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Tuesday, 18th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Semantics can decide whether Scott Morrison can still claim there has been no successful boat venture since the implementation of the Coalition’s Sovereign Borders policy. 

The one mistake that Morrison made was to immediately agree to not repatriating the “asylum seekers” until the High Court made its decision when he didn't need to.

The 157 illegal immigrants were intercepted on the high seas and outside Australia’s SAR and contiguous zone. The captain of the border patrol vessel was fully entitled to act unilaterally under International Maritime Law and deliver the distressed boat and/or its passengers to the nearest safe port of call.

The vessel had claimed it was in distress.

Fairfax and the ABC have premature grins on their faces, because the High Court’s decision due some time next month will now be irrelevant.

Reported here a month ago, “The High Court is set to rule against Morrison” and it would have, although any ruling would have been outside its jurisdiction. But Morrison could hardly have defied a ruling after having said he would wait for a decision to be made.

Morrison has now successfully pre-empted a High Court decision that could have dismantled the Government’s Sovereign Borders policy. The High Court may still make its decision, but it will be a decision on circumstances that no longer exist... it will prove fatuous and pointless and give Morrison time to legally circumvent it in future.

The High Court’s decision to even hear the matter bode poorly for the Government and Morrison’s decision to short circuit an arduous and predictable judicial process is a smart one. It would have been hard to defend keeping those pople on an inadequate vessel for two months.

The High Court was set to bring down a negative ideological decision despite that each day it prevaricated meant another day 157 people stayed cramped on a patrol boat. The seven judges hadn’t reorganised their golf days and dentist appointments for sooner than an August 5 sitting.

That would have meant 157 people stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere for close to two months when the High Court is capable of hearing urgent injunctions the following day. Has our Lefty High Court and its asylum advocates tripped over their own tactic this time?

Regardless, the illegal immigrants will be held at the remote Curtain Detention Centre until they are processed, determined not to be asylum seekers, and returned to wherever they departed from. Morrison’s border policy remains intact.

If that’s a victory for the Left, it’s a pyrrhic one.


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So halfwitt-dumb & the boat-chasing lawyers plan to get the economic migrants to refuse the Indians has backfired. Off to Nauru they go, no payday for the lawyers, halfwitt- dumb screeching like a stuck pig ! Well played Scott Morrison, keep these bludgers out. All we want now is to give the US authorisation to take out the jihadist scum with drone strikes to prevent their return.

The virus is related to BATS , Don't go Near that bucket of botox who leads the Greens and Hanson Young would already be infected. [ with that too ]

The West Australian Newspaper reported this morning "Travel alert for deadly virus" this is a SARS related virus causing more than 280 deaths overseas. Cases are in America, and England, none here YET. .affected countries are Saudie Arabia, United Arab emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Yemen. No cases of the virus have been detected in Australia though many travellers from the middle east have been investigated if they have had respiratory problems. This should tell us something, and the hysterical Greens and that fool Hansen= young, should take note, but I expect they would not even know about this problem, they are so ignorant...just open the gates and let them all into Australia, that is their view.

Scot Morrison has called Liebor/Greens SURRENDER MONKEYS. Go Scotty

Peter Lewis on the drum is a pure labor whinger, everything the government does, he complains. A real pig.

sky news prick from greens what a turd

Just turned tv on and 24 were showing Curtin Detention Centre where the IMAs are now. They are upset it's so inaccessible for them and mentioned that locals at Derby are very angry that SOME politicians are calling it a hellhole when it's not . Guess which politicians would have said it's a hell hole. Certainly not the LNP.

Why do people keep reporting on the cow milker - she's enough to turn everything sour.

That's disgusting Alpinist, how could you even imagine that sort of thing happening.......................Ooh hang on, neither of them are human are they? And Bandit does have a smug look!

If they got the "goods" on the Greens or an ABC journalist would we be told about it ? Would they take action ? Or, would that rock the boat too much ?

If someone came up to me and asked what the meaning of the word smarmy is, I'd say, look at Comrade Bandt. There can be no better definition of the word.

Plibersek: “I think the handling of this has not been appropriate, these people floating around on the ocean for three weeks, they could have been processed on Christmas Island weeks ago and the only thing that stopped that was Scott Morrison’s ego.” Words almost fail me. These people, who oversaw a catastrophic illegal immigration policy, on whose watch 1000 people drowned at sea... these wretched people have in my mind totally disqualified themselves from ANY comment on the topic. Shut up Plibersek.

Two of the most weirdest people I know. churlish children both.

If it can be shown they've actively helped people smugglers he may just have his ammunition.

L94, funny thing is Abbott had a big part in getting rid of One Nation. We wonder why he doesn't employ someone to do the same with the Greens? Especially knowing that the greens are dangerous to this nation.

The entire reason that half of Australian voters support Labor or Greens is ABC, TV 7, TV9, TV10 and Fairfax in it's various forms. Each of these are so hateful of Coalition government that will apply all dirty tactics possible. The effectively disguise their obvious utter hatred of the Abbott government through their various tactics of misinformation, propaganda, brainwashing, untruths, lies, white lies, damned lies, innuendos, fabrications, cartoons, mockery, slant, steering, loaded questions, leading questions, personal attacks, and so on. Malcolm, with his devious intent with the ABC is outside pissing in the tent.

If you look hard enough at the Greens faces you come to realise that they are nuts. If you kook at their actions, press statememts & policies you also comfirm that they are nuts. The biggest nutter is SHY.

With the greens, Milne and SHY,and the rest of the mentally irregulars in the Slimes,They would whinge n whine if they won 20 million on Lotto-----theres no end to these pieces of crap.

Isn't it ironic. These economic refugees are coming here to find work, and it is the low paid jobs that they chase in the first instance. But it's the low paid, working class punters who vote for the Greens and Labor. These poor dumb saps are voting to put themselves out of work. Talk about STUPID!!!