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Wednesday, 23rd January 2019

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The sale of the infamous Kerr Street property in February of 1996 could have occurred only with the agreement of Wilson’s bagman, Ralph Blewitt. He held the title. The proceeds of the subsequent sale are alleged to have gone to both.

Ralph Blewitt’s insistence that he had no role in any fraud, and that he and Wilson and Gillard were bitter enemies, is a lie. Emails now in the hands of Vicpol (and soon to be sent to the WA jurisdiction in time for Blewitt’s trial this month) show clearly that he and Wilson were still the best of mates, at least that was so in 1996 when Wilson needed Blewitt’s signature to be able to sell the Kerr Street house.

Gidday mate, finally tracked you down, how have you been? Was the matey gist of exchanged emails prior to the house being sold. I can’t say for certain but it’s pretty obvious that Blewitt received a cut from the sale in exchange for signing the papers.

And that makes Blewitt as culpable as Gillard and Wilson.

The only person to come out of this with clean hands is Bob Kernohan, the man who suffered most from Gillard and Shorten’s AWU fraud. Kernohan flicked Michael Smith after he supported HSU boss, Kathy Jackson, in her theft of union funds that sentencing is soon to be adjudicated on.

                                          Kathy with her clown, Michael Smith

Smith had gone on holidays to Bali with Jackson and was regularly seen at her home with her husband/partner of sorts, the sponger and Fair Work Commission Vice-President, Michael Lawler.

The $1.2 million home south of Sydney was, as usual, reportedly awash with drugs when a mutual friend was found dead outside the front gate. Ms Jackson was liberal with HSU funds when she holidayed overseas and liberal with the furry magnet when she explained to a Royal Commission her gifting of “charity shags”.  

                              Jackon with HSU colleague, Ruth Kershaw, doing Italy

Kathy was eventually found guilty of defrauding her Health Services Union of around $1.4 million. After being ordered to repay that amount with an additional $1 million in ancillary costs, Jackson hurriedly declared bankruptcy.

But back to Ralph Blewitt. If these emails are proved to be genuine then Ralph’s credibility has taken another nose dive. His stated interest of nailing Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson will fail as he proves himself just another unhinged psycho in a long list of Labor unionists on the take.

After begging police to charge him, Blewitt’s evidence will be worthless… torn to shreds by any first-year law student. He has refused to speak to me, but it would serve Blewitt well to stay basking in Malaysia while Gillard basks in the legitimacy of Beyond Blue.

And that could be the first legitimate thing that Julia has ever been involved with.


Trader: .... Now it is clear why JuLiar is titular head of Beyond Blue! A placement that permits her rationalizing criminally-insane attacks upon united States of America's President Trump's supposed mental deficiencies. Gillard's title designed to give her credibility as the desperate Democrats try to have the united States of America's President removed on Trumped-up not a typo "mental health" grounds. Fascist Left doesn't like losing, does it?! -- Dick!

I know you were IE.....imagine though if someone on their last legs rang BB and got ...giday....

IE, From what I gather, the board of BB meet 6 times a year and I bet London to a brick that the red witch does not get her hands dirty by answering any distress calls. She is into the glamour and money side of the business and the travel and classy parties I read that they have.

My state, my home is fucked by Islamic arse lickers. I am ashamed to call myself a Victorian.

Oliver. Grabbing. At. Straws.

US Guilty of Premeditated Murder of Civilians
The US has been targeting civilians for a long time but pretending that all such deaths are accidental, aka “collateral damage”.
for The American Conservative
With pictures, captions, and short notes by Lasha Darkmoon

No problems S20
Assumed it was orphaned
But I do care.

It was a nightmare!

Don't go to it IE. It's about Abbott. Wait till it runs it's course or it will all come back to you. The Abbott era......SHIT! This bloke was going to be our saviour after Rudd Gillard. What happened?

KASSAM: Trump’s Tweets Are Using the Media’s Own Alarmism Against Them and Why He Can’t Lose…

“An outrage, a scandal, this is urgent, breaking news!”
How many times do you think those words have been uttered in newsrooms across the world since President Trump assumed office on January 20th? I’m willing to bet it is more times than I’ve had hot dinners. And I suspect that’s exactly what POTUS wants.

When Fox News anchors declare — trying ever so hard, bless them, not to be visible in their sneering — that 71 per cent of Americans think the President’s tweets are hurting his agenda, I suspect they are using the same pollsters who repeatedly convinced the world the man would lose on November 8th.

Don’t just take my word for it. The Five-Thirty-Eight website run by Nate Silver shows Fox’s pollsters tend to get only about 65 per cent of election calls correct.

They polled 1,000 people and then did the statistical voodoo to project outwards. Nevertheless, I suspect rather than this being truly representative of how the American public feel on this issue, Fox News is trying to impact public opinion rather than reflect it.

Q: Why do women marry old men?

A: They sleep more.

N. Korea launches possibly most successful missile test yet

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea conducted what may be its most successful missile test yet on Tuesday, firing an intermediate-range weapon that could be powerful enough to reach Alaska. It’s Pyongyang’s latest step in a push for nuclear weapons capable of hitting any part of the United States.

While some details are still unclear, the launch seems designed to send a political warning to Washington and its chief Asian allies, Seoul and Tokyo, even as it allows North Korean scientists a chance to perfect their still-incomplete nuclear missile program. It came on the eve of the U.S. Independence Day holiday, days after the first face-to-face meeting of the leaders of South Korea and the United States, and ahead of a global summit of the world’s richest economies.

Officials say the missile fired from North Phyongan province, in the North’s western region, flew for about 40 minutes, which would be longer than any other similar tests previously reported, and covered about 930 kilometers (580 miles). South Korean analysts say it’s likely that it was a retest of one of two intermediate-range missiles launched earlier this year.

Once U.S. missile scientist, David Wright, estimated that the missile, if the reported time and distance are correct, could have a possible maximum range of 6,700 kilometers (4,160 miles), which could put Alaska in its range if fired at a normal trajectory.

U.S. Planes Caught Sneaking ISIS Terrorists Out Of Syria again.
Syrian authorities have caught U.S. military aircraft secretly transporting ISIS terrorists out of Syria to unknown destinations. According to senior Syrian legislator Ammar al-Assad, the United States is helping ISIS to escape Raqqa, where Russian and Syrian forces are successfully defeating the […]
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If the Libs are a shoe-in to lose the next election, then obviously Turnbull will no longer be PM, will retire from politics, as promised, and Wentworth will have a bi-election.

Knowing this to be the most likely scenario, why on earth would the good burgers of Wentworth even vote for Turnbull when they will have to vote all over again in no time at all

The Libs should disendorse Malcolm and pre-select someone who, if elected, will at least serve out a full term. This person should not be Malcolm's son-in-law!

If Malcolm stands, it is highly likely that some other candidate will actually win the seat, Malcolm will be gone, and the burgers of Wentworth will be spared a bi-election.

"Leading liberals" as cited below. Well that's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

I was listening to 2GB this morning, they announced ABC's Yassmin was leaving Aus to live in London. The callers never stopped, they were glad to see her go and some wanted waleed to join her, so you see, there is a God !

Joining the dots. Ch10 reported there were turbine blades missing on the AirAsia flight and AirAsia claimed there were carcasses of plovers on the runway. A problem they said was AirAsia had no access to the runway. During engine testing, engineers throw frozen chickens into engines and they must survive (the engines, not the chickens) Plovers are incredibly light and ground dwelling birds, they are normally cleared by runway inspections, they would not break turbine blades. AirAsia is lying to us as severe vibration can only be caused by severe imbalance due to missing turbine blades



It seems like a simple enough question. Should the AFL sack its diversity manager Ali Fahour for bringing the game into disrepute on the weekend?
The man responsible for the portfolio of multicultural and indigenous programs and partnerships left another man unconscious after violently punching him in a suburban football match. In his role at the AFL, he is in charge of creating unity, bringing people together and importantly in this case, avoiding confrontation.
Unfortunately he has left the AFL embarrassed and in a corner with little wriggle room because there is nothing more confronting that the vision of the incident which shows him going out of his way to maliciously king hit a rival player. He already served a three-game suspension for striking earlier in the season, but observers say it was nothing like his latest atrocious physical attack.
AFLboss Gillon McLachlan. Picture: Kylie Else
The answer is a bit more complicated than the question, and it might not be out of the question for Fahour to save all the hassles of what to do with him, by resigning. That would seem the smart move, but that is on the understanding that he genuinely knows the wrong he’s caused.
Following the tribunal hearing tomorrow night, where the result could lead to a lifetime ban, at the very least Fahour should be stood down from his position while a decision is made whether he can remain as the league’s public face in his current role.
AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan will be checking all his options in making a decision on the future of his employee before leaving for a holiday in France next week.
He has three key areas to address. The first element is public perception. The second is the league’s legal position in relation to Fahour’s employment contract whether it contains a behavioural clause.
The third is the element of the AFL’s values and what it stands for. Fahour’s role at the league for the past five years has been one of seeking respect for difference. On the weekend, he showed none himself.
On the first point, he would have already been marched out of his office and shown the front door, such has been the public reaction.
At the moment, his position at AFL House is on a knife’s edge, and tomorrow night’s tribunal outcome probably should not influence McLachlan’s decision. Perception has already taken care of that.
McLachlan must determine whether this man can continue to be the public face of diversity within the AFL. With a black mark against his name, can he still carry out a meaningful role?
The AFL can only retain its credibility if it proves to the community that officials face the same strict obligations as their players. Fahour has since showed remorse, but that will not be enough for him to keep his job.
At the very least, he will almost certainly be stood down for an amount of time. He could then remain employed in another area, possibly brought back in another less-conflicting role. Or he could be dismissed, which seems the most popular of options.
If Fahour was under your employment, what would you do?

O.T. With"patriot" A Robb in mind it is MHO that all the recent supposedly "free" trade deals should be scrapped. As innocuous and innocent as free trade agreements sound, they are anything but!
They subjugate our people and our Constitutional rights to foreign control and are but stepping stones to integrate us into huge economic and political blocs run by unelected officials. It is a globalist agenda (NWO), an elitist agenda with no regard for the working people of this country. It is the desire for money, power, and control to be maintained by those who believe they are superior to the working class people of nations. Ask yourself why all of our presidents except President Trump have pushed us merrily down this path toward international subjugation and destruction of our country! Why has no other president tried to eliminate illegal voters from our voter rolls and control immigration? Overwhelm our population and social welfare system with people ignorant of our constitutional rights and they are easier to manipulate and control in order to achieve the goal. It is a communist precept.

old Barnaby has a brain fart moment wants everyone to ease up on him and the other pissheads in parliaments