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Friday, 22nd February 2019

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“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” it really, Theresa May

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


After Thursday’s election she may well have the extra numbers to do something about the cult of Islam which is currently hiding behind the protected, tax-free status of a religion. But the Left will use every means possible to prevent any reform, because the Left also wants the joint destroyed.

We are in a war with Islam and they will keep attacking us until we take up arms and destroy it. ISIS has now called for an all-out attack on the West. You see, they believe they can’t lose a war with Allah on their side... we have to show them they can and they will!

           Omar Mateen, American born Afghan, responsible for Orlando massacre

With most terror attacks now committed by a 2nd generation of Islamic immigrants, unless we stop the immigration immediately, it will be 4th, 5th and 6th generations tearing our people and our Western values to shreds.

               Third generation European Muslims are now apparently unstoppable

Multiculturalism has, and will continue to work, but never ever with Islam.

                                    Three very rich American guys vilify Trump

A vilified Trump is the only world leader who has it right... ban all immigration from Islamic countries, and forget the ninety days bullshit, keep it banned permanently.

The only thing Muslim immigrants like about our way of life is our welfare cheques.

Other leaders are starting to shift, but far too slowly to prevent more macabre deaths. There is no other answer and we will still have a terrible fight on our hands with those Muslims already here who we refuse to deport.

The vertically challenged supergrub, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, (above) says Britain will have to get used to terrorism, and after the third Islamic attack in as many months he said, "There is no reason to be alarmed." 

Only the Left wing PC infused Westminster would vote for this despicable Muslim mongrel.

Four hundred UK Muslims have gone to, and have inexplicably been allowed to return from, Iraq and Syria, yet are still allowed to reside in East London mosques and no-go ghettos to plan their next attack. WTF is wrong with the Brits, and WTF is wrong with us?

Does it need an Islamic attack on Parliament House Canberra before politicians get the message?

This blog has been saying for seven years that we need to take a stand. Islam and the West will never survive together, they are totally incompatible. I have copped a fatwa for speaking at a dozen functions to demand that more mosques must not be approved in Australia. Every Muslim immigrant knows that the only choice is to destroy the joint and establish a Muslim caliphate as ordered by Allah.

In the Middle East, Islam is rapidly devouring itself and we should allow that to continue unimpeded.

Twenty three thousand Muslims in the UK are documented as ready, able and eager to continue the killing spree, there are more in the US. In Australia, lying Government agencies say there are 400 (more like 10,000). 

It is impossible to surveil all these people so we must sequestrate them using war-time, rushed legislation. It is what we have done in the past, and we must do it again! But first establish that we are actually at war with this evil cult. Is that too hard?

Off-shore facilities or isolated detention centres free from Left wing advocates and judiciaries are available to all Western countries where we can waterboard the crap out these vermin to glean every bit of intel they possess, without Slater & Gordon interfering and copping most of the compensation payments.

The leaders most responsible for Islamic terrorism in the West are Angela Merkel and the African American in the woodpile, Barack Obama (above). Obama encouraged the rise of Islam by interfering in the Israeli, Egyptian, Canadian and French elections. And the bastard complains of Putin’s alleged “collusion” in the US election? 

He also said that ISIS should merely be "contained" and refused to bomb them when they numbered only three thousand and were stupid enough to travel in lines of utes. He called it the JV (Junior Varsity gridiron) team

When Obama’s beloved Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation headed by Mohammed Morsi (above) was chucked out of Egypt he stacked the White House with their jobless members so as to seriously hamstring any incoming patriotic President with destructive leaking.

The centre of terrorism in Europe is firmly ensconced in the “Grand Mosque of Brussels” (above), a gift to Belgium from the Saudi family who insisted on the right to employ all its staff. Extreme Wahhabists of course with an eye on wrecking Europe.

For Christ’s sake stop building mosques and start bulldozing the damned things. 

Stop treating Islam as a religion. Stop befriending the evil Saudi family who are determined to finance the building of mosques across the West with the trillions from the halal taxing of our foods. The Saudis and the Turks were ISIS’ main support base, the Saudis created the student Taliban...

Do not listen to what they say, it’s easy, simply observe what they do.

We are rapidly reaching a watershed with how Islam is to be handled. We must stop this nonsense about self-radicalised lone wolves. All Muslims are already radicalised, Islam is already radicalised. That’s what Islam is... an extreme radical cult! 18 Muslims have been arrested in Manchester, already 12 in London with many more to come, mostly family. Lone wolves eh?

Islam deniers can stop finding excuses for it! Name it, deal with it and destroy it before it                                               destroys us while we sleep.       


How was this Home Grown "Self Westernised Lone Wolf inspired"......A: By his governments Inaction...

Maggie & Theresa . . . the only British PMs with balls since Churchill.

I quite believe it

Chinese, Jews, Asians, Christians won't submit to muslims as they have already proved, some losing their heads

SADDLER1: Fairly typical Orderly Room although in my experience in an operational squadron like 11 Squadron there wouldn't be civilians typists who in the main worked in Base Squadrons.

Re their duties I did the lot. Travel had it's lurks as far as airline bookings, I did a few freebies with the then Ansett.

My last contact with the RAAF was as a civie at a 10 Squadron reunion held in Edinburgh. I flew back to Townsville in a P3 Orion which was a bit of a hoot after the Neptune SP-2H's.

Lots of piss ups....even on that dreaded SA grog.

Deathbed Confession by Former Ex-CIA Agent about UFOs and Aliens

The molars of African elephants weigh approximately 11 pounds (5 kilograms) each.

Crossing the Line in Libya: The Truth About Debt Slavery, Private Central Banks

The NATO overthrow was not for the protection of the people, but instead it was to thwart the attempt to create a gold-backed African currency.

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ADANI coal mine a mirage

Meet the new Malcolm Turnbull. Steely jawed. Resolute. Alert and alarmed as he tells Australians they face "a growing threat from Islamist terrorism". still just the Turd to me

Greece Forced To Sell Public Water Utilities Under EU-Imposed Privatization Plan
Greece’s economic woes continue to pile up, with key public utilities such as water now on the chopping block of privatization. But activists like Maria Kanellopoulou are working to spread awareness of this issue and prevent Greek water from being put into private hands. Continue reading


Brighton Sex Worker should take legal action against Andrews Govt and Turnbulls Govt for failing to provide a safe work place .

Putin owns that slut Megyn Kelly

Putin owns that slut Megyn Kelly

Made me laugh :)

Has Rambo Turnbull demanded the resignation of ASIO Chief Duncan Lewis yet after the botch job of the Brighton terror attack?

This London Terrorist Atrack is being micromanaged from a Media and PR angle. NO MENTION OF the obvious fact that FEMALES were targeted. Were knife injuries PREDOMINATY CUT THROATS . Were any of the VICTIMS BEHEADED. Knowing the poms their Government has put a D notice on certain information .