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Wednesday, 12th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Security agencies and police forces still insist that we keep the Muslim hierarchy on-side so that they can dob in their “radicalised” kids who are showing signs of terrorist activity. Strange but it seems the families and mosques of these “radicalised” youths invariably insist on their innocence or they are actually involved in the same terrorist activity themselves.

The family of the Boston bombers were involved and claimed their sons were innocent. The parents of the San Bernardino killers were involved and in Australia it seems the parents are usually involved and claim innocence on behalf of the crazy kids. So not much chance of a "radicalised" kid being dobbed in there. Mosques are always involved so don't expect too much from the Imams.

In any other first world country Sydney’s Parramatta Mosque would have been bulldozed by now.

In any other first world country Hizb ut-Tahrir, a finance and procurement arm of ISIS, would have been banned years ago-- in fact it already has been in most other countries!

The term "radicalised" is designed to convince us that these twisted Muslim youths are otherwise normal... in other words some other misguided Muslims have "got at" the poor little bugger.

Well, most normal kids I know aren't keen to follow the Koran's instructions.

The term "deradicalised" implies that they can be talked out of this compulsion to behead non believers. Yeah, good luck with that!

The new Obama buzz phrase for responsible citizens is: “If you see something, say something”!

But when a Muslim family tried to check in an unregulated child’s booster seat at the gate it caused a severe case of "islamophobia". Because the computer system was down they were told at the checkin counter to bring it on board. When another passenger on the aircraft followed Obama's instructions and complained about this odd-looking booster seat carried on by people speaking Arabic, a flight attendant told the mother not to use the booster seat, and asked to see the family's boarding passes before ordering them to leave.

Another passenger who reported the incident was called Islamophobic by the mother of the child and United Airlines was accused of profiling Muslims. An apology was demanded from, and subsequently issued by, the airline and the family was paid compensation.

Numerous other cases where a complaint has been made concerning suspicious Muslims have finished up with the complainant in deep legal water. If the police get involved they are accused of profiling.

Well done Obama!

It seems if “If you see something, keep your trap shut” is by far the better option.


Hanson may have spoken out when others dared not - but her judgement is as always fatally flawed.

FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Posted on April 29, 2016 by David Robinson
Image result for dzhokhar tsarnaev Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
By Paul Craig Roberts
I have been contacted by attorney John Remington Graham, a member in good standing of the bar of the Minnesota Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. He informs me that acting in behalf of Maret Tsanaeva, the aunt of the accused Tsamaev brothers and a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic where she is qualified to practice law, he has assisted her in filing with the US District Court in Boston a pro se motion, including an argument of amicus curiae, and an affidavit of Maret Tsarnaeva. The presiding judge has ordered that these documents be included in the formal record of the case so they will be publicly accessible. The documents are reproduced below.
The documents argue that on the basis of the evidence provided by the FBI, there is no basis for the indictment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The FBI’s evidence clearly concludes that the bomb was in a black knapsack, but the photographs used to establish Dzhokhar’s presence at the marathon show him with a white knapsack. Moreover, the knapsack lacks the heavy bulging appearance that a knapsack containing a bomb would have.
As readers know, I have been suspicious of the Boston Marathon Bombing from the beginning. It seems obvious that both Tsamaev brothers were intended to be killed in the alleged firefight with police, like the alleged perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo affair in Paris. Convenient deaths in firefights are accepted as indications of guilt and solve the problem of trying innocent patsies.
In Dzhokhar’s case, his guilt was established not by evidence but by accusations, by the betrayal of his government-appointed public defender Judy Clarke who declared Dzhokhar’s guilt in her opening statement of her “defense,” by an alleged confession, evidence of which was never provided, written by Dzhokhar on a boat under which the badly wounded youth lay dying until discovered by the boat owner and hospitalized in critical condition. Following his conviction by his defense attorney, Dzhokhar allegedly confessed again in jihadist terms. As legal scholars have known for centuries, confessions are worthless as indicators of guilt.
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Dame Edna we salute you !

Muslim man and body guard shot in Bankstown Square. One dead. We now apparently live in Beirut. Australia welcomes the peace of Islam. No one listens, no one cares.
The trick of creating chaos and then seizing power under the pretense of putting things back in order is a tried and true method of deception and manipulation. It's the meaning behind the Latin motto: ORDO AB CHAO meaning ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.
Staged Events/Order Out of Chaos - Orwell Today

I guess this will save the tax payers a shit load of prisoner care money over time.

She must be crazy to import him into the party.

In Switzerland they have mosques but no minarets. In Saudi Arabia, not one church and if one is caught with a bible its deportation... Saudi is financing the building of thousands of mosques in the western world including Australia but will not allow one church for the thousands of Filipino workers and westerners who run their oil industry..."The religion of peace and tolerance" Not!

As you well know, Duck, PP's resident imam, Saddler, uses taqiyya to try to fool us.

Great stuff Humphries.. always good for a laugh. Wish I'd seen more of it.

Just a thought - if a Christian priest was to conduct a sermon based on the bible, with the theme "an eye for an eye" etc what would be the outcome? I would suggest an uproar and demands for the sacking, if not jailing of the priest. What a double standard we have allowed to develop in this country - not one politician is prepared to stand up and tell the truth ie we have a problem and it is 100% muslim based!


Top Chinese conglomerate set to shop for Israeli start-up techOfficials of China’s HNA Group have already signed one partnership deal with an Israeli firm – and many more are in the offing, sources in the company say

Wonder what this kidnapping of an Australian woman in eastern Afghanistan is going to cost the Aussie tax payer.The Black Bitchop is probably cutting a cheque as I type.Another one of Tim Costello's hand wringing lovies F$%^s up .

Coal sector set for surge in deals as private equity awakens

Herbert Smith Freehills co-head of global mining Jay Leary is tipping a jump in copper and coal deals across 2016, particularly in Australia, according to the Australian Financial Review.

"Chinese investors are back in the market, although in a more measured way," Leary said. "There is more Chinese private money to be deployed as opposed to investment from state-owned enterprises.

Friday's prayers, maybe mine are coming true.

He's an ugly little suck.

Hogsback and the brotherhood between steel and coal

Friday, 29 April 2016

HOGSBACK would like to proclaim loudly: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that coking coal is used in the making of steel!”

Hosgsback has been forced to make this proclamation because there is a sizable part of the population – which includes the Greens party of Australia – that are calling for support of the nation’s steel industry but have not cottoned on that the black stuff is needed in the steel making process.

The interview changed my opinion of Humphries for the better. It was great viewing. Also in my defence I did not intend to watch the show but it just ran overtime into the next show.

Pauline should get rid of Ashby, ASAP, as he will only bring her grief. Being her pilot, or not, there is a certain pong, about the bloke.