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Friday, 19th October 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Washington Senator, Pat Murray (pictured) is attempting to galvanise liberal women to have a Left-wing female judge replace Scaria on the Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton is jumping for joy now that Donald Trump has said women who have an abortion should be punished.

Trump has attacked the holy grail of left-wing feminism and surely his balloon must burst. Maybe not in Wisconsin, which has a high evangelical and Catholic demographic, but Democratic States will be forced to pillory him. State delegates who have already supported him may change their minds at a contested Cleveland Convention... if he gets there.

Regardless of your beliefs there are some things better left unsaid at Party preselection stage because abortion in the US at the moment is a very complicated and emotive issue that demands more than one-line responses.

Trump answered honestly, as he always does, this question, “Should women who have an abortion be punished?” It was posed repeatedly by an aggressive interviewer in Wisconsin. “Yes, there should be some sort of punishment” he eventually and reluctantly replied. The twittersphere dissolved in meltdown and a thousand Iphones ran hot to editors across the globe... this was the blooper the Left Press had been waiting for.

This response would surely sink Trump at last and in the process save the GOP establishment.

But Trump’s response was against a background of hideous live footage of the Planned Parenthood’s killing of ready-to-be-born infants and bartering for their still-moving body parts.

The national organisation and Government-funded Planned Parenthood is part of a push in the US Supreme Court to declare that a womb-confined baby has “no feelings, and that it is bereft of a nervous system” so that it rendered the administration of any form of anaesthetic unnecessary.

That's Bullshit of course!

Unfortunately now that Antonin Scalia is dead the 9-member Court predictably came down 4-4 without resolution. The status quo obtains... Planned Parenthood can continue its inhumane practices, no need to bother with anaesthic.

The Supreme Court’s decision may have angered Trump to the same extent it angered 150 million other Americans but his response has given Hillary Clinton a new lease of life and the feminazis (it’s my body and I can do what I like with it) the ammo to finally sink Trump.

  But how many times has that been said before?


Planned Parenthood is a money-laundering operation for the Democratic Party. The Dems extract money from taxpayers and give many millions of it to Planned Parenthood, which then makes multi-million dollar 'donations' to the Democratic Party. It's the same shonky arrangement as the 'Gonsky' plans in Australia. The Govt would steal millions from average people, and massively increase the money going into the Teachers' Federation, which then duly donates millions to the Labor Party. It's time we criminalised this fraud in this country, and the Americans in theirs. Lock 'em up and throw away the key.

Larry, you really have to do your US election research a bit better. Since his "abortion" statement, his numbers went up by 4.6% in the latest Reuters poll. True he is not gaining on Clinton, but as he's said, he hasn't started on her yet, and he's pretty much destroyed every other opponent who has attacked him. On The same poll, it's interesting too that Clinton and Sanders are now neck and neck, with Clinton holding a paper thin lead.

The website RealClearPolitics keeps track of all the American polls, Trump is doing well.

These same feminists were calling our troops baby killers not that long ago!!!

The actual question was "should women who have ILLEGAL abortions be punished" Well anyone involved in an "ILLEGAL" act should be subjected to a response from that law....Rick

Go Trump. His name says it all, even if you don't play cricket!!

That ugly slag is just jealous of women who CAN get pregnant. Yep my dog would not look twice on that one.

I think the real answer here is "Women who have had abortions have already punished themselves" in one form or another and despite whatever reasons.

It is obvious that the sight of a newborn's baby being carved up to harvest its organs does not disturb his/her sensitivities. Such is the mindset of a callous person who sees no good in anybody.

Hillary Clinton could well do with a new lease of life but she will never get it from supporting the heinous slaughtering of full-term babies in utero.

Just remember, Abortion/ fetus experiments, at all different stages was the sort of stuff that Adolph and the Boys were playing around with back in the days of Nazi Germany and now days just the mention of Hitlers name is enough to send people running. But for some reason these extreme left wing Femmos seem to get away with something that the Nazis were considered Lunatic Butchers for doing.

Go the Donald !

Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in a political world full of shysters, liars, cheats and idiots. No politician ever says what they think, never speaking the truth as they believe it to be. I support Trump because he is a real human being. I may not agree with everything he says, but, so what? At least he has the courage and conviction to be honest. This world needs more honesty from its politicians. A lot more.

You are on a hiding to nothing when discussing the female Volvo, why Mr Trump chose to engage is hard to understand. It's their Volvo, so let them work it out

I agree.

They're all dickess fucks who lack the intestinal fortitude to do what is right, wipe these scum bags from the face of the earth!!! No holds barred. Where would we be if our world leaders were as gutless as todays back in WW2?? We would be speaking Japanese, while Europe and maybe the US would be under Nazi rule. It's an indictement on todays society and education that most people cannot consider or comprehend that idea.

Guess all the WW 2 Freedom fighters have gone to Heaven?

A person / Man only stands TALL when they/He stands in his own TRUTH or The Truth ! Abortions are a form of murder. Pre-meditated with accessories before and after by the Father and the abortionists and body parts buyers. Millions of murders per year world wide. No criminal charges!? No court cases? Juries? Judgments and or penalties? Vomit stuff.