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Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


Following  9/11, President Bush junior turned to Vice President Dick Cheney and said, “We are at war and somebody is going to pay”. Was that a declaration of war? No, it was incandescent rage and a promise of retaliation that took ten years to accomplish. So is Trump serious about the Islamic threat? The Left is certainly not.

                                Franklin Roosevelt signs declaration of war against Japan

US Presidents have been unwilling to declare war since both World wars. Vietnam, Korea and the Middle East have been politely known as “conflicts”.

Our Prime Minister (likely with Cabinet approval) and the US Executive can declare war on an enemy defined as Islamic jihadi States but the declaration must be approved within hours by the Parliament. Once that approval is achieved then Congress has control over war appropriations... and that’s what President Trump fears.

Constitutional arguments abound, but Trump could declare war on Islam and launch all out precision attacks from the Gulf on a hundred Islamic cells from Kabul and al Raqqa to Teheran and Tripoli. 

Every nation has an inalienable right to defend itself but the Left defines the threat as a manageable one. 

The problem then would be the pacifists back home, including many in the Republican Party, who would not approve of the Declaration of War leaving the Commander in Chief’s military forces exposed until the enemy’s undoubted retaliation puts the US in justifiable defence mode, but by then it would be too late, the ascendancy would have been lost.

The Democrats will hold off endorsing Judge Gorsuch, the ninth member of the US Supreme Court, so that the Constitution cannot be interpreted in Trump’s favour. Gorsuch's endorsement may not be achieved until late this year, if at all.

Military action undertaken by the United States throughout its history has been under Presidential order. Like most other powers, the President's ability to wage and operate war has evolved over time. The fact is that if war is to be declared and waged there is no time for negotiating with unreliable minions across the aisle.

But the US Constitution is not clear cut when it comes to declaring war.

So is declaring war an option for Trump? No doubt it has been considered and the Iran Nuclear Treaty negotiated by Kerry and Obama has made a world war closer than ever. Iran is now emboldened by US weakness and whatever is available to Iran is also available to North Korea.

Strange but the Pyongyang/Teheran alliance never has the media’s attention, maybe they don’t believe it exists. But it does... and no nuclear test is carried out by either rogue nation without the other nation’s observers present.

                                             Trump is now Israel's new best friend

Iran has now promised the first nuclear warhead to be launched will land on Tel Aviv, and at the very first sign of US aggression.Trump will not be backing down, bringing Russia and China into the conflict with the Islamic caliphate confined to a small role.

The fact that US Federal courts and appellate courts can usurp the role of a President’s executive orders is astonishing when only the President might have intelligence regarding a foreign threat. 

 The only course open to Trump is to declare war on Islamic Jihad nations and dare the Congressional bed wetters to withhold funding. The Democrats are in the minority by a small margin in Congress but anyway, there is no shortage of bed wetters among the Republicans also. 

Obama has left everything on a fuse so short that it will truly test Trump’s mettle. 


Subject: Awareness of Islamic reality
>> When this so-called "Islamic" peace conference is held during March in
>> Sydney, it will simply display how much of a lie "Islamophobia" really is, just as it
>> will nullify the claim that Islam is a religion of peace.
>> It will also prove totally that Islam is not a religion at all, but an
>> ideology based on deceit, hypocricy, discrimination, intolerance,
>> supremacy, submission and possession, violence and lethality.
>> That it the reality of Islam.-ie Islamoreality in all its forms
>> All the World needs to urgently recognize this reality of Islam as an
>> absolute fact. All branches of Western democratic governments need to
>> recognize this,and integrate that status and knowledge of it into all three l

Cory talks about principles and real issues of concern to most Australians e.g. overpriced electricity. Shorten and Turnbull - pot calling the kettle black - not a real issue to be seen or meaningful action to address one. The nauseating political theatrics just go on as usual. Contrast Trump - real issues of concern with meaningful direct action to deal with the huge problems confronting the US. Meanwhile, our leading guys see who can piss (excuse the language folks) furthest...

The WWW was on fire yesterday in Parliament, desperate times call for desperate measures but his lawyer court mode was fake.

Turnbull gives a "tit for tat" rant (a la mysogonist rant) and the fawning elements of the msm and ABC/SBS (predictably) go weak at the knees with adoration. No surprise there. But I must confess I was oh so disappointed that Turnbull didn't blame Abbott - this must surely be Tony's fault. That is the surprise of this week!

2 turkeys with one stone.

.....i can feel a Christian crusade coming on......

For those who can do a Scottish accent...
What is the name of the drunken muslim Glaswegian?
Pishtout Maheed

The CHRISIS CROSSBOLAH WHITE CHRISTMAS GROUP deleting multiple posts again tonight.

And Now For Trump’s Next Trick – Atrocities In Syria: US Warplanes Bomb 4 Of Raqqa’s Bridges And Destroy Its Main Water Supply Line

Donald Trump campaigned on an "antiwar" platform vis-a-vis Syria and it was the primary reason that many a revolutionary activist entertained his many, MANY flaws and preferred his candidacy over the certifiably bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton. Well, without any further ado, that idea can be chucked out the window 'cause President Supercilious Orange, following up on his crime against humanity in Yemen's Al-Bayda, committed unspeakable atrocities in Syria just a few days ago. On February 3rd, American warplanes, continuing to illegally fly in Syrian airspace without Syrian approval, carried out several sorties over ISIS's de facto capital of Raqqa. But it wasn't the Daeshi terrorists who were targeted. Instead, what the US ZOG bombed were the new and old bridges of Raqqa City, key outlets that allowed at least handfuls of Syrians to escape the barbaric Takfiri hell that the northern Syrian province had become, as well as the bridges of Al-Kalta and Al-Abbara in Raqqa's northern countryside. Read more of this post

Everyone, everyone, new post up.

Wish I could be the one to say that.,2017-02-09-18,-33.494,143.210,4

Pauline H has a lot to learn. While ranting about Aussie Post CEO salary she said she was going to find out who approved it and why. That's simple Pauline. The board approves such things. BTW it is way too high !!

The Jam - Heat Wave (1979)

Parliament house reminds me of a cage of budgerigars. Screaming, chattering, flying around, bickering, fighting over their entitlements while the world turns. Completely oblivious to the needs of the outside of the cage that feeds and protects them. The only difference is that there are no red ones. Only blue and green... I must be colorblind... Specsavers for me!!

Turnbull was good today.

But one good round of golf, won't win a major

The ABC are still quoting the Climate Council FFS. Karoly and Flannery preaching doom and gloom and the end of the Reef. This lot has to be stopped. So does the ABC.

Add this to the debacle . Check this out:

So Cory is getting under their skin and all of a sudden full face coverings are being tabled again under a few Libs, ha ha.

Hr - It's one of the mysteries of the universe how she's hung around so long .