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Monday, 25th March 2019

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… we might need you to cry again for another “stolen generation”

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


I’ll take two and I know a few other families that will help! Aboriginal kids must not be abandoned like this. They must not be taught to believe that Islamic style practices involving sexual abuse of children are okay here simply because white Aboriginal activists demand we turn a blind eye. Where is Turnbull on this?  Is he still busily working on a credible response to his 30 losing polls? 

A nation will not only be judged on its cricket team, it will be judged by how it treats its kids. And right now we are left wanting on both counts.

Oh, the heart wrenching and weeping when Kevin Rudd as PM on February 13, 2008, apologised on our behalf to the “stolen generation” in Parliament. His tears were barely dry before the Aboriginal Industry was eagerly demanding monetary compensation as a result of that apology. Hmmm.

                                         Kevin consoles the sorry recipients

I recall the 1950s when honest Australian families were as disgusted as they are today at the life young Aboriginal kids are exposed to. The same disgust present now is with a difference... the white Aboriginal Left has been at work to promote the dangers of pro-white paternalism and to direct even more “remedial” cash to the industry.

Aborigines do not need cash, they should not have a separate flag nor should they have constitutional recognition beyond that which applies to all Australians. Attempts at self-determination like the ATSIC fiasco have been catastrophic, but they need our help and chucking $30 billion a year at them is no solution.

These kids are caught in a time warp between two civilisations with different moral values and we cannot accept their civilisation’s values any more than we should accept archaic Islamic values.

Australia has developed into a part of the world’s order and all who reside within our borders must abide by the one law. Child abuse is an intolerable felony which must be punished and remedied within any culture that wishes to live here… including our Aboriginal culture.

The soft Left authorities who are frightened of a revival of another “stolen generation” must put the children first for once and stop pretending the problem can be fixed by relocating abused kids to another Aboriginal family where they are likely to receive the same or worse abuse.

So far, the Northern Territory has done nothing and Malcolm Turnbull is hoping the whole thing will simply go away with a dodgy Royal Commission. 

Unfortunately it is not going away and hundreds of kids in outlying settlements are still suffering outrageous abuse with police unable to act. And that’s if the police even know about it. 

Dumb magistrates throw their hands in the air and allow the abused kid back into the same environment, while the culprit gets a wrist slap.

 Emotive filmmakers projected a case of savage kidnapping... and in some cases it was

The Aboriginal Industry has ensured Australia has a reputation of racism, hoping international pressure convinces our governments to throw even more money at an apparently insoluble problem.

But it’s not insoluble, it just needs a little testicular fortitude to dismiss the white Aboriginal Left and get on with what needs to happen. Those white families of the 50s who took in abused kids provided them with good homes, security from abuse and an education. Those kids were given a chance. Did that really require an apology?

                                                 Not a lot of hope for the kids

Abused Aboriginal kids don’t know they are being abused. All they know is that that is how things are. How can a raped two year-old understand this should never happen? An older child will just accept it as tribal initiation or a necessary part of growing up. All tribes including Islamic, Indian, African, South American and Jewish tribes practise rituals the child cannot hope to understand, so the child simply accepts them as rites of passage to adulthood.

Maybe the wrong people said sorry on that sorry day in Parliament. Maybe Aboriginal parents who forced Australian families to do something about their kids should have said sorry too.

       Shorten assists Rudd on his resignation... "shall I remiove my knife now, Kevin?"

Maybe Kevin Rudd, who was not known for his eruditeness, could prepare to sob uncontrollably once again,

 … but this time for joy in return for giving abused little Aussie kids a life they deserve.


The A.L.P. (Anal Love Party) have a long history of 'getting behind little kiddies'. Bonking Billy Short-One, Milton "The Molester" Orkopoulos, Keith Wright, Bill D'Arcy, Bob Collins, Terry Martin, being examples. That's why they concocted all the B.S. charges against Cardinal George Pell and former Anglican Archbishop and Governor-General Peter Hollingworth - it is all a "look over there" exercise to divert attention from their own nefarious activities. That billion-dollar per annum embezzlement of taxpayers' cash, the A.L.P.B.C. is merely the latter-day equivalent of the old analogue rear of the dunny door in a public lavatory, for all the Leftard perverts to scribble their latest trash and filth on.

Certainly was , A one vote majority in the lower house does not make anything easier either. Well done Malcolm!

And they still keep ousting these morons , who want to destroy the system that supports them, Being from the mid east some where, i guess ripping off the system is just like being in the old country! business as usual.

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New post folks, move along now.


The ABC has been forced to remove the Facebook page for its children's 'ME' channel after a barrage of angry viewers took offence at a video explaining 'white male privilege'.

In the video, two young female presenters try to explain the concept of privilege to the channel's primary-school aged audience through rap and cartoons of two people trying to cross a stream.

Initially published to the channel's social media about five months ago, the clip was recently shared across a number of right-wing Facebook groups - with many outraged at the video's content and the fact it was aimed at such young children. In the video, viewers are introduced to Ross, a straight male in his mid-40s who is 'rather wealthy', in good health and born in a peaceful country. Ross is able to teleport across the stream.

They then meet Stevie, a female refugee who doesn't speak much English and has little money. Rather than being travelling across the stream by teleportation, Stevie the refugee has to swim across the stream, despite developing a cough just before she jumps in. The video ends by explaining Ross was able to cross the stream due to his privilege.

'He was born with advantage, unearned gifts that his life was granted,' one host raps.

'He might not think about his in-built perks, but that's just the way that privilege works.'

Public Service Announcement;
The evil Doll's head on a stick is back amongst us yet again.
This time as Dolly have been warned gentlefolk of PP.

Dolly G Wed 28 Mar 2018 04:44:04 pm

How do you deem and surmise Cutting It Here Boss! is a cloned imposter, The Shadow?

Why all this fuss over ball tampering, just change the ball a bit more regularly, not worth working on it then, bunch of muppets.

what !.....only one wife!

Lifes Good..but not for warner..LG has withdrawn their sponsorship...something about cheats never prosper?

Caroline Glick: Egypt’s President Sisi Is Irreplaceable

This week, Egyptian voters are going to the polls, either to vote to reelect President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi or to vote for the other guy.
Noting that most significant presidential contenders were either arrested, or were intimidated out of running, many media organizations have argued that Egypt’s elections this week are a farce.

Although there accounts disputing those claims, it is true that government bodies placed obstacles to running before several candidates. So it is hard to argue that this week’s election is an open one.

Rabbi Shmuley: Saudi Crown Prince Should Electrify the World by Recognizing Israel

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman came to Washington to meet President Donald Trump last week, and was lauded for many of the reforms he is undertaking in Saudi Arabia. Many of these, such as improving the rights of women, are commendable, but the country still has a long way to go in the area of human rights.

indeed..on all counts sailor.......talking about awakening..have a look at my post on 4 corners...just to highlight the shite fed to the bigoted supposed ABC elites...astonishing ...on the commercial channels we get some regurgitated (((Roseanne Barr))) (yes another one) ..unbelievable


Miss Piggy is in the chair, she is not in control.

Poor old Libs. They seem incapable of either lateral thought or forward thinking, particularly regarding the ‘march through our institutions’.

From the first day of primary school, until the day they finally set foot in the real world, children are not being educated, but indoctrinated, with loony lefty socialist crapola.

They certainly are not being taught to think for themselves, or even consider that there may be an opinion other than the one they are being force-fed.

But the problem for the Libs. is that when these little apparatchiks eventually rock up to the polling booth, it’s a fairly safe bet that most of them ain’t going to be voting Liberal!

By not nipping this insidious lefty disease in the bud, not only are the Libs depriving our kids of the most important asset, a ‘real’ education, but they are hastening their own demise in the process.

And who's the one who acts so 'holier than thou'??......

Winning: U.S. and South Korea Reach ‘Innovative’ Trade Deal Touted as Roadmap for Future Deals

Renegotiation of the KORUS trade deal between the United States and South Korea has been accomplished “in principle,” according to senior administration officials who hailed the “visionary and innovative” agreement as one that may inform future deals.