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Thursday, 13th December 2018

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Julie Bishop

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Well may Julie Bishop have rolled her eyes when Joe Hockey alluded to the dreaded Expenditure Review Committee in question time on Monday. Julie needs to hold her foreign aid head high on the international stage particularly when she sits as a temporary Security Council member at the UN.

Borrowing billions to give to mostly corrupt countries like Indonesia and many African States might be practical in geopolitical terms but it’s plain stupid economically.

Foreign aid is about first world countries competing for geopolitical influence in third world countries and France and the UK have already established their influence in Africa. Vanuatu is already half French with Noumea totally French and WTF are we doing giving borrowed money to a filthy rich Indonesia for?

Julie Bishop should turn her attention as to why DFAT’s AusAID equalled Saudi Arabia’s gift of $25 million to the Clinton Foundation under Gillard’s reign. Highly illegal!

She should also revisit the $500 million Gillard donated to the furtherance of women’s roles in the Pacific.

While there she should look into DFAT’s conspiratorial involvement in abducting four Italian girls from their court-ordered father’s care, despite Italy being a Hague Convention signatory.

Yep, there’s plenty to be done with Julie’s DFAT wastage and criminality.

There’s plenty more to be cut from little Kevin Andrews’ ADF but, as with every other Defence Minister, he will get chewed up and spat out by powerful Departmental Heads.

There are plenty of savings still available to Abbott if he has the balls to go there: The CSIRO could be at least partially commercially viable rather than stuck permanently to the taxpayer’s teat.

Six disparate security agencies could be amalgamated rather than compete with each other for increased budgets. That new billion dollar building in Canberra could house the lot, with an effective cross-pollination of vital security data.

The ABC/SBS should be combined and made to play the commercial game like all other media. Half of their total of $1.6 billion in yearly budgets is usurped in the self-gifted wages they go to great lengths to hide.

Australia Post is struggling, sacking 900 employees, while boss Mr Ahmed Fahour, gifts himself $4.8 million a year in a salary package (not too shabby for a public servant) $2 million of which he sent directly to his brother’s Islamic Museum as a tax deduction.

Mr Fahour believes taxpayers' funds should be kept within his wider family.

The welfare budget supports 900,000 Australians on disability pensions (increasing weekly by 2,000) while the Islamic foster care rort is siphoning billions from taxpayers and needy Aussies.

The halal tax rort is imposing an extra $1.4 billion on everything we buy. Billions in Aussie dollars are shifted to Islamic terrorist organisations via an array of sham Islamic “charities”.

Australians’ house values are halved amid countless Mosque approvals, and guess who lines up to buy them?

But the greatest saving should be made by cancelling (at least in part) the order for Lockheed Martin’s F-35, state-of-the-art, Joint Strike fighter. It is still bogged down in 20 years' development, and we are up to our necks in a $20 billion procurement cost that can be doubled with ongoing servicing costs.

It’s an ADF boys’ toys bullshit debacle that no longer has a place in modern warfare. Dog fights in the skies over Dresden are finished as sophisticated drones fight wars from a distance.

And Australia’s submarines need to be purchased from those who know how to build them, certainly not from the ASC, who a certain honest Minister suggested couldn’t be trusted to build a canoe. So the ADF spat him out too.

Massive savings are available, not in cutting aged pensions, but in every corner of government! These are Agencies where an obstructionist Senate can be bypassed.

The only thing missing is testicular fortitude?


Hadenuff, I Only just found this post of yours , much as I hate to admit it, I agree with ALL YOUR HATES I hope to see you at the RECLAIM AUSTRALIA RALLY. on Saturday.

If you are male, you can do or say anything, as long as you wear a tie.

Testicular fortitude(and a knowledge of history) was buried when Churchill died.

I may be showing my age but I reckon Julie (emoticon) Bishop is a spunk :-)

Hmm . . . perhaps, Nikolai, but I don't share your confidence.

Good Morning Larry, please have a look at my responses to SaveAus re. we need a referendum. I sent a simular email to Tony Abbott last week though to-date I have received no reply. I honestly believe it's the only way for us to get our country back from the insidious LEFT WING/ COMMUNIST controlled LABOR PARTY created by WHITLAM. Larry, I look forward to meeting you @ The Reclaim Australia Rally. And I will be wearing one of your T-Shirts., Regards, Dennis Powell

That's a good idea, Nikolai, but perhaps the military want submarines that actually work . . .

The EU along with NATO and led by the US are responsible for the current chaos in Libya

"The EU along with NATO and led by the US are responsible for the current chaos in Libya. This pattern of sanctions, massive bombings, ground interventions through direct occupation or proxy forces have failed throughout the entire region of North Africa and the Middle East. Any real reversal of the political crisis in the regions must take on an anti-imperialist character stressing the necessity of genuine political independence and territorial sovereignty designed to break with the legacy of imperialism.

....These extremist organizations based in Libya are a direct outcome of the foreign policy of Washington, London, Paris, Ottawa and their allies, which coordinated the advances of these groups across Libya in 2011 through its massive aerial bombardments that lasted for over seven months.

During the course of the war between February 17 and October 31, some 26,000 sorties were flown and approximately 10,000 bombs were dropped on Libya. Tens of thousands were killed and millions more were displaced amid the destruction of the national infrastructure and the plundering of the country’s wealth.

Yet the Western states that carried out the destruction of Libya and empowered the extremist groups now wreaking havoc on the country are never cited for their culpability in the current Western media reports, which ponder how stability can be restored to the oil-rich state on the Mediterranean. These armed rebel groups are spreading out from Libya into neighbouring and regional states in North and West Africa."

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a good look at the Collins class and frigates built here is a good enough reason to get them built offshore,the cost over runs and wages blow outs would be a killer as the unions really got to suck the taxpayer teat,as example look at the car industry unions sucked that well dry, then look at the desal plant in Victoria,again really ripped by the unions

Don't know, but I bet you do.

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As Larry is under Fed scrutiny due to his fabulous cartoon I am certain that they are reading all of the blogs. I'm not afraid to stand by what I say. However some creep blocked me. Obviously I hit a mark and the wretched creature couldn't fight back through words. I don't know what story it was so he/she is unidentifiable this way. However, I know what it looks like. The lower female genitalia.

The electrical trades union pays it's rent a crowd $1000 per week each to disrupt LNP electioneering .

Foreign Aid - A BIGGER rort than HALAL?

Why You Should Never Watch RT -- Ever!

This article originally appeared at RT

As RT UK launches, attacks on the channel in the British media have stepped up…

The latest is a piece by Mr. Cyril Waugh-Monger, a very important newspaper columnist for the NeoCon Daily, a patron of the Senator Joe McCarthy Appreciation Society and author of 'Why the Iraq War was a Brilliant Idea' and 'The Humanitarian Case for Bombing Syria.'

Dear socially inferior person reading this article. My name is Cyril Waugh-Monger (I'm called 'Mr Terribly Pompous Neo-Con' by my friends) and I’m here to tell you why on no account should you watch RT and why you should be making complaints to Ofcom about this dreadful channel so that in the interests of 'free speech' and 'democracy' we can get it off air.

Russia Issues International ARREST WARRANT For ROTHSCHILD & SOROS! pakalert (Pak Alert Press)

Dodo : Under Labor ..( think Coalition modified arrangements ))..the dispensing of Foreign Aid was done by international contractor organisations....Their service fee was 10%.....Under Labor,. F.A. reached $7 billion./ yr...-...$700 mill fee.