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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

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said Andrew Bolt, as he invited Kirralie Smith to discuss Easter

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well, I guess “Smith” is an unusually difficult name to recall. But Bolt was determined to show his true colours as a defender of his own private realm of conservatism. “What proof do you have that mosques secrete caches of arms?”, he asked. Bolt was using a typical Left wing tactic where the interviewee has no chance to recover research that leads to a definitive answer. Of course mosques both here and around the world secrete arms, there is ample proof of that despite the fact police are rarely granted a warrant to search any mosque.

The fact that Kirralie has now joined Corey Bernardi’s Conservatives seemed to irk Bolt who also suggested, contrary to Kirralie’s claim, that the word Easter was still displayed widely at supermarkets. He should crawl out from his underground Catholic bunker for long enough to see the words “Christmas” and “Easter” are slowly disappearing from festive advertising around the world. 

Cadbury’s, who pays the Islamic halal certification scamsters, has suffered market loss as a result, yet is still determined to appease Islamic pressure groups with the severance of Christian links.

                             The Pagan Goddess Eostre, by Witchemma

Bolt then went on to claim there was no hindrance to Australians celebrating the wonderful Christian festivity of Easter...the fabled ascension of Christ into heaven after having been crucified.

Well, it is Bolt who should be employing a full-time researcher, because Easter is not a Christian festivity. It is a Pagan celebration of the northern hemisphere Spring equinox, fecundity... a festivity of fertility and abundant reproduction represented by a Rabbit and fertility by an egg. 

The Pagan Goddess Eostre (aka Eastre) from which was derived the name of the female hormone, Oestrogen was as much a part of Pagan seasonal rituals as was Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) representative of Christmas and its mid-winter festival.

After Christians had burnt most Pagans at the stake for heresy, they promptly clung to their popular festivities as representing Christ. Of course they have nothing to do with Christ, but hey, Mr Bolt, who needs accuracy when you have the final say on your own TV show?

                         Asians still celebrate Easter as it was originally intended

Giant papier mache dongers and gaping vaginas were also part of the festivities but Christian probity settled for the rabbit and egg.

Kirralie Smith is one of the smartest ladies I know and she will be an adornment to any conservative Party she chooses to belong to. Bolt’s handling of an interview with her last night was amateurish and ashamedly shabby. 

Bolt’s claim on his own private brand of conservatism is tenuous at best and he is becoming tiresome with his righteous defence of Cardinal Pell and his love/hate affair with Turnbull.

He is no longer the light of conservative devotees and he is no longer on my and many others’ must watch list.

I and my family will always celebrate Easter and Christmas no matter what the origins are and no matter what the Muslims direct me to do.

Bolt has degenerated to the proverbial pain in the arse.


Yes, noticed. Coles are the same - don't dare squash the bread rolls in the trolley or by the time one arrives home, they are pancakes.

Bolts blog has become an infestation of trolls who Bolt never confronts and never kicks off (bit like here really).

Barrister: "Mr McGillicudy, you say that my client is storing weapons in his home. What evidence do you have for this statement?"

Mr McGillicudy: "That question is a typical Left wing tactic! You are allowing me no chance to recover research that leads to a definitive answer!"

I like the Asian version,, they seem very happy with it

Yep,, he's getting a tad boring,, and has always had a soft spot for those of the Labor side.

Where did the pistol come from that was used to murder Curtis Chang, INSIDE the Pattamatta Mosque!

Bolt started at the ABC. Some of his recent shows gives the imprerssion he is trying to win favour to get back into the ABC. His relentless attacks on Turnbull are a propaganda ruse in an overall strategy, together with ABC, to hasten the reinstallation of Labor & Greens dictatorship. At the same time they are milking conservatives for subscription fees, Foxtel are subtly promoting Labor & Greens. Proof of this is that most of their shows and hosts are ex-Labor MP's and officials. Further proof is their consistent promotion of "extreme weather" and the climate change scam.

Is it just me but are the women with Conservative views far better looking - Kirralie, Janet albrechtsen, Jennifer Oriel - for example than thier leftist counterparts?

I used to buy big packs of Salida crackers.There were traditionally two cellophane pack of the product in each cardboard carton.No airspace at all.Then I noticed that there were two layers of the crackers missing out of each pack.Some months later...another two out of each internal pack,while the outside cardboard container remained the same diamensions.It was actually some years before they reduced the size of the outside packaging to reflect the diamensions of the biscuits.They think we don't notice this BS,but she's all in the vault.

Much like that half a box of cereal you buy Thorn.....that 'settles' during transport!


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“What proof do you have that mosques secrete caches of arms?” asked Andrew Bolt.

Well, since the police are denied warrants to actively surveil mosques, and have random checks of these dens of iniquity, we have no "proof". But we don't need "proof" because common sense dictates that mosques do secrete caches of arms. Mosques are the organisational centres for all islamic terrorist activities and there are about two million of them all over the world.

Inside all the mosques the imams, muftis and mullahs are indoctrinating and radicalising all the fit, young, islamic foot soldiers to do their bidding. They are being instructed to kill the infidels and work towards setting up a violent, murderous, sharia controlled, jihadi islamic caliphate.

All those imams, muftis and mullahs are breaking the laws of free Western Democratic countries by preaching death, terrorism and jihad inside those mosques. If our governments weren't such shameful cowards and traitors, they would stop being islamic appeasers and start dealing with the islamic enemy within our borders.

Governments should immediately order the police to start introducing 24 hour surveillance and monitoring of all the islamic mosques. Then every single mosque where the laws are being broken, must be closed. Some of those very same mosques must be turned into jails. It is counter productive to send islamists to our standard prisons in Democratic countries because, wherever there are islamists, the prisons are a hotbed of islamist radicalisation. Rather, all those imams, muftis and mullahs, who are breaking our democratic laws, must be put inside some of those very same mosques, and the doors bolted. That would be the beginning of the end of the problem which is islam.

BRAVO TO KIRRALIE for taking the courageous step to use her wealth of experience, knowledge and talents and join the new Conservative Party so that she is in the very best position to confront this world wide problem of islam.

Thank you Harry, you really are Dirty, aren't you?

A RACIST sign on the window of a Melbourne milk bar says “black” teens are banned from going inside because they “steal things”. The appalling note was left on the window of the store on Burleigh Rd, in Melton, in Melbourne’s west, and was sent to radio station 3AW. As well as the teenagers, “dogs” were also banned from entry. Social media has lit up with outrage. One person said: “Apparently only black people steal in Melton. What a disgrace!” while another had a warning for the shop owners. “F***en idiots you watch their shop will get robbed twice as much now.” Victoria Police said on Twitter they were aware of the sign. A police spokeswoman told “Victoria Police does not support the language of the poster and deems the message as inappropriate.”

…….and all the Victorian Police can say is “inappropriate”? How about doing something instead of promoting racial tensions by inaction? Sounds more common sense than racist.

Careful Mark, you'll be tagged as a "Leftist" along with the rest of us who don't want to root Tony.

Surely there must be some sensible N. Koreans, who are pissed off with this delusional idiot, and with whom there has been contact with a view to "regime change"? Given his propensity to order barbaric executions and other punishments, it would be amazing if there were not quite a lot of them, who could be enlisted to get rid of him, with the promise of the right support?. Most Koreans I have met, have the normal quota of common sense.

Ditto Thorn and doesn't the so called boyfriend look a shifty peice of shit! He looks so forlorn at the loss of his love, NOT!

How They Do It– ‘The Persecution of Christians (by Islam) is a Jewish problem’

Quote of the week goes to Bronwyn Bishop: "If you invite a cannibal into your house do not be surprised if a child goes missing."

World shattering, breaking news:

"Russia has decided to back out of the Eurovision Song Contest"