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Tuesday, 11th December 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


“I refuse to use the term ‘State’ it is not a legitimate ‘State’ it is clearly a death cult”, said Tony Abbott in genuine anger. An apparently reasonable assessment that will naturally be ignored by media but is the title “Islamic State” so offensive to Abbott because of the word “State” or because of the word “Islamic”? Hmmm.

In Parliament yesterday Abbott was able to describe in detail Australia’s involvement in confronting the atrocities of the Islamic menace without the word “Islam” passing his lips, and that took some deft articulation. His advisers are not fools, but they obviously believe we are.

It will be interesting this morning to see if Abbott can report the latest beheading without uttering the word “Islam”.

What drives a human being to decapitate a 4-year-old girl and display her limp torso as a trophy? What drives him to proudly decapitate innocent journalists? Islam drove him and Islam in its most basic form drives everything else that is dangerous and rotten to the core with this movement.

Abbott might like to reconfigure the titles “Nazi” and “KKK” while he’s at it but we all know what they are about, don’t we; the hatred of blacks and Jews aren’t they Tony? So what’s the problem with defining what pure Islam (Sharia) is about?

If we don't wish our "moderate" Muslim friends to be offended, then let them dissociate themselves from pure (Sharia) Islam. But they don't. And if they don't, why the hell should we be concerned for their feelings? 

The “Islamic State” itself certainly isn’t reticent in defining Islam as its driving force so it's difficult to understand why we should be reticent? 

The beheading of innocents and the slaughter of women and children will continue as long as we try to avoid naming exactly who and what we are dealing with.

Abbott needs to stop playing ostrich and Obama needs to stop playing golf and face the fact that we are at war with Islam and we will stay at war with Islam until we eradicate it. 

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said this morning "Our thoughts and prayers first and foremost are with Mr Sotloff and his family, we are not in a position to confirm the authenticity of the latest video. 

“Any new video”, he said, “would be analysed very carefully by the U.S. Government and its intelligence officials to determine its authenticity." Yawn.

Islam declared war on the West years ago but the West is still reluctant to even declare who and what the enemy is! Now there’s a good way to conduct a declared war.

How much more of this Islamic decadence must we and others suffer before we act to obliterate it? Refusing to get troops on the ground immediately plays into Islamic hands. They believe they have the blessing of Allah and cannot be defeated so, until they are shown they can be defeated and easily, the atrocities will continue and worsen. 

The Islamic State calls us cowards...well, at least they got something right.


Nor let back into Australia ever. Like all those like him he considers kindness from Australia is weakness so he sues us.

Allow the combined air forces of the free world bomb those ISIS bastards with pigs blood followed by pig shit. It won't kill them but they will know what the world thinks of them.

I wonder how many here advocating being ballsy re military intervention have ever been involved or are aware that the ADF is ultra weak because proven capabilities have been shed and tens of billions wasted on hardware largely unsuited for rrgional needs. Consider that many had to serve in Afghanistan multiple times to sustain the commitment. A wiser move would be to jettison multiculturalism and require Australia to be English language speaking.

How true Rosa16 and how true is what Bridget Gabriel knows and is saying in her book. I lived in Israel from 1960 to 1965 when my family came to Australia and in that time Israel's biggest allay from the Arab world was Lebanon, this was because it was predominately lead by the Christians and Jordan because of the King Hussein who was offcourse forced to join the attack on Israel in the 6 day war but was not a major participant in the war. Islam came to Lebanon as a predominate force and leadership by means of assassinations and murders instigated by the PLO and then Hezbollah which later branched off into Hamas. The Islamic curse that beset Lebanon has also beset Egypt and sanity prevailed in Egypt through their army who is now controlling and dictating law and order.

continued....cowards the world has had enough of all the jihadists and their misguided brainwashed caliphate. Stand up and be counted Mr Obama Mr Cameron and all the other leaders of the alliance because I am one that will go to war and fight till my last drop of blood to rid the world of these monsters.

These barbarian monsters who call themselves ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and all these bunch of cowards who only show their heroism against defenceless, tied up and tortured prisoner or babies, children, women and the elderly who don't have the guts to fight a real war, they cover their ugly heads with a Shemagh to prove even more what a bunch of cowards they are. It's TIME NOW TO RID THE WORLD OF THESE COWARDLY AND MONSTEROUS BARBARIANS once and for all. The US the UK and all the countries that participated in Desert Storm should gather their armies and attack these cruel and cowardly animals (no punt intended towards natures animals as they are more civilised and kind then these barbaric creatures that the world has never witnessed or seen. It's time NOW TO GO TO WAR against these c

There are only two ways that you can ‘reform’ Islam.
The first is to accept that Mohammed’s example is not to be followed. Logically, this means accepting that Mohammed’s life was flawed and it necessarily calls into doubt the entire basis of the Islamic religion. How can Islam be true if Mohammed’s followers are to reject his actions?
The second way is to re-write Mohammed’s life. It means rejecting the Quran, the Hadiths and the Islamic traditions and replacing them with something novel. (Writing a) New Quran? And which Muslims will accept it?

Bernard Gaynor writes:
Muslims believe that Mohammed was the most perfect man to walk this earth. They believe that they must follow his example.
Yet Mohammed was the man who ordered an entire tribe to be beheaded. He was the man who commanded that those who insulted him be murdered. He was the man who took sexual slaves from those he conquered. He was the man who decreed: submit, pay the jizya (yearly tax in return for life), or die. He was the man who told his military commanders that they should fight the non-Muslims until they worshipped Allah alone.
While Muslims believe that they must follow the example of Mohammed as outlined in the Islamic texts, beheadings sexual slaves and war will always go hand-in-hand with Islam.

From SMH: “Why aren't Muslims speaking out against Islamic State's atrocities?”

“First it was quiet – and then a lone voice from the Gulf. After we'd all been watching horrified for weeks or longer, Yasmine Bahrani stuck her head above the parapet and asked the bleeding obvious – where are the marches against Islamic State?

A professor of journalism at the American University in Dubai, Bahrani wanted to know why - if Muslims in London, Paris and elsewhere were marching in protest at Israel's war on Gaza - were they not protesting the IS massacres of Yazidis, Christians and their fellow Muslims in Iraq and Syria?”

"Death cult"?Slightly selective perhaps. Could the Palestinians reasonably define Israel with the same sobriquet?

GeoffU: Yes he has been largely forgotten about hasn't he. And what about all the do gooders sticking up for him - they all have about as much brain as a bucket full of dandruff.

For all we know CY2 he possibly has and its all hush hush. Scum of the earth.

Yes & he had the hide to try to sue the Federal Govt. for compensation. Low life.

Ms Plibersek has confirmed the status quo of being just one of the uneducated children from the Labor Party. Someone whom stated that Mr Abbott would embarrass "us" on the world stage. Africa indeed!

Perhaps if they’d paid attention in grade 4 or 5 instead of disrupting the classroom in practice of union bullying they’d fare a little better.

Can I forgive them for their evil acts? I don't know, but I certainly cannot forgive them for being fat, swarthy, greasy ugly,hairy, stinking, burka clad inbred Neanderthals!

Hear,hear - Larry. I am 76 and my grandmother warned me when I was a young kid " beware of the Mohomedans "- she knew in the 1940's and before!

We can all do something to fight this evil. First stop funding Islamic expansionism. All you need to know about halal certification is here and Boycott HC products and tell the manufactures of your action.

These prick are nothing more than camel [email protected]#$%s

If we cannot achieve that then we have a significant proportion of our population here who are at war with us. If they don't stand up to denounce bad muslims \ then they are our enemy.

LP you are dead right. Got it perfectly. If we cannot drive a wedge between moderate and non moderate muslims here we have an even bigger problem. That must be our first goal.