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Sunday, 20th January 2019

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…is the PM capable of reining in the ABC?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Of course not!. He remains the Number One ticket holder of the “Friends of the ABC” fraternity. But if he wants to win the next election he must stop cuddling up to Shorten’s ample breasts where he finds comforting solace in non-adversarial positions. He believes if he agrees with Shorten on everything he will win by force of his superior personality. That won’t be enough.

The Queen could also live to 105 and that will kill his beloved republic. The misnamed marriage “equality” plebiscite promised at the last election will also miserably fail. But he can win the next election despite being testicularly challenged and still he sees everything Labor as everything right up his alley.

It’s not just the ABC. His departed philosophical partner, Malcolm Fraser, with whom he had one thing in common... (they both detested Abbott) established the SBS channel to facilitate the speaking of (and clinging to) foreign languages, when assimilation of immigrants should require that they learn bloody English. 

Now more than ever the SBS channel is working against immigrant assimilation. It has no place in Australia, not now and not before.

                                                           John Hewson                                                  

All Left Liberal leaders have failed, including the above. The Party has always outlasted and out-principled them all. 

Turnbull must pull the disgraceful ABC back into line. Oh, he risks upsetting a few pillow-biting, inner-city, latte-sipping Lefties, but they will vote Green anyway with their preferences going to Labor (or vice versa). So there is nothing to lose! 

But he can win back a sizable portion of the Liberal base with one or two brave moves.

                                               SBS attracts the Left lees too

He can’t sack this out-of-control ABC mob, but he can partially, or even totally, defund it, and Lefties won’t work for free. 

It is unethical that the ABC and SBS attract far fewer viewers than the FTA channels yet the FTA channels are going down the tube while the taxpayer-funded ABC/SBS are flying high, without a care in the world, promoting their own Left agenda. To any fair-minded Aussie that is unsustainably outrageous.

In the past 16 years the six TV channels belonging to ABC/SBS together have not even out-rated channel 10 which is teetering on receivership. And Turnbull thinks that is ok?

If he does grow a couple he can get rid of the lying departed Gillian Triggs' Human Rights Commission while he's at it. 

And boot that silly little overpaid wanker, Tim Soutphommasane, (above) of the Human Rights Commission's Racial Discrimination bullshit department. Both he and Triggs have needed to tout widely for complaints to ensure themselves of something to do. Australia does not need nor want these people nor their pointless, expensive commissions. 

And don’t forget the hideous 18C legislation!

Turnbull has the opportunity to take the Liberal Party to an easy win in 2019, yet he seems content to flounder along in the belief that the closer he gets to Labor's policies the more likely voters will opt for him over Shorten. 

And when you see polling comparing the two, he appears to be right.

But he misreads that polling, because it actually reflects just how poorly the voters see Shorten and not how well they see Turnbull. 

                At the moment a fatally flawed Shorten appears to have his measure

Turnbull is used to gambling with other people's money as a merchant banker and he continues to do so in Government... only with our money now! It's reshuffle time and if he and his non-elected rabble refuse to ratify Abbott's Warringah Motion, all hell will break loose.

We are about to discover just how smart Turnbull can be with a one-seat majority!  

Abbott is no threat to him… the only threat is the electorate and he himself.


Where will shim, go after the mat is pulled from under its feet ? I bet, shim doesn't hang around in Oz afterwards...

lol troop..and spot on dusty..the usual suspects indeed...

Hmm, I see that Angus hasn't bothered to delete all his posts. Bad Angus.

How and why did that ugly alien Tim Soutphommasane ever get an overpaid taxpayer-funded job in the totally unnessesary Human Rights Commission in Australia? He's so unnessesary he even touts for business.

It's time to get rid of him and the whole Human Rights Commission.

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I knew Justin Trudeau`s old man and believe me the whole family are head bangers. He wanted to legalise marijuana so it could be bought in supermarkets. He used to dive of the highest diving board full of the smoke, and his wife use to follow the Rolling Stones band around chasing MIck Jagger. ( Boom Boom.)Young Trudeau was probably poisoned with the blue smoke in the house. I wonder if he can sing.


Can't watch the ABC any more trooper, I get bad spasms in my right hand and a head ache.Much better to have a double rum and have a shower at that time.

New post up folks.

Historical champion in ousting the Muslims.

Nice handle Charles.

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Angus hasn't bothered deleting any of them - He held his finger down on the enter key for 1 minute. Thanks Angus you arsehole. Time for a binning Larry, that'll get rid of the repeats.

Mate lost an arm digging up land mines in that shit hole. Tim had a big heart but was short on brains.

If the people of a country have been isolated long enough to have a unique accent (language) that is not a country of immigrants it's a country of like minded people and deserves to stay homogenous

dusty..who would give the SOB a job like that..he should frying rice ..his hatred of Australian whites oozes out of him