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Friday, 14th December 2018

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... he should have added "in his pocket"

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


The most bone chilling words a policeman can hear is another policeman yelling, “He’s got a gun!” But that’s exactly what this policeman heard before he pumped at least three bullets into Alton Sterling’s chest at point blank range. Sterling, an African American, died on the spot.This, and another killing by cop, led to the unjustified deaths of five innocent policemen in Dallas, Texas.

I watched the videos of the Sterling killing a number of times and there appears to be some unfortunate circumstances that are all too common in a nation awash with guns:

First, 37 year-old Sterling resisted arrest, so trouble was imminent. Second, he looked to be yet another 20 stone, 6' 5" black bloke who believes he can easily take two coppers. Third, the two policemen had eventually wrestled him to the ground under the front fender of a vehicle. 

Fourth, Sterling was on his back still resisting arrest while one policeman (the cop who shot him) had immobilised his left arm with his knee. Fifth, this policeman was aware that his companion was still struggling with his right arm and heard him yell, “he’s got a gun, a gun!”

The gun he spoke of was actually in Sterling's pocket with only the stub visible and the policeman holding his left arm had every reason to believe from the words, “he’s got a gun” that this gun was about to be involved in the struggle and he and/or his companion were about to be shot. 

Thoughts flashed through his head of a dead companion and that he might have done nothing to prevent it. 

So he drew his gun from his holster and killed the father of five who was only partially immobilised.

Sterling's wife and five beautiful kids who will never understand why they have no Dad

Thinking quickly and rationally in a hostile environment of “black lives matter” and the 20,789 policeman recorded killed in the line of duty is not a good mix. Of course many of that overall number were not killed by civilians but while assisting in disaster areas of floods and fires or defusing bombs, helicopter crashes etc. 

Regardless, those emotional thoughts must race through a policeman’s head whenever he finds it necessary to arrest anybody and they do not afford him the time to rationalise exactly what, “He’s got a gun” might mean. 

The victim was already dying when one of the policemen recovered the gun from Sterling's right pocket and it was only then that the policemen realised they would have some serious explaining to do.

The other killing of a black man while seated in his car will take even more explaining. That’s if there is any explanation possible.

                                   It’s a madness that can never be controlled.

Naturally Hillary and Barack will again blame guns for the revenge murder of five other policemen. But the Second Amendment was written for a very good reason. Unfortunately that reason has no reasonable relevance today and it can’t be justified while 900 black on black shootings a year occur in Baltimore alone with another 700 in Chicago. 

If all of an estimated 400 million guns in America were confiscated today, by this time next week the very people who should not have had them will have replaced them. And those innocent civilians who relied on a gun for their and their families’ protection will be pointlessly going to bed cuddling a baseball bat.

Because of these extenuating circumstance these two policemen will likely be found not guilty and another black mayhem of revenge is likely to happen all over again.

This is yet another apparently insoluble mess that the Obama Administration does not have the mettle to tackle.


This lady hits the nail on the head - Well said Peggy Hubbard. Lives matter.

If you want to stop gun crime in America, just ban bullets, within five years all guns would be usless, it's much easier than door knocking and asking "please hand over your guns"..Rick

In America, in 1934, 304 policemen (remember those?) were killed on the job. Last year, 122. Given the population increase, statistically, seven times more policemen were killed in the line of duty in 1934 than in 2015. As for mass shootings? They are similarly WAY down over that period. And! In case it will affect your choice of a safe place in which to spend your next vacation? You will be more than tree times more likely to be killed by lightening in America than during a mass shooting! -- Dick!

The US has legalized murder against its own citizens and created state terror to deal with those fighting back against oppression
Chris Hedges
Truth Dig
2016-07-10 20:32:00
Police officers carry out random acts of legalized murder against poor people of color not because they are racist, although they may be, or even because they are rogue cops, but because impoverished urban communities have evolved into miniature police states.
Police can stop citizens at will, question and arrest them without probable cause, kick down doors in the middle of the night on the basis of warrants for nonviolent offenses, carry out wholesale surveillance, confiscate property and money and hold people—some of them innocent—in county jails for years before forcing them to accept plea agreements that send them to prison for decades. They can also, largely with impunity, murder them.
Those who live in these police states, or internal colonies, especially young men of color, endure constant fear and often terror. Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness," calls those trapped in these enclaves members of a criminal "caste system." This caste system dominates the lives of not only the 2.3 million who are incarcerated in the United States but also the 4.8 million on probation or parole. Millions more are forced into "permanent second-class citizenship" by their criminal records, which make employment, higher education and public assistance, including housing, difficult and usually impossible to obtain. This is by design.
The rhetoric of compassion, even outrage, by the political class over the police murders in Baton Rouge, La., and near St. Paul, Minn., will not be translated into change until the poor are granted full constitutional rights and police are accountable to the law. The corporate state, however, which is expanding the numbers of poor through austerity and deindustrialization, has no intention of instituting anything more than cosmetic reform.

.... the Second Amendment was written for a very good reason. Unfortunately that reason has no reasonable relevance today .... What utter rubbish. It is more-than-ever relevant! As all of the Judeo-Christian/Western/Human-Civilized World and every once even-relatively-free nation spirals ever-more-tightly into tyranny, only America - the only nation ever founded in and standing upon the principle of Individual Liberty - has the ability to resist. As the Japanese - wary of an armed American "behind every leaf of grass," were deterred from invading during WW-II - so will the feral bureaucracy (already the makings, effectively, of a "Democratic" party-activist-controlled One Party State) be dissuaded. We, The (Sovereign, Armed & Free) American People will not be enslaved! -- Dick!

I have had it. I HATE MOSLEMS.

Sick to death of bloody Moslems. Decades of Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, no worries. Islam? Shit happens. They rape little girls and that is OK because of cultural differences. Bullshit.

Fag-lover Shitten siding with Penny Pong: 'The path to same-sex marriage remains uncertain, with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten seemingly open to blocking the Coalition's plebiscite legislation and suggesting Labor might seek a conscience vote in Parliament first."

Religion of Peace Strikes Again.....Dallas Shooter a Muslim.

Just announced on CNN, the Dallas Shooter was a Muslim acting under the guide of Islam!!

We are about to enter Civil War


Hopefully one less Greens in the Senate ~ "Below-the-line votes for popular Tasmanian Labor senator Lisa Singh, shunned by her own party in preselection, could cost the Greens' Nick McKim his spot in the upper house, a polling analyst says." :-

Brits conservatives in a bad place too...Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom - like a Turdball party. Can't see Margaret Thatcher in either of them

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I hope the executive of the Liberal Party machine realise that they cannot take Turdbull to another election , next time the parliamentary team would be decimated!.He must be given the edict before this financial year s end . Their supporters have thrown down the gauntlet, next time the real died in the wool Liberal voters will cut loose,and if Bernardi or someother are available then "good night nurse"!

The police in the US have become increasingly militarized and heavy-handed. I remember a story from a couple years back when an elderly white man was shot in his car at a routine traffic stop when told to get out of the vehicle - he reached for his walking stick. The cops thought he was reaching for a gun and emptied their magazines into him. Don't remember that story? Yeah well, that didn't make the news in any significant way. The point is police training in the US is geared toward and affected by the prevailing gun culture. I don't blame the cops for a second but I do blame the culture and training. BLM isn't a reaction so much as an opportunistic movement looking for excuses - which is why it completely ignores black on black crime. The cops aren't racist.They'll readily shoot anyone.

You forgot to mention Larry that Sterling had a rap sheet as big as the Webster dictionary. Dozens of previous arrests for assault, battery, drugs, burglary etc so it would only have been a matter of time before some bugger shot him anyways.

O/T this is a very interesting 13 minutes