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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Australians will continue to be at risk as long as this jerk is in charge of ASIO. Anyone who is appointed to a security position anywhere by Julie Bishop must present a clear and present danger.

A sigh of relief was heard around Canberra when former Director, David Irvine, departed the new billion dollar spook edifice. Irvine, a Kevin Rudd mate and appointee, was one of his more disastrous appointments. 

It seems impossible but Bishop has gone one worse with Lewis who takes home over $5,000 a week plus, plus, plus all public service extra benefits the private sector could never justify.

Even middle management is earning (sorry wrong word) taking home in excess of the Prime Minister who takes home in excess of a US President. Top (sorry wrong word again) the brown-nosing senior executives who get appointed by Government mates receive salaries that have recently, and silently, risen over 70 per cent without a murmur from anyone. 

I played golf once a week with senior ASIO blokes before terrorism was an issue and considered them a bunch of overpaid wankers who talked far too much for genuine sleuths. 

But now the threat of Islam has reared its head it is frightening as to who heads ASIO... which is only one of seven uselessly fragmented security Agencies that all seem to think competing for budget allocation is a far more important competitive task than any half-arsed clandestine operation.

After all, ASIO couldn’t even build their new Parkes monument without the Chinese stealing blueprints of the internal wiring. This required the internal structure to be gutted and rebuilt. And I’m pretty sure the cost wasn’t deducted from any pay packet.

Rudd’s appointment to head ASIO, Irvine, said that, 

...we must not blame Islam because we need Muslims to dob in their kids. (WTF?) 

The Bishop appointment to head ASIO, Lewis, said that, 

...refugees and terrorism have no correlation. (WTF again?) 

Bloody hell, almost $40 billion a year is spent on these fools when the cost of a well-trained Alsatian sniffer dog would be money better spent.

The future appears bloody bleak for Canberran governance when there is not a cigarette paper between the opposing Parties. Both leaders have succumbed to the delights of high office in return for low performance without principle.

There is no Horatius Cocles, only Snoopy, at the bridge to defend us from the incoming assassins.


I am a Loyal Australian, and have served all my life Protecting it, and it's Values. It is a bloody shame our Politicians do not have the same love for a Country that they are overseeing the Genocide of....You Traitorous BASTARDS...EVERY Single one of you who support Islam are Complicit and I hope that your actions are documented for what is coming at YOUR Trials for your Treasonous Actions. Political Correctness or Following Orders will be NO defence, and there will be NO Appeals in the Aftermath of what YOU created;...
We are at WAR and you can't get your Snouts out of the Trough long enough to see it, or Protect your own Citizens....If that is not a DOG Act, I don't know what is....Our Soldiers Sacrificed ALL for OUR way of LIFE and values, yet YOU choose to ignore that sacrifice and continue to Shit upon it and Everything they Faught and Died For.......

Imam Turnbull...the Australian Prime Minister, who Feeds and offers shelter to the Enemy of ALL that our Soldiers Faught against in EVERY conflict since Federation, and is happy to Unleash to Slaughter his own people....How is that not a Traitorous Act? What part of this is Untrue?? Islam Kills....Islam Kills .....Islam kills....Everywhere you allow it to fester, and Our Government cultivates it with Your tax dollars, at Every opportunity...We need change, while we are still alive...

How is the head of ASIO going, with his Nothing to to with Islam, Line with his London Counterpart... How many Lone wolves and any other name you wish to call The TERROR infused Cult of ISLAM do we have to be slaughtered by, before our Government says, Perhaps enough Australians have been slaughtered to mention Islam and Our blood in the same sentence.....You Low life lying DOGS..You are PAID and Swore to Protect AUSTRALIA , and FAILED on ALL Counts you Traitorous BASTARDS ...Enough is Enough.............But that is just my Humble Pissed off opinion...

Just heard that the police conducted some "controlled explosions" in London.
One can but hope that they were of the "canisters" attached to the attackers, and were still in situ when detonated.

And now we hear that our great friends have struck again in London overnight. That great Aussie patriot Senator Sam Dastardly just missed out on being hit ????

Not only do we have to be concerned about that fuckwit Lewis, but some one calling herslef Janey Stephenson reckons that Terrorism, isn't a Muslim thing, but a male thing?? Can you beliece these leftard wankers! What hope is there for the team with these versions of Stalins willing fools in the ranks:

I thought that might be the case Missionchris.


Poster girl for Democrats and IS all rolled into one. Fact sure is stranger than fiction....

What on earth has Margaret Courts personal views/opinions got to do with her brilliant tennis career. Brave lady.

Some of the best work on the planet is done by muslims. The sunni and shia sects kill each other in the hundreds of thousands. Praise be to allah.

Goat Accused Of Robbery.

Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of armed robbery.
Vigilantes seized the black and white goat, saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into an animal
to escape after trying to steal a Mazda 323.
A spokesman from the police said “The goat is in our custody.”

I lived in Nigeria for four years, and believe me this is just one of this kind of story that is regularly in the news papers.

Islam is a misogynistic hate and death “culture” – NOT a “race” and absolutely NOT a religion – all they “produce” is hate and death. Muslims will destroy you, your cities, and your countries –they will NEVER assimilate– they WILL make every violent effort to force YOU to assimilate to their “culture” or else you have no value as a human being and killing you is THEIR “cultural” right – just as terrorizing you is their “cultural” right. YOU are not a “racist” if you don’t want to live with them in your country – DON’T let your patriotism, your cultural identity, or your heritage be minimized by ANYONE – especially for the sake of Muslims – and especially not by globalist politicians and the FAKE NEWS media scumbags – Muslims chant “Death to America” and burn our flag and abuse and murder our people. Sharia allows for slavery, pedophilia, murder – US laws do not! F**K political correctness!!! The Muslim god is NOT the Christian GOD!!!
Educate yourselves about TAQIYYA – Lying for Allah -The ancient art of deception – in order to: Expand the kingdom of Islam “Lying for Allah” Muslims often appearing like they love you and are American or Christians or Jews etc. only to become back stabbing murderers – ordained by Muhammad – TRUST NO MUSLIM! Muhammad never said they are a religion of peace. Amabo was an expert at Taqiyya - lied through his teeth at all times - because his Muslim culture "requires" it as a means to get whatever you want – without shame.?

Pod, MC won more titles than all Australian women combined

Great comment lg, ouch!!!

Hinch was on TV this morning about the introduction of legislation to cancel passports of registered sex offenders in order to protect children overseas. Nothing wrong with that, even though they will pursue their depraved desires here. However, this is such blatant hypocrisy. While Hinch was rabbiting on, there was probably a fully formed human being being pulled to bits with forceps just around the corner in Canberra. But unborn children have no rights in the ACT. Emily's List murdering witches have seen to that:

The offence of abortion at any time of gestation was abolished absolutely in the ACT in 2002.

Just to make sure, unborn children were de-humanised in the ACT in 2004.

Right to life
(1) Everyone has the right to life. In particular, no-one may be arbitrarily deprived of life.

(2) This section applies to a person from the time of birth."

So in the ACT there are no rights before birth, so the babies' body parts can be harvested and sold a la Planned Parenthood.

So while Hinch rails on about the filthy child molesters, not a word about the cold blooded murdering abortionists who have put away their bloody instruments until next week and are off home in the BMW for a weekend with the kids.

And The 2017 Global Peace Prize Goes To... Black Lives Matter (No, Seriously)
Every year the Sydney Peace Foundation bestows their Global Peace Prize on extraordinary people who advocate for “true and lasting peace” by ending “war and violent conflict” through addressing “deep injustices and structural inequality.”

Previous years have seen such individuals as Noam Chomsky, Hans Blix and Archbishop Desmond Tutu receive the esteemed prize.

But this year the award is taking a different direction, and rather than being given to a single person, it is being awarded to an entire movement for the first time.

Stosur's a prime example of modern day diversity - even the mediocre can become sports 'stars' . . .

ONE Nation has declared that it will oppose almost all Coalition bills unless it slashes funding to the ABC. The Australian reports One Nation party whip Brian Burston as saying his party would put $5 billion worth of budget measures in doubt in order to see the ABC’s budget slashed. He said he had finalised the plan with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson on Monday night. One Nation would reject “all bills associated with the budget” and media legislation changes, if the broadcaster’s $1 billion a year funding was not cut by $600 million over the forward estimates, he said. LET'S HOPE THEY DO AND INCLUDE THE USELESS SBS AS WELL.

What Cory Bernardi's curious lunch says about Tony Abbott and his mates