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Monday, 22nd October 2018

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...Jay Weatherill

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Now I’m just a normal bloke who does pretty normal stuff and after my swimming lessons with the kids this morning I settled down with a cup of tea to watch SKY news which was telling everyone in parts of SA that, “Your houses are likely to be burned to the ground so go inside, lock your doors and close all your windows”. I thought, “Hmmm”. 

Later, SKY told its viewers that, “Dozens of houses had been burned to the ground.”

Then that new Vic. Premier called Danny someone came on to tell viewers it was a very hot day and they should not leave their kids in the car and that they should drink a lot of water. 

Now you would think most Victorians would already know that, but it's better to be sure than sorry, after all the Vics just voted this Danny galah into Office. 

Advice was coming thick and fast when SA Premier Weatherill hurried to the cameras to tell us the Adelaide Hills were on fire and that residents should take his advice immediately and decide either to “leave or stay” and “my warning must be heeded” he said. Hmmm, well, I found that advice rather confusing. 

But as Penny Wong’s ex-bed partner I guess you could excuse Mr Weatherill for feeling a little confused about exactly what to do.

“If you decide to leave, leave early”, he said. But WTF is “early” when you can’t be sure if you’re likely to be fried or not and if you leave late or stay you’ll be fried anyway and good ol’ Mr Weatherill can then say he wisely gave you an option? 

Now that little “Green” corner of the continent called South Australia ain’t always that green, in fact it’s mostly a dirty brown as it sits just below the red centre and gets pummelled by northerly winds. 

The United Nations' World Meteorological Organisation declared Adelaide the hottest city in the world in 2013. The hottest city in the world? Really and truly... in the whole world? 

But then again the WMO’s partner in crime, the IPCC, also declared the Himalayas would be devoid of snow last year, that the Antarctic’s ice sheets were disappearing and that we should all start building desalination plants and paying a carbon tax to make Adelaide cooler.

So who started this sage “leave or stay” advice? Yep, you guessed it, after Victoria's black Saturday of 2009 a previous Labor Government ordered a multi-million dollar Royal Commission which came up with some remarkable recommendations including adopting the use of the term “bushfire” rather than “wildfire”. 

It also recommended that Authorities provide a “clear statement of objectives, expressed as measurable outcomes” whatever that means, and that residents at risk decide to either “leave or stay”.

About 65 other unintelligible gobbledegook recommendations catered for the future welfare of flora and fauna. 

The Commission also recommended scholarships for university students to study bushfires in detail but it didn’t mention too much about the 173 people who died and there was no recommendation to prosecute all those Green councillors who disallowed back-burning or clearing of undergrowth from around people's homes. 

Bushfire Commissioner, Susan Pascoe, was also appointed Chair of the "Not-for-profit Taskforce” by the Gillard Government in 2013. 

Gillard’s Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation at the time, Bill Shorten said, “This sector has a real and growing importance to the Australian economy and in Australian society more broadly". I guess Bill should know all about “not for profit” stuff.

Well, Ms Pascoe’s “leave or stay” recommendation unfortunately also applied to her friend Ms Gillard.

Anyway, I’m off for another swim lesson... it’s not very hot here, but I sure need cooling down.


Arrr shit Larry.... Give me an option mate. Is it a great bit of writing? or is it a great little article? or what? FFS We have to be clear.

I had no idea you thought you were replying to me Henry. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding? Still no use crying over spilt milk. lol

I ahven't read the full story but I applaud the stand of the Dennis family...As to Coles & Woolies ..yep they buy up in such huge quantities it is part of a strategy that gives them the ability to screw their the oil companies did to the private operators in Oz ..the private operators (like a friend of mine) couldn't buy Fuel for the price the company stations were selling it at. ..Anyone who thinks big corps. are benevolent and will do the right thing is is all about the bottom line and profits.

I was actually replying to Disraeli (As a kid I was sent off with a bucket to the farm down the road. NO it bloody wasn't pasteurised.) I mistakenly thought he was advocating the legalising of Raw Milk..the case of (Mountain View Organic Bath Milk) pretty much implies that except for regulation you could drink it. Also your link (Denis is it) clearly says .(.we also believe the benefits of raw milk far outweigh any risks, but sadly our laws don't allow it ) Am I mistaken this NOT an endorsement for the Benefits of Raw Milk... I don't think it is an argument ..I am just interested what people believe or think and why ..actually I agree with Disraeli's last statement (Retailing raw milk in this climate would be foolhardy. There are a lot of stupid consumers out there

I think coles screw all their suppliers .

The fools who live in this bushfire country without investing a few dollars in a roof sprinkler system deserve all they get.

Scenic Rim milk is pasteurised. Clear as day Henry. Retailing raw milk in this climate would be foolhardy. There are a lot of stupid consumers out there who would be at risk.
Our children had nothing but raw milk either from the dairy farm opposite or from our house cow when we could be bothered. Push to lift Raw Milk (non pasteurised ) milk ban in Australia. and here in the U.S.

(found an argument somewhere else )I guess you are just trying to be obstreperous Disraeli..The above is a direct quote from Bruce's (senicrim4realmilk site) but I am not sure what ‘low food miles’ (where you eat the food produced within a certain radius)..means..(has it been pasteurised or not)I am well aware that the sale of unpasteurised milk is illegal.(I did a milk run 15/16 to pay for flying lessons).and yes I did drink raw milk as a kid and didn't get sick but then I always thought raw milk was pasteurised because it could contain bacteria that cause tuberculosis, diphtheria and typhoid fever. The E.Colli contamination (from cow faeces) causing ( haemolytic uraemic syndrome) or red blood cell degeneration was new to me. But Plenty of sites promoting the benefits of Raw Milk.

our new premier has hit the ground running, running away. He's run away from our much needed E-W link and proposes a 2005 project putting in a useless road that terminates at roads that are already past there design capacity.

If red cross buns are halal then I won't buy them.

Good try Henry. It's still a straw man. You've found an argument somewhere else and tried to transplant it. You seem a bit slow so............RETAIL MILK SHOULD BE PASTEURISED. If people want raw milk they should produce it themselves.
Go away and be silly somewhere else please.

(I guess Scenic Rim are hinting their milk is partially pasteurised) ...When milk is stored at room temperature, microbes and other pathogens can grow after a certain period. This is not a problem if the milk is not left at room temperature for long periods.
Heats the milk to a particular temperature, then the milk is removed and immediately cooled. This process slows microbial growth and allows the milk to be shipped and stored over a period of 2 – 3 weeks. We believe in ‘low food miles’ (where you eat the food produced within a certain radius) and we also believe the benefits of raw milk far outweigh any risks, but sadly our laws don't allow it . Australia is one of only 3 developed countries in the world where raw milk is illegal – Scotland and Canada are the other

yes - the labor people continue to be fools - let's trust Queensland has the common sense to keep Newman - our Union premier has already started to wreck Victoria.

I understood (raw milk) was milk that hasn't been pasteurised or homogenized. certainly scads of sites touting the benefits of drinking raw milk.the implication being that any health concerns and that raw has is banned is part of a Govt. scam to protect the big distributors The toddler, from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, died after drinking raw milk, believed to be Mountain View Organic Bath Milk. Mountain View Farm owner Vicki Jones said she was shocked by news of the toddler's death, but said the dangers of raw milk had been sensationalised by the media.( "I'm in shock, I think it's a bit sensationalised,") she told Fairfax Radio 3AW on Thursday. Ms Jones said she drank it and was aware people consumed Mountain View Farm's bath milk, despite the warnings on the label

Watched that idiot SA premier with that ludicrous advice - couldn't believe a drongo like this was in parliament, let alone running a state - fair dinkum - laborites and greenies are thick as bricks - unless of course it is payday and then they know exactly what to do. God help Australia with labor premiers pretending to be wise!!!

You've put up a straw man Henry. Haven't seen anyone advocating milk not be pasteurised. The case you've mentioned was covered here at the time. You forgot to mention that the product was not for human consumption and stated so on the packaging. In fact it wasn't meant to be consumed at all.

Despite the positive press for raw milk, this argument will be a hard one to win after a three year old died from haemolytic uraemic syndrome and four other kids were hospitalized with potentially fatal gastrointestinal illness on the Mornington Peninsula after drinking raw milk. I know nothing about Dairy Farming but I am aware these serious illnesses are caused by ingesting a type of E.Coli bacteria (only present only in the gastro intestinal tract of mammals) that produces a verotoxin.

Following the fortunes of the home team works for me. Bit like the footy.

Larry should delete mg on the grounds of mental disease or defect he'd have no trouble proving it.