bishop was a key player in the knifing of her first term PM. Abbott knew all along he could never trust her.

I don’t want to scare you too much but one of the many “targets” Australia has just agreed to is  to “... fully operationalise the Green Climate Fund through its capitalisation as soon as possible”.

Or how about this one? “To mobilise additional financial resources for developing countries from multiple sources to assist developing countries in attaining long-term debt sustainability through coordinated policies aimed at fostering debt financing, debt relief and debt restructuring, as appropriate, and address the external debt of highly indebted poor countries to reduce debt distress.” That’s gobbledegook for debt forgiveness if it’s big enough.

Gender equality gets a guernsey of course and there’s plenty about global warming, rising sea levels, our doomed Barrier Reef and drowning polar bears and there is a detailed between-the-lines explanation of how a universal carbon tax will finance all 69 objectives... but it has to be a universal Carbon tax. All countries must agree! Hmmm.

Are you beginning to see why Abbott had to go? Are you beginning to understand the anabridged elation and delight Minister Bishop showed at her boss's demise?

It was Bishop’s disgust at Hockey who had slashed her aid budget by half, and a wild feline hatred of Abbott and Credlin that drove her to conspire with Turnbull to bring them both down.

It was Bishop and Turnbull who fed the nervous backbenchers the leaks that finished up in the pages of a Left Press, thirsty for anything anti Abbott.

It was Credlin who advised Abbott to send Trade Minister Andrew Robb across from China to last year’s Peru UN Climate Change Summit where Bishop was attending to “keep an eye on” the little warmist rascal.

Abbott readily agreed but when she found out Bishop flew into a violent rage at being “chaperoned” by of all things a bloke and someone junior to her.  

This instance was one of many that carved a philosophical chasm between Abbott and his Foreign Minister. Not that Abbott was free from blame, it was a stupid thing to do, and it lit a flame under a degraded and embarrassed Bishop on her global warming stage.

So, recently, when Abbott was reported to be considering a Cabinet reshuffle, Julie Bishop saw her deputyship and beloved Foreign Affairs portfolio at risk.

A week after that she volunteered for the tasty task of being the first to tell Abbott he was gone to Gowings... and Credlin with him. It was only then that Abbott acted to resist the coup but it was all too late.

The warmist rats had never left the ship, they had simply taken it over.


For Heaven's sake, you lot!

...... maybe Lucretia

I've been away leading a normal life and come home to log in for some intelligent comments and find Goldilocks has had a relapse . If it's not Sg it's her twin - same old vindictive self centred crap. It's not worth the effort willy........I see Waldo's nodded off again totally bored with the kindergarten stuff.

Nursing helped me to learn and overcome these issues. Don't feel too cranky about that boy scout. 50% of his behaviour was only ignorance, and 50% was the inability to "walk in another shoes". I hope your kick started him off on a journey of understanding and learning, who knows?

It is history now, but a very good history. And how proud your father would have been having a son like you! How much pride and joy you bought into his life remembering and commending his many achievements, especially the sporting ones. When I was young we used the term spastic e.g. the "Spastic Society". It is because it was used as a term of bullying and derision that they changed the name. Originally for kids who had no muscle control after birth injuries, poor kids. They could not even speak properly, but by heavens they understood. I reflect on this now because as a youngster it took a while to come to terms seeing people like this and accepting that most of them had a good brain. And I felt uncomfortable seeing them in their chairs,

once kneed a fellow boy scout in the nuts, for calling Dad a spastic, after he became wheel chair bound. Had no respect for a man who used to actively coach and helped Rowley Jr, and Rowley Sr. built from scratch, cricket and football teams that stand today as Emerald Football Club.

Thanks oh r - spread the love.

Waldo - interesting isn't it. No comments on a subject. Just nitpicking about who said what and who likes who and a general shitstir - it's got sg written all over it. The name might change but the mo is all the same.

good for you rin...I try telling people...might as well whistle dixie!

Likewise Pelican, I never voluntarily give personal information - to any individual or corporation and all sectors of government are corporations.

I'd be inclined (strongly) to agree Rin..........and horrified..well I am not judging you, just curious to know how facebook swindled you....I refuse to use it...there is no doubt it is a spy grid (the fact that the corporate and media sphere embraced and literally FORCED people into it reeks)

Killwarren, it looks to me that as though somebody made that story up about Rothschild being the father of Hitler and working at 'their' bank.

Pelican, I was tricked because I am an absolute amateur in the operation of Facebook etc. I don't even know how to "unfriend". What an idiot,eh?

blackdogsbody, how very sad. You were so young. This must have taught you a lot about humanity and compassion. if it ever got too much for you and you called out, you are absolutely forgiven, because you performed the most noble act known to man. You gave your life (childhood) for another! Your story is such an inspiration to me.

Let's face it. Women in politics are a bloody disaster.

Another lawyer flogged with a wet lettuce leaf: "A FORMER rising star in the Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions escaped conviction and was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond for possessing cocaine in Kings Cross.

Magistrate Greg Grogin told former Crown solicitor Lisa Munro, 33, that he had “considered the matter at great length,” before handing down the sentence saying she was “not to be punished because she was a solicitor caught with drugs” but instead punished as a “member of the community.”"

I nursed my old man through MND, Had to look after the three S's for him from 12 years age on. His older brother Rowland suffered the same demise some years later. R.I.P. Maurice and Rowley.

A vote for the ALP is a vote for islam...and infinite carbon taxes...a vote for the Liberals is a vote for the ALP...the Liberals and the ALP claim this is 'democracy'...I call BS and say its is a total fraud...a murderous , thieving fraud..where our pollies volunteer to start killing anyone..(except islamic State (cant find 'em apparently)..and who volunteer to enslave Aussies to any foreigner who demands it (typically the Central Banking Jewish mafia)...this charade cannot continue

rin..yes that nails it

I had no idea Bishop had covered her head when meeting the Iranians. Remember when no Briton would bow before a foreign potentate. Now Danby is putting up a billboard of her. Danby is the Member for Melbourne Ports but always puts Jewish interests first. He advocates the Israeli position on Iran, in other words bomb Iran and visit the misery the west has brought to Iraq, Libya and Syria upon it.