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Monday, 18th February 2019

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Part 1

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


[A prologue to this story is an important one: I have read an extensive, albeit heavily redacted, transcript of police interviews with Kathy. The police appear to have carried out their investigations in a professional and comprehensive manner. It is clear there was not much more they could have done. Kathy’s story is a sobering account of rape and she refused every opportunity I gave her to embellish occurrences that would have supported her case. Instances that might have hurt her case she insisted be included. What has happened to her had obviously been imprinted on her consciousness in incredible detail for 28 years and had altered her life in a terrible way. For those reasons, including her candid frankness, I believe Kathy’s story to be compelling and true. Bill Shorten said Kathy’s claim is not true and he wants to, ”draw a line” under the matter. If Kathy’s story is true then she has not only suffered intense pain for those 28 years before being told there was insufficient evidence without an eye-witness, to proceed with a prosecution, but Bill’s denial has invited the nation to believe she is also a liar. If Bill is found to be telling the truth then this story is so grossly unfair to him that I will apologise and close this blog because never again will I deserve the right to comment on anything. Kathy lives by herself and since 2008, when she saw Bill Shorten on TV for the first time in 22 years, she cannot watch TV for fear of his image appearing without notice. She needs the remote permanently in her hand. When she describes him she erupts in a violent rage, her pretty face contorts and turns red, her eyes water and turn wild, she bares her teeth, “I just want to stab him and stab him again and again and again in the throat”, she screams. Kathy clearly has lost everything. She cannot have a relationship, she has no interest in sex and she will never have the children she once looked forward to. She has been rendered a shell of a woman, broken and fighting bouts of depression and drug dependency, a lack of self esteem and pervasive self doubt. The good life of a good woman destroyed forever by one callous act. Along with Bob Kernohan and others, Kathy is just another broken rung on Bill Shorten’s relentless and selfish ladder to the top. He can never be charged with this offence unless others come forward. Rapists don’t rape only once, they have an ever-present character flaw that persists. Other stories swirling within the beltway might also be aired if only those who are right now suffering in silence would tell their story, but it’s never easy to do that. I told Kathy I could not pay for her story. I know of many media outlets chasing her but she told me it was never about the money it was about closure and her story being told honestly. I have promised her I will endeavour to do that in what must be the most confronting and difficult warts-and-all article I have ever tackled. Kathy does not trust the media to do that.] 

Kathy was Labor through and through, so was her mother, all in all a solid Labor family. She took a bit of tracking down and I doubted she would grant me an interview, I mean I am not exactly flavour of the month with the ALP right now. But it was worth a try as the most telling stories about Labor have always come from Labor while the Libs tend to keep their dirty linen off the line and under wraps. 

Anyway, I have always been more socially comfortable with Labor people. 

Kathy was 15 when she first met Bill. She had lied about her age so she could join Young Labor which required a minimum age of 16. “My sister, Kim also joined”, said Kathy, “and she is 13 months younger than me, so she had also lied about her age.” 

Kathy and her sister would take the long train trip down from Wodonga to meet Bill and others at Treasury Place in Melbourne before heading off to Young Labor functions... “I was passionately Labor and wanted to make a mark on the movement”, said Kathy.

She describes Bill at the time as a “nerdy type”, very unsexy and certainly not someone girls would find attractive. He was very much the leader of the fast-growing Young Labor “Vanguard” Group, which was of the Centre-Right faction and Bill was persistently and openly promoting himself as the next Bob Hawke.

Kathy lit a smoke, “It was a winter morning in 1986 and a group of around 25 of us were heading off in a car convoy to Portarlington for another Young Labor conference. Bill, who had just turned 20, was organising everything as usual including sleeping arrangements in cabins that adjoined a caravan park.

“The itinerary included our usual trivial pursuit session and we had stopped for grog at a bottle shop just out of town where I had bought a cask of red and two packets of smokes which was easily enough for the weekend”, Kathy explained.

“We had arrived late and I was given a bed in a cabin with two younger girls I didn’t know who they were and I asked Bill why I wasn’t put in a cabin with my sister and my friends as usual. Bill replied that the two girls were ‘a bit straight’ and I, as an outgoing type, should encourage them to join in the party scene.” 

The party scene included heaps of alcohol, marijuana joints and speed. Bill’s girlfriend at the time, Kaye, apparently had not arrived.

Kathy continued, “Anyway, the two girls had gone to bed and I went to the trivia night in another cabin where there were around 20 to 25 of us. We were all in a circle on the floor and Bill was sitting behind me in an armchair. 

“I had my cask of wine a small glass and an ashtray. Bill was whispering the answers to political questions in my ear. His legs were pressing into my sides and he was blowing on my neck. I kept moving to avoid him and after two or three hours of trivia I’d had enough. I started to get angry with him and went to get up when I realised I was terribly drunk. 

“I was loud, ‘How come I’ve got no wine left?’ I asked. ‘Bill’s been refilling your glass all night’, my sister said. Now I was really angry because that cask was meant to last me the whole weekend. 

“A girl called Helen suggested a few of us go to her cabin for a joint. We did and we left the lights off and were giggling and joking about how I had escaped from Bill. 

"We had smoked lots of joints and we were having a great time when Bill walked in. I saw him first and hid on the lower bunk but he saw me and flopped himself on the bed next to me while everyone continued talking.

“Bill began rubbing his hands up and down my legs and around my bottom.” 

Kathy’s voice was breaking, she began sobbing again, uncontrollably, her hands were shaking as she reached for the tissues. We talked about something else for a minute before she was okay to continue. 

“I was wearing a large woolly jumper with a coloured pattern on the front and leggings with pixie shoes. I was very warm but I thought it was very unsexy. 

“Bill was blowing marijuana smoke on the back of my neck and he started rubbing my lower back and pushing his fingers in between the cheeks of my bottom. I froze and pushed myself up against the wall so he was unable to get his hand behind me. The lights were still out and no-one could see what he was doing. 

“I could smell the beer and lime cordial he always drank. I stood up and signalled to Helen that I needed to get out of there. Helen suggested we both go for a drive to the beach and I agreed, so we walked to her Hillman which was some distance away and I got into the front seat. 

“‘Hang on I forgot my smokes’ I said. I went back to the cabin to get them. When I returned, my sister and two other people were in the back seat and Bill was in the passenger seat. He tapped his legs motioning me to sit on his lap. It seemed innocent enough because there were others there and I didn’t really want to damage a professional friendship with Bill in front of them.

“I was stoned and drunk and made the silly decision to sit on his knee but I leant forward holding on to the dash board, getting as far away from him as I could get.”

Kathy explained her position, emulating a kangaroo. 

“Bill immediately started to touch me everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I was trapped and it was horrible. Then he started to bounce me up and down with his knee in between my legs. I could hear by his breathing that he was getting excited and he was trying to get his hand inside my pants. I kept slapping his hand away, it was getting awful and I yelled for Helen to stop the car. 

“Helen stopped the car immediately. I was now distraught, ‘Please take me back’, I yelled. Helen turned the car around. We hadn’t gone very far and I was prepared to suffer Bill’s groping knowing we were only minutes away from the cabins. 

“When we arrived back I leapt from the car and headed straight for my cabin with my sister following me, calling out for me to wait. I rushed inside where the two girls were still asleep and I leaned against the wall in the hallway trying to gather my thoughts... ‘Why is Bill doing this to me, why is this happening?’

“Almost immediately there was a knock at the door I could still hear my sister’s voice and it sounded like her knock, quick little knocks. But when I opened the door it was Bill. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me backwards, I had no time to react. I was drunk, stoned and scared. Suddenly he had me in the bathroom.

“My head was spinning as he grabbed at my pants I remember saying, ‘What, what, what, what, what?’ I don’t know why I was saying that, nothing was making sense.

“As soon as he started undoing his belt it gave me the chance to get my pants back up. But once his pants were down I had no chance. He had both hands free and was pressing me hard against the wall and I could feel the towel rail digging into my back. 

“Before I knew it he was inside me, I couldn’t really feel him and he was very quick, it seemed like only a few seconds before Bill’s grunting told me it was over.

“Bill withdrew and he pulled my pants up, all I could see of him was a large green jumper and his khaki trousers on the floor, I couldn’t look at his face. ‘Gee you’ve been around’, said Bill as he was doing up his belt. I spat at him, ‘I thought you would have been better than that’, I replied with venom, it was the only thing I could think of that might hurt him.

“He walked out while I stayed in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet sobbing for hours trying to wipe the smell of him away. I had broken up with my boyfriend a year before and we had experimented with sex but neither of us thought much of it, we didn’t have much success with it really. 

“I was shocked that my vagina had been lubricated, ‘Why was that’, I thought, ‘how could I have been wet when it was so awful? Had he worn a condom? No, there was no time!’

“I was all sticky so I showered and went back to the bedroom. The girls were still asleep and I fell on the bunk in a drunken haze trying to grasp what had just happened. ‘Why would Bill do that to me, we were Young Labor friends and I had never thought of him in that way, he was my senior and I had looked up to him. 

“And why was I wet? Did that mean I actually wanted him to rape me? Should I tell anyone? Would anyone believe me?’ Nothing made sense as I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.” ...but it was far from over for Kathy. 


[Studies in America have shown that at least 25 per cent of women who have been raped have reported experiencing vaginal lubrication, some have even experienced orgasm. This has proved damaging to prosecution cases but research scientist, Kelly Suschinsky, explains that the arousal signal from the brain is similar to the fear signal and it’s a protection mechanism that will prevent damage or tearing to the rape victim. Rape victims in these cases have tended to express a degree of guilt and say that their bodies have somehow betrayed them, but that is certainly not the case. It was also noted that some men reported experiencing ejaculation during a fierce fight.]

Part 2 : Click here


In light of Kavanagh in the US its time to discuss Bill Shorten's sexual misconduct. He is not fit and proper to be the next PM.

Why cannot this be rejuvenated Larry?

Victoria Police who investigated this case is highly politicized. Their senior management are all ALP stooges - you only have to see how they have handled the African gangs issue. I would not be surprised if they did not properly investigate this case in order to protect a senior ALP figure

If this story is correct it has to be investigated thoroughly by the AFP, ASIO and the Parliamentary Ethics Committee. To think this numnut could become our PM with this hanging over his head and character. Kathy - we stand beside you and with you.

Besides making me angry this case reminded me of a similar case about a man in power accused of raping a woman colleague. In this case there was little chance of a successful prosecution, but after a number of years a successful CIVIL case was bought by the woman with help, and the man guilty (less onerous burden of proof in Civil cases) and substantive damages awarded against the man. Whilst no criminal conviction occurred his professional and private life was ruined and he was burdened with substantial financial penalties. The case occurred in 2012 and I found a reference to the story on the RIOTACT website - here - - Perhaps you could read this from a comparative perspective, & it might even help Kathy

Does this mean that Bullshit Billy is one of Juliar Gillard's misogynists who care nothing for women ?

Why hasn't this been followed up?

Wonder if the PM that used the contents of his ears as a substitute for his favourite yum Cha, went front or back door?? He sure did sound from the way he talked a back door kinda bandit. But maybe???

Kathy sounds like a bit of a Prick Teaser to me.
Fancy sitting on Shortens lap after he had been feeling her up all night??
What message would THAT send to a drunken 20 y/o boy with a Hard-on?
Even such a Gallant Upstanding Young Gentleman like Our Bill.
He must have thought all his Christmases had come at once.

That she has not been charged in any way (it seems) allows for the possibility of the whole matter being a publicity stunt only to further Shortens exposure.
The powers who are not processing this state of affairs in the usual and proper manner have, in doing so, brought question to the validity of the accusations.
Kathy is entitled to proper process, even if that means she will go to jail for it.
Is there some reason proper process has not followed?

I think Kathy's description is awfully detailed and also lends itself to an honest account by way of implicating herself in illegal activities.
For it to be really believable there needs to be legal action taken against her. Firstly for the admissions of crime and secondly for the allocations against a public member.

@100% Aussie political correctness is cultural Marxism. Google "the Frankfurt school"

Such a brilliant post Hadenuff I'm going to re-post it for those like myself that missed it.

we should have a calibre of a general in the A D F like the AMERICANS had pre WW1 GEN BLACK JACK PERSHING , U S ARMY his last command was in the phillipines prior to W W 1 where the yanks were being attacked my musso extremest ( theres that bloody word again ) terrorists, they captured 50 of them lined them up had his men bring in 2 pigs slaughtered them in front of the rag heads SOAKED the ammo in pigs blood and shot 49 of the goat fuckers then tipped all of the pig entrails and carcases into the same pit , he then let the 50th piece of shit go , and HISTORY has it they did not have A PROBLEM for the next 43 years GEN BLACK JACK PERSHING D O B 19/9/1860 OBIT 13 /7/1948 HOW COME THERE IS NO MORE GEN B J PERSHING IN THE US ARMY TODAY

Thanks Larry and all the protesters of this mosque....One small step for civilised man....Hopefully the first but not the last to ban an islamist head quarters being set up around Australia.

Hey Larry, thanks for the great effort you have made , on behalf of many of us, to curtail this mosque business !

O/T The Gold Coast Council has rejected the mosque at Currumbin

I can't remember when PC came in to the extent it is now. Surely Kevvie started it to the extreme.

Jim Jim: The only court jester around here is you. Lambie is a Senator, what the fuck are you? My guess is a nothing, but certainly not Australian. Now, that IS germane to the subject of what you are. To say Senators that hold the balance of power "don't count for anything", simply shows what an ill-informed spruiker you are and you're a bit late to catch the 'anti Lambie bandwagon', that amazingly, seems to have diminished substantially in the past week or two. It gets down to this you big brave man: If you want sharia law in this country, don't support Senator Lambie: If you want an Australia without Muslims and sharia law, support her. Get behind the woman and support her.

We didnt listen to Pauline and look what happened. Time for the Government to listen to the people and act. We have our own law.