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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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Dear Mr Turnbull,


Phoebe is an 8 yo who attends Lloyd Street State School in East Malvern Vic. and she asks a lot of really important questions.


I know you are the Prime Minster so I think you can help me. My teacher says that I can be a boy if I want to, but I and my girlfriends are happy being girls. The trouble is that all the boys in sixth grade want to be girls during play lunch so they can get to use our toilets. Then after play lunch, they want to be boys again so they can talk all about us girls. It's really embarrassing, Mr Turnbull.

When we threatened to invade their toilets, they just said, “Yeah okay, c’mon, ripper”. What should we do?

When we go into their toilets they are always having peeing competitions up the wall and want us to join in. We really can’t compete and anyway we aren’t interested in those sort of competitions and we just want our own toilets back. 

Our teacher says not to worry as we are all equal. But how can it be all equal when the boys have those things to pee with? And after sex class this week all the boys had some really strange ideas, so I don’t know what to think now.

I told Dad about it and he said he’s going to kill a few teachers as soon as he gets out of jail because they have let Mr Farkhaed next door have a part time job cleaning the girls’ toilets.

And Dad is only in jail because Mr Farkhaed asked Mum to be his fifth wife, of course Dad went off his head and wacked him something terrible again. This is the fifth time in jail for Dad since the Farkhaeds moved in.

Now the boys are complaining because a lady in a burkah has got a job cleaning their toilets... well, they think it’s a lady. My brother Shamus said it’s Mr Farkhaed’s fourth wife for sure.

But Mr Turnbull, now we are really confused because our rainbow teachers say that the boys can marry each other and the girls can marry each other too. So who will have all the babies? 

I understood the sex instruction, but how do all the bits work if girls marry girls and boys marry boys. When Shamus asked what the go was, the teachers didn’t want to explain that because I think it was a bit too rude for us kids.

Please Mr Turnbull, could you tell our teachers that we girls just want to be girls. Then the boys will be happy having their peeing competitions in their own toilets.

Oh dear, thankyou anyway.

Love Phoebe,

age eight (and three quarters)


Phoebe hasn't aged a bit in the last 2 years. I want her secret.

Maybe the only thing about this pair is that they became confused about their names and are really male and female, names notwithstanding. I can only think that Fernando really is female and Diane did the job on her.

Continuing on BK, my German supplier of surgical instruments is bleating/bleeding about the incredible cost of compliance with EU manufacturing standards. They are doing their best to maintain a quality product at a fair price for all but who is screwing them to the wall? China with MINIMAL regulatory demands - yet Australia will accept their quality standards because they "comply" with the EU - Bullshit!

Yes BK - good luck with that one! Dumb as dog shit comes to mind. Unions will destroy the Western world, especially Australia.

'Transgender' couple gives birth
Laura Mowat
2016-09-26 15:41:00
Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, met Diane Rodriguez, who used to be a man, on social media two years ago and started a relationship.
Ms Rodriguez made headlines in Ecuador in 2013 when she was the first transgender candidate to run for Government.
The couple decided to be just as public with their relationship, sharing pictures on Facebook.
Then they decided they wanted a child, and Mr Machado soon made the discovery he was expecting.
The couple were able to have a baby because neither had undergone corrective surgery.

Dear Pheobe - apparently there's money to be made by parents who are willing to go along with the silliness (and pay for singing and acting lessons). A TV show called Modern Family got itself some attention by casting what the gossip rags say is an 'an openly transgender child actor'. The same gossip rags were also commenting about how 'transgender actors' have seen their profile raised in recent years. So you can bet if there's a dollar to be made by cashing in on the latest trend, there will be mummys and daddys who are happy to learn that their little boy is really a girl on the inside (or the other way around).

And that total tool on 2GB in the morning would like to see the end of all animals, giving human beings the right to be the only thing left alive on earth - oh, all animals except for greyhounds that is...

BK..I dont accept that (but I darseay your explanation would in fact be the official line)...and ditto with ALP grants to union mates..the biggest of them being the Industry super scam...

Peter Murphy - Quadrant On Line. A very good if long read. "Malcolm Turnbull’s election campaign was the worst ever conducted by a sitting prime minister since Billy McMahon in 1972. His problem was clear: he has no deep belief in anything that differs from the views and positions of his opponents, meaning no abiding political vision...."

Official comments from Trump HQ.-
Official website of Donald J. Trump for President

Trump Won the Debate

Nothing on emails. Nothing on the corrupt Clinton Foundation. And nothing on Benghazi.

We cannot count on the rigged MSM to bring the truth to the American people. We must speak directly to the hard-working Americans who want to take our country back.


Six years ago at Melbourne's 3AW radio studio, Tony Abbott signed a "contract" declaring Work Choices "dead, buried and cremated".

He would not quite do the same about his own leadership ambitions on Tuesday.

Patriot, I have watched two or three of the Scottish Prof TV series ( on your ABC) so neither need to google nor do I dispute the statement. Just noting the average wage in 1999 were much less than $57.909 which has been adjusted for inflation
This link as median wages ( over 25 ) US$ 668 weekly or x 52 = $ 3477.36

Expensive Menu – With Nothing To Choose.

It defies imagination and logic that out of a population of 320 million, the best America can do for a President is an ageing Trump or more likely, Clinton.
God save America and God save the world.

It’s much like Australia which had to choose between a devious Shorten or TurnBull.
God save Australia.

Both will float aimlessly at the whim of the senate.
Leadership is not on the menu – just chronic indigestion for the voters.

hands up who wants to know why the AFP have not arrested Bishop (and the rest) for unmitigated fraud on the taxpayer..and why the MSM is stone silent about this scandal..going back to the Howard /Downer criminal is this place?

that fat hairy useless fk Keysar Trad appeared on ACA last night spruiking the virtues of sharia law and openly boasting that he has every intention of committing bigamy..if he can find a second wife.Trad says islam can work within Aust law as well..presumably thats the Aussie law which says 'i can do whatever the fk I feel like because i am a muslim'..supported by both major parties, the Attorney General,the Christian Churches and the cops..ayway the fat fk then went on to say he wanted another wife because his first wife, with whom I believe he has 11 children, all with unlimited welfare,was so good to AG's from NSW or the Commonwealth were available.nor any police state or wonder muslims think Aussies are a bunch of monkeys...meanwhile they have set up

Those illegal Indian phone frauds are active again. First call today from the 'ato', going to freeze someone's bank account. Next one Telstra wanting me to hook up the computer. He hung up smartly at my rebuke!

Aussies concerned over Muslim marriage

Almost 60 per cent of Australians would be concerned if a close relative married a Muslim, a university study into Islamophobia has found.

Any ethnic group is suspect because it is what they believe, not where they come from or blood lines.
In Britain it has been has found converts from Christianity are particularly useful as in the killing of Lee Rigby. Closed borders as Trump suggests is the a big part of the solution.

i keep getting reports from people near wall street USA that the 2008 GFC will look like a kiddies party in the very near future when the arse falls out of america , any futher info on that ??

I'm listening to The Who.... "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" too true.